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Monday, September 17, 2018


9-24 Will he go or will he stay? Blockbuster varying statements about his firing. His replacement Solicitor Gen Noel Francisco is a Trumpanzee who has endorsed Muslim Ban, attacked Comey for going soft on Hillary, argued for "Unitary (Pres) Power", worked on the 2000 Recount, defended GB2's corrupt USAt firings. and his firm represents Trump in Russia Probe- he is a nightmare specifically appointed to be Chumps defender.
--- "And yet Francisco did dine with Rosenstein and Sessions in March shortly after Trump slammed Sessions on Twitter for kicking the investigation of what Trump and his allies see as the FBI’s mishandling of the surveillance of former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page to the inspector general.
    The dinner, coming as it did on the heels of the president viciously and publicly attacking his attorney general, seemed to suggest the three men had formed a united front against Trump’s assaults on Sessions and the Justice Department." ---
                       SOLICITOR GEN. Noel Francisco-
Reality fake President + TV programmer Trump has scheduled a Rosenstein meeting on Thursday, to distract from the JudCom Blasey Hearing on that day. Seems the whole thing may have been a sham.

In the WTF are you doing Dept, the NYT published a Pyrrhic article about Rosenstein debating taping Chump for evidence to invoke the 25th Amendment, to replace a Prez "unable to carry out his duties"; which is an incredibly high bar- it too needs 2/3 Vote in the Senate when the Pres disputes it. The only thing that makes it more devastating to a criminal incompetent Prez is that most of his Cabinet must first concur in the Palace Coup, no way Repub Quislings can ignore that!! Now, chances are 70/30 Trump will fire him soon (you heard it hear first), and appoint someone who will commence the Mueller Massacre. Juan Cole thinks, like I, that this could lead to Martial Law and blood in the streets. Since Repubs are edging solidly into Treason in their blind support for a criminal who excoriates his own Justice Dept for PROSECUTING CROOKS (Preet podcast) only because they are REPUB CROOKS.... anything is possible.

 2nd ALLEGATION Fm YALE!!!  "...she remembers Kavanaugh had exposed himself at a drunken dormitory party, thrust his penis in her face, and caused her to touch it without her consent as she pushed him away."  (Drinking though + fuzzy memories)  "The social group to which Kavanaugh belonged often drank to excess. He recalled Kavanaugh as “relatively shy” until he drank, at which point he said that Kavanaugh could become “aggressive and even belligerent.”  

GANG RAPE?  MEDIA FLOOZY AVENATTI  HAS sent the JudCom a letter that he has:  ---"significant evidence of multiple house parties in the Washington, D.C. area during the early 1980s during which Brett Kavanaugh, Mark Judge and others would participate in the targeting of women with alcohol/drugs in order to allow a "train" of men to subsequently gang rape them." ---   I would say:  Stick a fork in him, Bret is done!!  but it is Avenatti. Still, don't think he can survive this- if Rethugs ram through a vote they may lose the Senate.

 Grassley Adviser Resigns After Sexual Harassment Accusation 
 Minnesota Legislator Quits Race After Daughter Says He Molested Her
Yale Classmate
Deborah Ramirez -
 Former Trump Aide Jason Miller Accused of Secretly Administering Abortion Pill


Despite more + more revelations as to Bret's unfitness, dishonesty, and extremism; he was on track to Committee voting approval Sept 20, with full Senate vote by Oct 1, BUT the HS allegations may have derailed that, with Flake resisting the Rush (but remember- he is a flake). I think the latest allegations are good for the cause (of Saving America- horns), but really far past any statute of limitations. But in the humongous bulk of his 92% hidden TRIPLE SCREENED docs, there is manifest evidence of racism, misogyny, unitary executive, and other far far Right extremist views. Why else would they have to be screened 3 times? He paid 92K/year for his Country Club (that could be an installment for BUYING it!), but doesn't own his House, & has huge debt and gambling problems.  Note Blasey Ford was only 15, haven't heard that much, I presumed they were both 17!

SHELDON SHREDS SC CORRUPTION: My Frenator + marvelously monikered Sheldon WHITEHOUSE rips the far right dark money forces that are pumping money into kreep Kavanaugh and subverting Justice, esp the Federalist Society, with 10 years of suppressed fury! The REAL VAST RIGHT CONSPIRACY!! Kavanaugh looks sick. "Corporate Forces and the Roberts 5 Win EVERY DAM TIME!!" 73 of 73. Holds up the blank "Docs" they received with CONSTITUTIONAL PRIVILEGE written across them. "What Privilege, who has asserted such privilege?" he asked the defensive liar Bret.

Interesting what conditions Ford wants for her "safely" [all of Congress has metal detectors and bag scanning]. Delay it to Friday- you have an important job interview and you have to do your hair!!
                   Kavanaugh/Christine Blasey Ford Yearbook
I think she is nuts to do it- they will rip her apart if she doesn't know when or where this happened is true. VOX Pods says it is- that is highly suspicious- if it was that traumatic, she would remember the year at least; I remember the day I met my best GF, and that was earlier. They will force her admit she was smashed too, which gives them license to discredit everything. The Repubs are determined to ram this through, while faking some sensitivity, but not allowing an FBI check makes it all a sham.
Even if the Committee voted him down, the repulsive Turtle would still ram him through the Senate despite his multiple lies:    But thousands of Dems are working furiously to discover a silver bullet in the vast mass of docs (only 7% of total that DON'T have his crimes), and I am publishing a Fax / Fone list of swing Senators (Judiciary Com), stay tuned. KEY ARGUMENT- You are Voting to make Chump a near Dictator, Bret is a cruel extremist hard core Repub Operative who has already sworn his Fealty, as Chump demands. He will never vote against him. https://truthout.org/articles/teens-testify-to-show-senators-the-human-cost-of-kavanaughs-confirmation/

