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Saturday, March 30, 2013


The latest manufactured crisis by the despicable new pudgemaster on a permanent bad hair day- Kim Jong Un, has the potential to go critical, since South Korea is fed up with their 60 years of brutal terrorist attacks- the latest ones in 2010, sinking a SK ship with some minisub mine and shelling an island on the border, killed 50 people. S. Korea has been constrained from retaliating because of the 30,000 NK artillery pieces within range of 23 million in Seoul, that could unleash a spectacular barrage- they could be destroyed by counterstrikes, but it would take time (although SK did fire back at the artillery attack).
                                   Taepo-dong 1-
 Several factors make this more dangerous than the 20 previous crises:
0. NK has cancelled the 1953 armistice that was a cease-fire in the Korean War, so literally- they are back at war!
1. New Prez Park Geun-Hye had her mother killed in a 2nd NK assassination attempt on her father in  '74
2. NK has nukes, not missile-launchable yet (we think), but they probably still have tunnels into the South (or by minisub) and could easily smuggle them in.
3. Criticism of the lack of SK reaction after the 2010 killings
4. Young, arrogant, and inexperienced Un's need to show toughness to senior military and leaders.
5. Same situation with Park in male-dominated SK
6. NK shutdown of 3 hotlines designed to prevent catastrophic miscalculation
7. They've shut down the Kaesong Complex for S Korean managers -the manufacturing park on the border that produces millions in desperately needed hard currency by making parts for SK. SK workers are evacuating it.
8. NK has warned foreign embassies that they can't "protect" them. They've moved 2 (1800 mi. range) missiles to mobile launchers on the east coast.
9. They've said they would restart a mothballed plutonium factory.
9. America too, is sick of turning the other cheek to the Jongs' infantile jousts, and has responded with B2 + B52 overflights of SK, stationing F-22's in SK, more anti-missile ships and batteries.

It's time for China to put a stop to this nonsense- a complete embargo till he stands down. Or see how well China's economy does if any kind of shooting war starts. This is a nuclear armed country, with maybe 4-8 weapons, and missiles that can reach the US mainland- such crazy talk is just not acceptable.     North Koreans attend a rally against the U.S. and South Korea in Nampo, North Korea, April 3, 2013 

I thought years ago the US should shoot down Kim's plane over the Pacific on his world tour- the Kim Jongs have been the scourge of their country, refusing aid while 2 million of their 22 million people starved to death 10-13 years ago, banned even from foraging for food. List of NK terrorist attacks
My nuclear articles

The 30-60% confiscation of big depositors assets (+100,000 Eu - 37% converted to shares, up to 22% appropriated!) seems to move the bank fraud/theft/gambling epic into totally new territory- now the unsecured depositors (which all regular depositors are) may be raided to pay for the malfeasance, mismanagement, recklesness of their banks or country. Cyprus is a special case, the EU didn't want to spend EU money to save the vast stores of hot Russian money-laundered cash, while Russians didn't want to pay to save the banks of an alien alliance. It seems obvious, though, that this HAS to provoke massive capital flight from banks in troubled countries like Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Italy by big investors- the RUN that all regulators have been dedicated to preventing since the 30's, especially since the Dutch architect says, "this will be the pattern for the future"! That in turn could cause the collapse of these banks and thus the whole EU monetary zone- it may be that this was the domino of allowing Lehman Bros. to fail and people will look back at the stupidity of it.

Worse, the US is also talking about it, somehow shifting the responsibility for criminal or bad bank decisions to the hapless depositor (middle class) by, of all parties, the FDIC, the people who insure our money!!!! Apparently regular depositors are unsecured, whereas the wildly speculative gambles of credit default swaps ARE secured- they get their money first- like all the gamblers did in the 2008 bailout. The cornerstone of the world monetary system has been that your money is SAFE and SECURE in banks- they have now pried that rock out of the ground and empires could fall because of it.

 Few know or understand the mega-lie at the heart of the US bank bailout. These big bank imbeciles actually kept 30% of the garbage mortgage bonds they hawked around the world, now worthless since they were leveraged 30x (only had 3% of real cash in them). In the monstrous secret bailout by 7 new Fed agencies in Sept-Mar 2008-9, a breathtaking 7.7 trillion of guarantees, loans, and grants were secretly funneled to the bleeding big boys, essentially unknown for 3 years (except by the inimitable Matt Taibbi). They agreed to let them carry trillions of dollars of their worthless Mortgage Backed Securities on their books at 100% value, allowing the illusion of liquidity. But technically, in reality, most big banks in America are bankrupt, and if they ever tried to cash in these guarantees, the system would probably blow up!!


I think the invasion of Iraq was treason pure and simple- there wasn't a single thing (even oil) the US got or could get (when the inevitable insurrection started) from it. Every reason was a bald-faced lie or corrupt profiteering or Oedipal delusion: 25 year drunk Bush wanted to show up his father for a lifetime of disrespect, Cheney wanted to enrich/save Halliburton and himself, Rummy wanted to test his faster lighter invasion theories, the neocons thought they would demonstrate US hegemony, secure a Middle East base and supply of oil, intimidate the terrorists, and create a Garden of Eden that all Middle Eastern countries would want to emulate. Rather than cause the 2011 Arab Spring, they probably delayed it by 5 years because of the burst of patriotism a 21st century superpower invasion engendered. Sadly the 5 yr statue of limitations for many of Bush's crimes (5500 buggings, which I bring thought would finally bring them down) is running out Jan 2014- Liz Holtzman begs for a Special Prosecutor now (fat chance):