 The great David Corn, who warned us TPD was a Russian agent 10 days before the tragic Election, has another exclusive- Kavanaugh has ALREADY helped the Repubs and Russians in crippling a law on foreign interference, making Muellers job much harder.   Did THIS come up?   --- But he gutted the portion of the law that banned foreign spending that is not “express advocacy.” Following his ruling, some of the ads paid for by the Russians in 2016 and named in the February indictment—featuring such messages as “Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Deserve the Black Vote” and “Hillary is Satan, and her crimes and lies had proved just how evil she is”—may well be legal foreign influence activity. ---

Diane Rehms aces the subject with Norm Ornstein + a Constitutional expert- best thing on Kavanaugh!! https://www.npr.org/podcasts/381443514/diane-rehm-on-my-mind

On top of that, it appears Kavanaugh lied in 5 different fields, and is exactly the unscrupulous RW hack that I thought. First HE DID RECEIVE STOLEN EMAILS FROM THE DEM JUD. COM. COUNCIL; He was in charge of ramming through extreme Bush Repub Judges through. 
                                             Trump twists Bret's arm- we have a deal? I'm immune?
--- Dems say the confirmation process of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is fatally flawed because the records of Kavanaugh’s White House tenure were being redacted by his former deputy, then redacted again by the Trump White House, then redacted a third time by Judiciary Committee chair Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa).  As a result, only 7 percent of Kavanaugh’s White House records have been released to the public—compared to 99 percent of Justice Elena Kagan’s, a nominee of President Obama. ---

Then there were lies about him vetting Judge Pryors nomination..., lies about Bush's Warrantless Wiretapping & the Torture Memo, and his multiple egregious lies about his stance on Roe.... just "PRECEDENT on PRECEDENT", over + over, like a mantra; he had coached other nominees to lie like that!! And his contemptible snubbing of the Stoneman School father- what a soulless piece of crap!! Frank Rich contrasts the bemoaned "lack of civility" in the hearings with extremist Catholic prude's Kavanaugh's gross explicit questions for Clinton- it was the sex that was the crime to him! Like so many extremist Catholic prudes, he is a perv who deeply believes in the supremacy of men- that is what much of the Jihad against abortion is about. He was intimately involved in the Elian Gonzalez Saga, Bush v Gore Florida Recount, and Terry Schiavo Case (crtsy MeanGirl)

He is contemptuous of women's rights (trying to deny a woman an abortion by deliberate delay)- he has called Roe part of a “tide of freewheeling judicial creation of individual rights” and if this attempted RAPE allegation is true, quite the thug. The last abortion clinic in RW KY has to maintain 10 guards round the clock to defend against crazies-
--- In 2015, a man threw his body through the front window. https://www.thedailybeast.com/the-volunteers-guarding-kentuckys-last-abortion-clinic Weeks later, a large rock was thrown through the front door. The attacker has since returned to protesting outside of the clinic. While Operation Save America was in Louisville, they distributed 1500 flyers with E.M.W. employees’ home addresses, labeling them as “killers.” ---

Lastly he seems to be racist, and is a wholehearted supporter of voter disenfranchisement.
Ralph Nader says: "Kavanaugh is a corporate supremacist to a fanatic level of protecting corporate cruelty and greed....
What will he do when cases involve robots harming workers or consumers; corporate algorithms corkscrewing consumers; corporations turning the governments against their citizens; and corporate criminals being bailed out by taxpayers?" 

Frank Rich asks: Among the other weird unexplained developments in this story is the letter that appeared immediately after Ford’s accusations became public in which 65 women who claimed to have known Kavanaugh in high school testified to his high moral fiber. Kavanaugh went to Georgetown Prep, an all-boys school. Did he really have 65 female contemporaries who knew him that well?

One of funniest and sickest things of recent memories was Jud. Chairman Iowan Chas Grassley drone on his "Welcome" for a minute over the persistent and strident objections of 4 Dems; the 85 yo fossil was always a crusty hard core Repub but once was more reasonable- in my successful Anti-(Clinton) Impeachment movement I lobbied him, and walked him out of the Senate:
Jan 23, 99 midnight Wash.DC-- PETITIONERS and LETTER WRITERS
Your Petitions and letters were delivered into the 3 Senators hands that were still there 5:30 -6:30pm Sat (23rd): Gorton, Jeffords, + Grassley- the crucial material to the crucial swing votes at the crucial time. Gorton was going home so may peruse it on his ride. Grassley started making apologies as we left and he locked up: "There was no conspiracy. We never got into a room and said, 'we're going to get the President' ". I said, "Yeah, but I bet Delay + Gingrich (+Lott) did". "Oh, that was over there." (the unruly children of the House) "Come on Senator, you could have stopped this right off the bat". The Repubs are looking for cover now that this might evaporate into a dirty hangover. Credit to Chuck for spending 10 min. debating with the opposition. Once in the linked Hart/Dirkson Senate Bldg., you can't leave late- all entrances are locked and the guards evaporate- there was an empty office and considered setting up shop- new Senator from Puerto Rico or Palau? Petitions and dozens of letters were in inch thick bound semi-prof document: CITIZENS' LETTERS to CONGRESS and PETITION SIGNERS to STOP the MADNESS, Stop the Impeachment Witchhunt Internet Org- Maui--Dallas--R.I.--Wash DC

Taken all together, Kavanaugh may be the worst SC nominee in the last 100 years. His ascension to the SC would mean Trump may be 70% of the way to becoming a dictator, and violence is inevitable. 

DEM PLOTS In another spectacular act of childish lunacy Chump accused the PR death count of being fabricated to “make me look bad”.. this alone would drive most Presidents out of office. San Juan's Mayor unloaded on the pediatric decency cripple:   “Mr Pres in the real world people died on your watch. YOUR LACK OF RESPECT IS APPALLING! … Simply put: delusional, paranoid, and unhinged from any sense of reality. Trump is so vain he thinks this is about him. NO IT IS NOT.”   Both Florida Repub candidates  have had to disavow any knowledge or support of Chump's actions, even invertebrate Paul Ryan concurred.

Note this is the worst disaster in America for 118 years, since the Galveston Hurricane (~6000 dead),  and except for 50-80 victims, all fatalities happened AFTER the Hurricane due to criminal Gov neglect. Chump neglect.


BILL MARR DEVASTATES CHUMP:  If there was a nutrition label on Trump's ass it would say 35% Fat 65% Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Facing 25 years in prison, Manafort finally broke and co-operated with Mueller. He was in the famous Trump Tower meeting so probably knows that Trump was informed all about it- it would have been HIS JOB to do that if nobody else did. A Pardon may be a get-out-of-jail free card for Manafort BUT NOT FOR CHUMP. As I've heard, he can be subpoenaed, forced to testify and forced to answer, because he has NO LIABILITY (as if granted immunity). But he can then presumably lie with impunity. But I believe in his deal with Mueller, he has stipulated to such serious and terrible crimes, that he can't walk them back and WON'T get a pardon!!

Paul's had a lifetime of cozying up to murderous dictators, including +20 years with Russia. Manafort probably helped set up the Trump Tower meeting, and was probably the primary contact with the Russians as Trump came under the klieg lights, with his multiple backchannels to Oligarchs. I should have paid alot more attention to him here- but Ukraine was so rife with corruption that an American sleaze wouldn't seem to add much... but he rehabilitated the thuggish 3 yr ex-con goon into acting more Presidential, so he squeaked out a win over Tymoshenko with nasty slanders (alleged involvement in a 14 year old political murder) and the help of pro-Russian voters. Presidential didn't work with Chump, but slandering Hillary, dirty tricks, and treason with an enemy power did.

Ukr Election Radio Report (MP3 audio) - KIEV:  Realplayer - 6:06min, Jan 17-18, 2010 Ukrainian voters are exhausted and disillusioned by the endless vicious battles between the big 3 Prez. candidates: President Yushchenko, PM Tymoshenko, and former PM Yanukovich, Interviews of a dozen voters in Kiev + Mohyla Academy Political Science Professor Olexiy Haran before ELection.

3 hours after Yanukovich was declared President by the Constitutional Court I questioned 6 people in Kyiv, 2 of them had already been punished for not supporting him!! Bad bad guy! Audio maybe coming.

Lets be honest- we all know TRUMP IS GUILTY, he has always been guilty. It is time to burn some witches, or as we call them today, traitors. Trump is a Russian agent actively sabotaging every US Alliance, and he must be stopped.
  Florida with a 16 ft ocean rise
  This is daunting news, they say the Wilkes Subglacial Basin melted, a deeply below sea level basin in East Ant (80% of Antarctica is BSL, meaning 2 miles of ice sits on the ocean bottom, where sea water can and will penetrate, quick Yankees, what does salt do to ice?). Of course, this is maybe in 2100 or 2200; but long before sea level causes the homelessness of 1-2 bil, the AGW drought-caused famines will kill billions, followed by the pandemics feeding off of the millions of weak and dying  Civilization will break down.. all before 2100. I believe we are on track to 4-6C rise by then (we are at 2C rise right now, with another 1-1.5C locked in), and there is no doubt they will do sulfur abatement; the first 400 mil dead, they will do EVERYTHING. Bet Rand and Military have the Operational Plans already gamed out. Half the world lives below 100 ft altitude, ~750 mil below 30 ft! The total ocean rise if all 7 mil cu. miles of ice melted is 225 ft, or 280 ft, I've read both, but that would take +1000 years, I think.

PAPA PUTIN CIRCLES WAGONShttps://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/sep/13/skripals-russia-putin-salisbury-poisoning-suspects-interview
In his characteristic contempt, Putin has paraded the poor confused innocent tourists (poisoners) who took the 160 mile trip to Salisbury to see Stonehenge (8 miles away) twice in 2 days, but seemed to forget to see it. They just loved the steaks and it had a great clock! It was snowy and slushy, you see, and I know Russians NEVER leave home when it is icky out. Probably an elaborate legend has been created of their lives, with fake wives kids, job, employers, etc; or this is it- they will disappear off the face of the Earth, sent to Vorkhuta (Arctic helhole nickel plant) or Yakutsk (-70F Siberian center).  If there were more than a few real journos left in Russia, the Potemkin tourists' cover would be shredded quickly, let's see. GUARDIAN: "Like, how do they happen to have passport numbers that differ by one single digit, as Russian reporters have discovered?" Cease-peeshus Nyet? The lads submitted to a quite dubious and hostile RT interview and did very well- acting the part of innocent tourists very well (24 min). But the Salisbury Steak slush-haters Internal Passports (like US Drivers License + SS card, if it was a booklet) have TOP SECRET stamps and a Defense Ministry phone number! Whoops!    In exhaustive detail, the Investigative Site Bellingcat dug this up:  https://www.vox.com/2018/9/13/17855222/russia-rt-skripal-poison-novichok

With the definitive identification of the Russian (attempted) assassins of the Skripals, England should have sent 009 to Russia to dispatch the killers. Complaining, whining or sanctions don't work... but if you punch Russians in the face they do respect you. This isn't just Cold War behavior, it is worse because they tried to assassinate a guy that they traded 10 other agents for- the so-called Americans of the TV series (about to watch the Finale), and did kill some poor dumpster divers who found their perfume (Final Fragrance). You just can't do that! Putin is deliberately breaking rules that have never been broken, and has paid no direct price- only force can bring him back into line. Maybe some Russian diplomat should suffer a heart attack or stroke; Putin has just been whacking way too many people! Now they think the mysterious evil attacks on US embassies in Cuba and elsewheres were by microwave! With Trump they should set it to "POTATO"! Would we even notice?
                                                 Dawn Sturgess Salisbury poisoning fatality
When Obama braced Putin in June 2016 about the hacking, he might have stopped the DNC releases if he had sent a plane load of antimissile HARM missiles to Ukraine & said: "Every time there is a release of the hacked information another plane load of the most advanced weapons will go to Ukraine!". But Putin was convinced he was a weakling and would never follow through. The Trump Administration has actually been tougher about Ukraine but from the Op-ed we know that it was in spite of Trump, not because of him.