Mother Jones has the absolute blizzard of lies the Bushman told to start, and excuse their foul project in Iraq organized- month by month, day by day. IRAQ LIES TIMELINE
The traitor Dick actually has the gaul to say he would do it again  on TV, would that some vet would debate him with a rifle butt. ("Hit it again, the same way!!" - which movie?) The Hell that Iraq still is is graphically explained here.
- looter breaking into arms depot w live artil-tank shells

I argued against the monstrous stupidity of the invasion 6 months before, on the eve of Invasion (thrashed Patrick Kennedy in 15 min debate), after the insurgency started suggested partition to prevent the civil war - 3 years later, the Senate voted about 90% for that, after Abu Graib, after the Plame affair (questioned Joe Wilson), about "We are fighting them there so they don't come here" reasoning, about the unbelievable incompetence and stupidity of our military allowing the insurgents to loot 250,000 tons of heavy weapons and bombs, etc, etc.

The primary one on the Invasion eve, where I had everything right but the worldwide attacks on US tourists:
FIRM of MIND, SOFT on FACTS - 3-18-03 Bush has, with a steady stream of lies, deceptions, and propaganda, has managed to convince half the country that Saddam supports Al Qaida or even was behind 9-11. Iraq invasion historic blunder that may echo through the decades- Liberal Slant, Bartcop


Europe is getting hammered by 3 day blizzard that's probably the worst I've ever seen- constant 25-35mh (35-50kph) winds, unbelievable cold for end of March 10F (-12C and that bad till next Fri!!) and maybe 2 ft of snow so far. With the winds the windchill is -5 to -10F (-22C), and I got frostbit on one finger shovelling out the garage and entrance twice. I've lived in Mpls, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Madison, Boston during '78, been to Murmansk twice, Siberia, and never seen such a nasty storm
80 car pile-up in Hungary

It seems it is blizzard snowing across the world: Britain, Scotland, Ireland 6-12", US- Maine to Boston 6-12"; in the last 1-3 weeks: Japan (2M!), Hungary, Siberia in what may be some totally new weather phenomenon, linked to AGW (lot more moisture in air now- see below). This has been the 4th bitter miserable winter in a row, -31C last winter, Russia is having coldest winter in 75 years. NPR just said (Tues) there was snow on the ground in 32 states- a record for this late.

NYT:   From Ireland to Romania, unseasonable snowfalls have caused travel chaos, power outages and serious losses to livestock farmers during the coldest March in almost half a century.
Sun-starved Germans have endured their gloomiest winter in at least 43 years, while northern France is shivering.... 

Scientists have explained that the loss of Arctic sea ice as a result of global warming is disrupting the course and strength of the westerly jet stream, resulting in longer winters in some years. 
It seems the JetStream has been shifted 400 hundred miles northward since 1979, sometimes dragging polar air south. 

The evil secret demands for all info that carried Felony penalties for telling anyone (inc. libraries), stemming from the Patriot Act... have been overturned! This is good news, and the Supreme Repubs may even uphold it.

I'm speculating, but Boris was perhaps #1 on Putin's hit list for his promotion of the DELETED DUE TO FACT THAT EVERYONE WHO HAS TOUCHED THIS STORY HAS BEEN KILLED. Rivals tried to kill Boris twice in 93-94 while I was there first, beheading his chauffeur with a bomb. Brits first didn't give a cause, but I've long expected his demise- the polonium they used to kill Litvinenko costs $9 million- the stuff is apparently the most valuable and most lethal substance known to man (50 nanograms is lethal)! He was a lowly brilliant mathematician who became a billionaire King in the Wild East. Brits now say it was hanging, with the bathroom door locked from within, but haven't ruled out foul play.

 Boris reelected Yeltsin in '96, and maybe “found” and promoted Putin, who then decided to crush all the oligarchs after DELETED. Berezovsky supposedly was depressed about losing a 6 billion suit against another tycoon Abramovich, paying $100 mil in divorce (welcome to "civilization"), and maybe had money problems. He was pining for Russia and wanted to return, supposedly asking Vlad, giving the Kremlin an opportunity to get close. He was a tough survivor - suicide is difficult to believe, but Russia is a bizarre brutal intoxicating place that some can't live without, yet if a dictator of an empire is sworn to destroy you, one must remain sceptical. His story is amazing.
 War of the Vladimirs.. Return to the Bad Old Days?- Putin Has Taken Control of 2 Other Networks; Strengthened Press Ministry; Prosecuted and Persecuted Gusinsky's (+ Berezovsky's) Media Empire- mediachannel.org

As we advance mindlessly to a mass human die-off from AGW, scientists have actually genetically sequenced the Neanderthal!!! Far out, except they were adapted for the Ice Ages. We need a Warming Man, who can take 50C heat, live on 30% of current food and water, breed slowly, endure hideous smog, etc.

Whether humans deserve to survive is another question: huge bands of poachers- 100 at a time with AK47s and RPGs, have slaughtered 62% of all African forest elephants in the last decade. Who is buying- all China, with the aid of their Embassy smuggling the tusks. They will be extinct in 10 years at this rate. Had a ballet GF who identified with them- dancers have poor body images.
As well, 5 Sharks have been listed as endangered, due to the filthy 100 million a year slaughter just to slice off their fins for Japaneses' soup. Humans killed by sharks: 10/year, so don't worry- I've swam with them, petted them, rapped them on the snout- we aren't fatty enough- they spit us out.


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