To emphasize his viciousness, the Pusssy Riot guy who ran onto the field in the Moscow World Cup Final was poisoned and the other rioting kittens begged for expert help- he was medivaced to Germany. It means Puta is quite confident.. Can't touch me!. Britain should have kept quiet and dealt with these mokes with extreme prejudice, although the number of spies and agents there is a fraction since most Westerners were sent packing in 2007-8, inc Yours Truly. And Russians at-hacked the Swiss Lab testing their poisons!!

PERVS IN ROBES:  And the enormous Catholic Priest sex abuse scandal is metastasizing- 1700 German priests are accused of child molestation, mostly boys under 13 yo; and there were huge number in Ireland- apparently this is omnipresent, that worldwide the Catholic Church is totally infested with child-molesting monsters. LET THEM MARRY, for God's sake.. or a least for the kids' sake! No Sex doesn't work, you hear that, Abstinence creepos!!
          - Uighur prisoners in Chinese camp
WORK MAKES YOU FREE:  And the Chinese have explained the 1 mil odd Uighur they have imprisoned in internment camps: “What China is doing is to establish professional training centers.” Li continued, saying that the detention of the ethnic minority was the “necessary way to  deal with Islamic or religious extremism.”  OK then, training, maybe to make assembly line parts for 39 cents a day (or tunnels), and Internment FOREVER for the wrong religion or ethnicity. ChiComs plan to expand these helholes 4-fold!! Once Uighurs are there for a year, they WILL be terrorists, and a Final solution becomes more tempting. The Chinese have been building crematoriums and advertising for guards with a strong constitution! And they have all these healthy organs for the Party and their Princelings!  Note to God: 2 Mongol Hurricanes and 40 days+nights of rain for Beijing.  https://foreignpolicy.com/2018/09/13/48-ways-to-get-sent-to-a-chinese-concentration-camp/

OUR FREEDOM FIGHTERS:  “Secretary of State Mike Pompeo certified to Congress on Wednesday that the Saudi-backed coalition fighting in Yemen’s civil war was doing everything it could to prevent civilian casualties—a move that allows the U.S. military to continue supporting the coalition, 'undertaking demonstrable actions to reduce the risk of harm to civilians and civilian infrastructure.' ” Except of course for blowing up children on class trips, a 2nd group of kids was killed later! August was the deadliest month this year for civilian casualties in the war. All jets and bombs Made in America - changing hearts and minds by dissection. https://foreignpolicy.com/2018/09/12/trump-doubles-down-on-war-in-yemen-pompeo-congress-middle-east-saudi-arabia-united-arab-emirates-bombing-civilian-casualties/

PEACE IN OUR TIME:  Jared showed his tremendous value in settling the thorny issue of Palestine, by confining them to a permanent prison camp based on 3000 year old instructions from God- let an Orthodox anything show you the authentic One True Way. Today Trump, in his continual despicable treatment of the right-less refugees, closed the US PLO office, after cutting all relief and support payments. Maybe they will just march into the Sea like the Pharaoh and Egyptians- oh no, access to the Sea is banned, even for the Gazans who live on it... they might make it to Cyprus... or catch some fish!

TORTURE OF IMMIGRANTS - Proud to Be an American? The nasty cracker Hobbit Sessions is finally enacting the racist solutions he has dreamed about for decades- torture immigrants until they leave and never return. He is returning America to a level of cruelty unseen since the 1920s or the Japanese Internment.
Unfortunately, the same man is the only thing standing between us and a Trump dictatorship- if he goes so will the whole Mueller Inquiry (although at this point they have probably secreted the evidence in many US attorneys & State AG's Offices). Maybe it is much better to provoke this BEFORE THE ELECTION so that the voters can can see the terrible totalitarian threat and also vote out Republicans in the Senate !

I wonder how many US Attorneys would commit suicide by going after Chump. We really can only count on the State Attorney General's of New York New Jersey California Oregon and Washington. Eventually even Republicans will rebel and vote to remove the monster- I wish they realized that now.
 (some did)  
---"A collapse by any major player (investment house) could create a chain reaction of falling dominos... the ultimate result could be a global economic collapse, because America is overextended way past the cliff, the net is disappearing, and a sinking America will drag down the world" - Bush Battered Dollar 3/2008

I predicted the crash in Sept 2007 to friends: "Sell everything including your house, in 2 years you will be able to buy it back at half price (one friend is still wistful he didn't)." I wrote about it in March 08 in a Middle Atlas mountain village at 6900 ft in an unheated hotel room (nothing had heat in Morocco so my omnipresent 100w bulb/extension cord stayed lit 24 hrs). Focus was more the dying dollar- in my 9 month trek across Europe & Africa the dollar was so low ($1.65/€, Euro started at 85¢) there was a risk our bond holders would dump them for Euros. Right in the middle of writing it, Bear Stearns collapsed and the miracle was it took 5 more months for the whole rotten House of Cards to come down, since everyone on Wall St. knew it was coming. The now "heros" like Paulson did nothing to restrict the damage.

Since credit default swaps (CDS); credit debt obligations (CDO) were completely unregulated, nobody knew how much there was of this toxic debt. Turns out there was $600 trillion, 10 times more than all the money in the world! Obama's steady hand really prevented a full-on Depression.

THIS AMERICAN LIFE's podcast: "Giant Pool of Money" broke down the Genesis of the Collapse. (courtesy Erin). THE BIG SHORT movie was an excellent explainer too, and funny as helll. "I just settled on my 4th house, but things aren't moving like before," - Vegas stripper to Shorters investigating the Bubble (from memory- feel free to enlighten me what ah really says!).

I wish I knew about those NINA loans, I would have flipped houses and got out in 2006-7, but I was completely ignorant.

Will it happen again- Republicans have pretty much guaranteed it by gutting 80% of the Dodd-Frank act, allowing those same toxic financial "instruments", and done nothing to control deadly computer trading that can wipe out countries in the blink of an eye (many proposals to tax them). And this time nobody will get up because there won't be $8 trillion to bail out criminal speculators ($7.7 trillion in secret Fed Agencies secret loans and grants to the Big Banks from Oct '08-Jan '09- Rolling Stone + Bloomberg). Obama's great failing was in not jailing the top 5 or 10 architects of the mortgage loan scam (all criminal fraud) - with no personal punishment and a full government bailout, they will just do it again, since it cost them nothing!

They also should have reprised the Glass Steagall Act, which had kept the wolves away for 65 years.

Americans think everything happened only to them, but the developing world got smashed by the Collapse or Crisis much worse, with their Currency devaluing by 20-50%!! Imagine if your dollar suddenly was worth only 50¢, that's what happened to many countries just emerging into the 2nd or 1st World. And it was entirely American Bankster's fault.

9-11 And the anniversary of our greatest failure: 9-11 rolls
around again- we had so many chances to stop it but we failed miserably... and millions died in the 2 Wars that resulted (although one was a Bush War Crime). I just saw The Looming Towers which
                               First NYC Overflights MichaelHammerschlag©9/15/2001

details the CIA's subversion of the FBI. I was so mad about it for years, because I had 10 connections to the event, from being scheduled to fly over Manhattan at 6:30pm Sept 11, to predicting a terrorist attack on NYC or DC, to running into the pilot of the second WTC plane in the Ft Lauderdale Library 5 months before, to exploring Ground Zero 7 weeks later.   9-11 Commission has a new report?  The haunting story w many pics is here-  http://hammernews.blogspot.com/2005/09/   
- Ground Zero from the Hyatt skybridge to Nowhere fm my Video MichaelHammerschlag ©12/9/2001

GUILTY FOR 9-11 With the reappearance of the disgusting holy warrior Ken Starr trying to glom on to his acolyte's success and the return of (justified) Impeachment, and smear the Clinton's AGAIN, we should remember. If not for the 5 year witchhunt against Bill and the whole Administration (which found NO crime except against the Clintons), Clinton would probably have wiped out OBL after the appalling African Embassy bombings, so Ken Starr caused 9-11, Afghanistan and Iraq Wars! It was his modus oporendi in Bosnia/Kosovo. Yet Starr comes back trashing Monica and the Clintons in his silky prim self-serving voice; "Clinton should have been censured, not Impeached"- sure then why did you let Bret write that incredibly slanderous explicit trash report advocating IMPEACHMENT?

OPED COURAGE: The Deep State is nonsense, except for the constantly recycled scum of mass-murdering neocons, (and the KOCH manipulations). Can't they be given villas on some tropical island and no communications- it's just 100 or so.

Re the Cowardice or Courage of the NYT OPED writer, Frank Rich excoriates him for collaboration, but Chucky does it better:
I, on the other hand, am deeply appreciative, probably because I have lived under repressive Soviet societies like author of this, Anne Applebaum:
--- Washington Feels Like the Capital of an Occupied Country: In nations that have known the horror of dictatorship or foreign occupation, there are often long traditions of what Poland’s national poet once called “patriotic treason.” ---

RUSSIA PROTESTS: The protests roiling Russia are about Putin raising the low Russian pension age (the pensions are near starvation levels)- it has to be cause men die very early because of drunkenness and accident: --- a life expectancy of 66 while for women it is 77, the World Health Organization says. 43% of men WILL NOT LIVE TO RETIREMENT.
The retirement age for men and women will start being increased gradually. By 2036 it will have risen from 60 to 65 for men and from 55 to 60 for women (Mr Putin softened the initial plan to raise women's retirement age to 63). ---

MIKE ON NPR:  ON-POINT, w TIM SNYDER Comment on Russian Propaganda's Effect against Ukraine

YALE PROF. TIMOTHY SNYDER (YOUTUBE) author Bloodlands THINKING TOGETHER CONFERENCE - Why you say Eurasian Union rather than Soviet, without China can it be Asian; failure of the Western Left in reacting to Putin's lies - Mohyla Academy May 15, 2014 ; After Speech-AUD - Snyder writes article I suggested (prev aud) pic right 

The US Military is now trying to get some negotiated settlement with the Taliban, which I think is a fool's errand, as their recent savage Afghan attacks showed. It means we are throwing in the towel- it is Vietnam circa 1972, Taliban isn't interested in sharing, or being part of a Gov, they want total control to impose their religious fanaticism on everyone. Sounds simplistic and crude, but the only good Taliban or ISIS is a dead one. There was some settlement reached sometime back between 80 Tribal leaders and the Taliban that people thought would provide some respite... the Taliban, having identified them, came back and killed every last Tribal leader, cutting off many heads. But this crazy US woman journo went banging on their door in Afghanistan and interviewing them, + somehow didn't get enslaved. 30 min audio https://foreignpolicy.com/2...

HMM, IGOR GOOD, TRADE BAD: NPR Politics Podcast says Trump wrote on a speech "TRADE BAD!" and hates ALL TRADE, that he thinks buying from foreigners is letting them rip us off. Insane, I bet his bully father indoctrinated that into him, since we know he is utterly vacant of any real thought processes.

Does CYBERWAR need a Geneva Convention? https://foreignpolicy.com/2...

VOX PODCASTS: I found another superb site with a wide variety: VOX PODCASTS- Best is Ezra Klein (find exc Chump Corruption show) + Worldly (India/Paki nuke standoff) https://www.vox.com/pages/p... VERY SMART TALK w swearing & no RW false equivalent chumps

MIKE QUESTIONS BOB WOODWARD NPR 1A (kinda) https://the1a.org/audio/#/shows/2018-09-17/woodward-his-words-your-questions/115525/@05:15
Woodward's FEAR: --- In the political back-and-forth, the evasions, the denials, the tweeting, the obscuring, crying ‘Fake News,’ the indignation, Trump had one overriding problem that John Dowd knew but could not bring himself to say to the president: ‘You’re a fcking liar.’ ” --- 

BOSTON GAS PIPELINES BLOWS UP ACROSS SEVERAL CITIES- Dozens of fires!!!  Go Bahstan, why should Chicago have the record? Apparently pipeline system was damaged by contractors last month, in repair and restoring it they vastly overpressurized the system, causing pilots to extinguish? and house to fill up with gas. Just get the ammunition ships out of the harbor!

Yes absolutely, Moslem Mayor Sadiq Khan says it was a MISTAKE, DO IT AGAIN!!!  Exactly, just like Chump (or Ed King), given another chance people would vote 2:1 to STAY IN THE EU; or pick PRESIDENT HILLARY!! KHAAAAAAAAAAAN!

BAKERSFIELD SHOOTER KILLS 5 + HIMSELF2 RAMPAGE SHOOTINGS on SAME DAY IN PENN. -  No further info ever; just look at the last one

Saturday, December 16, 2017


May, 2018:  411 ppm CO2 (highest in 20 mil yrs),             December 15, 2016:  404.91 ppm  Avg increase 5 yrs ago=2ppm/yr
We are literally cooking: Carnegie Institute for Science  says 93% chance of 4C temp rise by 2100- this simply and clearly means billions will die- my guess is half of human pop will perish from (in order) drought-caused Famine;  Pandemics; billions of Migrants fleeing Africa, ME, India, S China, Central America/Mexico and the1-2 billion under 10-15 ft altitude (most major cities) from sea level rise; no or poisoned Water; War for resources + land; Civilizational Collapse (about 500-1500 mil dead should do that).... Each happening repeatedly over the Century- I would put major money that this will start by 2030!! Since all realities have been WORSE, the rise will likely be 6C by 2100 (10F) and change life as we know it in every corner of the Globe. Kauai recently suffered over 4 ft of rain in 24 hours!

I have had this on the back burner for several years- must write it in concert with one of the 6 top World climate scientists I've interviewed over the years. They Constitutionally oppose Apocalyptic scenarios and downplay all effects.. but they know in their souls an awful reckoning is coming
    live Great Barrier Reef
Why? MONSTER FEEDBACK LOOPS: Warm Arctic- white ice to black water- 10% heat absorption to 85%, melted tundra- ancient mega Methane emissions (85x more potent greenhouse gas); Warm oceans (92% of all CO2 dissolved)- massive CO2 emissions, maybe Clathrates too (bizarre methane-ice with 160x more gas than volume), collapse of micro-aminofers- base of entire chain of Life; Acidifying Ocean- dissolving carbonate shells= more CO2; a Washington St. a year deforestation- carbon drinking stops; Too Hot- forests emit MORE CO2 than they drink!! Et cetera etc.....

Heartbreaking tale of the bleaching death of 25% of  THE GREAT BARRIER REEF, the biggest living thing on the Planet- divers, get thee to Australia cause it will be all gone in 10 years!!
         Of 27 extreme weather events last year, the research found that climate change was a "significant driver" in 21, and that 3 events—the temperatures making 2016 the hottest year on record....—"could not have happened" without climate change.
3 Extreme Weather Events in 2016 'Could Not Have Happened' Without Climate Change, Scientists Say

 Meanwhile the Trump Administration, alarmed by the partial End of the World, has spent 1 year searching for Chump critics to purge in the EPA!!!!   https://www.nytimes.com/2017/12/15/us/politics/epa-scott-pruitt-foia.html

Analysts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta were told of a list of forbidden words- “vulnerable,” “entitlement,” “diversity,” “transgender,” “fetus,” “evidence-based” and “science-based.”   Maybe replace it with "Trump-based"

With victories like this, the Repubs are speeding toward their Gotterdammerung. This is, of course, a spectacular boondoggle to the rich, but has some insane ancillary provisions that will cripple America- extending their war on blacks, immigrants, women, to our dwindling Intelligensia- they are trying to make starving University grad student pay taxes on the "free" education they get (in exchange for teaching and the patina of advanced education they provide some schools- $15-40k . Now, apparently, not just world students will go to China to study (4:1 now, before 9-11 4:1 to USA!), Americans may have to too!! [Supposedly that provision was cut)

In dropping the corporate rate to a supposed 20% from 35%, they are almost eliminating it- over HALF OF BUSINESSES PAY NO CORP TAX, THE AVG IS NOW ONLY 15%, so extrapolating from that- 20% would really mean about a 9% tax on the spectacular profits of our mega-corps. No wonder the swine on Wall St. are pushing all indexes through the roof- as my BFF (Best Financial Friend) Allan Sloan once said, "The more blood, the more Wall St. loves it." What a payday- only on the backs of the middle class, whose families see their child exemptions disappear, and state + local tax write-offs vaporize. Anyone making under $100K will probably suffer- Chump gets a tens of millions, maybe hundreds... windfall- yes they wrote in a real estate provision that does just this!

To review: 1981-3 HUGE tax cuts + rampant deregulation, huge military spending = Monster deficits, Wall St. boom and bubble, 1986-9 Savings + Loan collapse/scandal- $1-2 Trillion lost, Big Recession

2001-2 Two HUGE TAX CUTS of $3 trillion + rampant deregulation; Monster deficits with funding Afghan War, Bush's Iraq Disaster; Stock Market boom; 2007-2009 Housing Loan Fraud Bubble bursts. $12-15 trillion of assets vaporized, Millions lose their homes; Recovery takes 8 years

2017 HUGE TAX CUTS + rampant heedless deregulation, Monster deficits- $1.5 tril over 10 yrs, President about to be removed for likely Treason, Stock Market goes through the roof, Bubble inflating fast.....

They are doing it all again! Making Americans poor again! This really, coupled with ALL the Trump crimes and scandals, may be the Republicans last hurrah.

Dems must really restrain their joy at Jones' win, as great as it is: First, all it took to win, as Bill Maher said, was running against a child rapist; second- 40% of the voters were black... the vast majority of whites supported the horse (also underage) riding religious creep, even 2/3 of white women (3/4 of white men)!! The disparity by Parties is the most extreme split I've ever seen- 96% of Dem for Jones, 93% Repubs for Moore. But it augers well for 2018- the absolute exhaustion at TPD and his criminal/crude/disgusting ways and habits, by Dems, women, and sane human beings.

This was my radio show post just before the election:
How can the God fearing people of Alabama seem to be endorsing a PoS like Moore. This is a test case for alot of things- does Schlaeger's conviction mean the South has turned a corner into the 21st century; how venal or stupid are Alabamans to support a known child molester, how identical are Moore voters and Trump voters who have bought into the entire fake news trash where they simply deny the dozens of testimonies, facts, and witnesses; and keep Fox News on 24/7.

These are the Trumpanzees, beyond the reach of anything but force, the ones who will riot and attack when Trump gets close to Removal, and activates them in a tweet. I have no doubt there will be deaths due to Chumps fast twitter finger. I wonder if his Aides and Cabinet have discussed this... and how much death and destruction it would take to enact the 26th Amendment.

I chose to hope that the natural decency of Southerners finally overcomes their nasty history and residual fascism, as seemed to happen in SC.


No doubt that many many men have been getting away with murder for a long time, but the lynching of mild offenders like Dem powerhouse Al Franken, beloved Garrison Kiellor, and reporter Ryan Lizza.. shows it is out of control. ZERO TOLERANCE IS ZERO BRAINS !! NPR is getting decimated- ex-host John  Hockenberry seems to have been an abusive predator, Tom Ashbrook has been accused of being abusive (not sexually), Dustin Hoffman has just joined the 3 dozen or so ranks.

And re. Frankens unseemly fast denouement,
I think the immolation of Franken was unjustified, and completely insane tactically, since the damage Repubs are doing with CONG control WILL hurt women, and Franken was an incredibly effective Dem voice for all liberal values. I haven't heard anything serious about Kiellor. In most of these multiple allegations, the guys were serious creeps, but I fear now a single complainant can cause a big overreaction. Hopefully it makes more women or NBC come forward with tapes and proof that buries TPD, who I believe is a fellow child rapist- several have reiterated their complaints

Dems are cutting their own throat forcing out Franken, thinking their probity will get them credit with the public... while Repubs circle the wagons around child-molesters like Moore + TPD. If kissing and grabbing butts is all he did, probably half of Congress could be expunged.

I'm in Europe where you commonly kiss women hello or goodbye. Also he's a somewhat adolescent prof clown, who is a decent guy and effective foil of Repub crimes targeted by a Hannity-loving RW talk show host who lied about his "groping". HE created Muellers investigation! MN is a swing state and 1 less Dem Senator could result in unimaginable more horrors.

I've really got to wonder what Gillebrand + the female Senators that banded up against him were thinking. Can't they see the larger truth and strategic picture, when you see the spectacular damage Republicans are doing with full Cong control, the damage to women in a dozen fields? If they're going to can him over relatively minor transgressions we are entering witch-hunt territory- I still haven't heard just what Garrison Keillor did to negate a lifetime of decency.

If Dems think they can manufacture responsibility-equivalence in sex offenses, they are crazy. Repubs don't care until people come after them w pitchforks, which is long overdue w the AL child rapist or TPD (he didn't just rape a 14yo, but a kid ripped apart by custody battle, like the pimps in the bus station look for runaways). Most white women voted for the P grabber, insane!

Masha Gesson, has some pertinent observations on the current lust to police sex; as a Russian, she's de facto an expert on sexual harrassment.

RE: ASHBROOK:  Like I said- this has entered dangerous territory- it looks like people are guilty until proved innocent. I've been there (some big party) and met Tom- and I find it very hard to believe- WBUR, at least 15 years ago, was run by women- the top reporters and I think management were all women, very powerful women, and Tom seemed to be an absolute gentleman to everyone. They wouldn't have countenanced much monkey business. I wonder if this involved some hyper-sensitive Ivy intern.

Jeez, this is the 3rd famous guy I met who's getting taken down- I questioned Conyers, interviewed Chas Rose for a big CJR article that may have helped make his career, had Franken's number in NYC in SNL days (but never called him).

CONG. CHARLIE RANGEL (audio)- 35 yr. Harlem Congressman, founder Cong. Black Caucus; Question on Republican tone deafness re. Katrina, Libby, tax cuts, and cuts for the poor- Brown U., Salomon Hall- Oct 24, 2005 http://hammernews.com/range...

THE NEWS, ALL THE NEWS, AND NOTHING BUT THE NEWS- (Columbia Journalism Review) Analysis + examination of plethora of late late night news programs; Distilled from 22 page art.; CBS Nightwatch, NBC Overnight, ABC Last Word, America Tonight, + others; (more complete version from Isthmus, Madison WI.- 1st page CJR vers. with "FOLLY.." below) http://hammernews.com/folly...

Guess Rangel + Rose were creeps. But, if the Franken standard is applied to all of Congress, most of the men will be disappeared- it is famous as a sexual hothouse. There's little doubt that Repubs aren't desperately trying to weaponize this against any amorous Dem as we speak. Leanne's (friend of Hannity) initial exaggerated complaint may have been a political hit. He was a adolescent clown- I actually thought anyone from SNL would have way too many skeletons- they were all dope fiends. Ironically Franken wrote a book WHY NOT ME? where he becomes Prez and then is forced out in a scandal.

Zero tolerance in anything is extreme- that's where they call the police on some 8 year old cause he "threatens" some kids who repeatedly are bullying him; or lock up crack-smokers for 20 years. All things exist on a continuum. A proposition by highly unsymetrical Keillor might be considered creepy, same thing from Brad Pitt pretty wonderful. Another thing to think of, if too many icons fall, or some are proved innocent after being trashed... the whole movement will collapse.

Hmmm, I've always hated abusive bosses, why many of my jobs were appallingly short. Power does corrupt, and a show host/boss has absolute power. But I'd give Tom alot of latitude considering his wife's torturous death (cancer). Doing a 2 hour daily show is a tremendous strain (10% of waking life inc weekends) - and every hour of show requires 5-10 hours of preparation, groundwork, etc; so things must run like a fine clock, And some assistants/interns/producers are pretty insipid, who got their job only through family or donations (though most were pretty smart). I would go to Foreign Policy lectures regularly at Brown, and the questions from 20-something grad students were often so lame and insipid, it was shocking. As Tom gets older and staff becomes younger, and with less + less perspective, there must be rising frustration and annoyance at their cluelessness. I listen to the NPR Politics podcast religiously, and a new spin-off once, and the level of self-absorbed "clever" banter was amazing (though Tamara Keith is brilliant). Bullies sometimes are acting out of their own pain, but that's no excuse; they should be slapped down.

I've done some broadcasting- TV News, documentaries, radio reports, etc. but usually on my schedule. Having to do that much time DAILY, every day, is an enormous strain, and Tom couldn't just riff on the evilness of liberals, like RW scum Rush or Hannity or any of the extremist radio jocks, he had to have facts figures, and good gets (guests), who knew the situation. Moreover to preserve the illusion of "balance" and avoid savage attacks from the Right; he had to countenance RW imbecile and cracker callers from everywhere, treating them with a deference and respect they don't deserve (as "adding to the conversation")... because that is an essential factor of call-in. I doubt I could do that, I would tend to engage and argue with their BS, but it has to have created vast internal pressures in Tom.

I hope Tom can be rehabilitated, maybe punished, and return. If Tom is toast, get Ray Suarez, best call-taking host ever.

RE HOLLYWIERD:  To some extent, everyone in Hollywood (including the ingenues), knows young pretty ingenues are going to fed into the maw of the Machine- the volume of hacks, scum, frauds, and vermin are so high that it's a miracle any great movies/TV are created there. And girls will often have sex like people shake hands in other places, with the same care of-forethought. For every acting/industry job, there are 500-1000 hopefuls- people will do anything for a shot. As I've said many times since I lived there: "LA is a nightmare city of dreams, where everyone lies all the time, so you can trust them."

Re CLARENCE:  And this dirtbag has been a SC Judge for 26 years! I was never more outraged at the treatment of anyone than what Repubs did to poor Anita Hill (esp Bond villain Specter). Those hearings went on to like 3am- I was packing for my first SU, Russia, Europe expedition. With recorders on all semi-smart phone, these kind of things will get exposed Big Time, which is good. Jeez, I don't want to talk about porn even with girlfriends!

I watched Cosby bully someone as a guest Tonight Show host for 20 min straight till they were about to cry. He was a cruel bully, and when I saw that amazing comedy bit where he wonderously speculated on drugging women, I thought, "He has done (or will do) that!". And never watched the Cosby Show- his best one was I Spy.

Nobody ever says women write the rules- if sweet, considerate, gentle behavior would work.. men would do that. But from Jn. High School, men are trained that what women want in them is POWER; from popularity, wealth, position, social standing, authority. So it's not surprising these abusers who accumulate enough power just think they can demand sex- what's surprising is how much they get away with it!!


There is no way that Trump's pointless relocation of the Embassy to Jerusalem WON'T cause deaths in the explosion of hatred and violence (15?), but if you look at everything Trump has done- sectarian hatred, division, and controversy is the purpose and result. I think he actually wants the fighting, the deaths, because it feeds his malignant lust for power: killing people is equivalent to saving people in his anchorless amorality. It also feeds into the anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim feelings he has promoted. Another consideration is that as he gets closer and closer to Removal- he really needs a War to distract people and retain power... in NK, Iran, Yemen.. where ever. A monster doesn't leave quietly- he tries to drag his people into the pit with him. Ascerbic ME watcher Robert Fisk dissects his nonsense- http://www.independent.co.u...

The cable companies actually have some expenses in maintaining their wired network, from trees and storms; BUT the cell phone nets are unbelievable money-making machines who are raking in 70% profit!! Once they build their towers to use the PUBLIC bandwidth they are granted free, they have almost no expenses.. and the fees they charge from monthly fees to excess SMS/usage charges are obscene. Parasites, the free bandwidth they are provided are licenses to print money, which they then bribe Congress with.
      I was trying to talk my Frenator into mandating a 50% reduction in monthly fees. It's tragic that we've let these handful of companies develop the power and dominance that old AT+T did.
     In Europe I paid <10 100="" avg="" b="" fee="" for="" mb="" of="" us="">.


In Sanders, Chump finally found someone as disgusting, dishonest, disloyal (to America), & detached from reality as Trump himself. How the press pool takes the daily Orwellian torrent of lies, justifications, obfuscations, is beyond me. The first time lying Sarah excoriated them for lying, they should have told her off and walked off in protest. There is no point in listening to 100% distorted propaganda- the Soviet's Tass was more honest. The WH Press Corp. was always a strange beast- a chained dog being thrown scraps of raw propaganda, self serving nonsense, gee-whiz video of our great military accomplishments. I knew Mike McCurry, one of the better ones- but Col. Sanders doesn't have a single qualification for the job, just a willingness to prostitute herself ad infinitum for TPD. Exactly, another Bible-beater with absolutely no sense of morality, who daily explains how red is really... grey, and attacks the media for saying it is still red.


In the most momentous news, it seems obvious Repubs are circling the wagons against Impeachment in  their lunatic persecution of Mueller, the FBI, + Rosenstein. So in addition to being the Party of Racists, misogynists, xenophobes, and plutocrats... they are also the Party of pro-Russian traitors who believe Putin over all US Intelligence Agencies. Actually they DON'T, since the almost unanimous vote to restrict Trump's power to remove Sanctions on Russia mean they know he is guilty as sin!!

 Ironically we need a new McCarthy Commission to root out all the traitors in the Repub Party- Chump + all his accomplices, Ryan, who also used Ruskie hacks, McConnell who simply refused (in Frontlines: Putins Revenge) to join Obama in blowing the whistle, and every Rep who believes Putin over ALL of our Intelligence Agencies. In fact, I have in my hand, a list of 79, ahh, 122, ahh 148 .....