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Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Sept 26:  DEBATE:  Video Highlights ABC
Trump first was calm + controlled, but within 10 min was a bullying badgering butthead, but Clinton is staying sunny, w grit, laughing off his attacks. She's goading him- maybe Trump "paid NO tax, maybe has much less money than he claims"- draws blood. The perfect charge to someone hiding taxes, like Harry to Mitt. Also pounds him on Birther claims. TPD calls Holt wrong re. stop + frisk unconstitutional; Holt sticks to his guns that TPD supported Iraq Invasion 4x.   #mkham11 "No braggadocio?"! @##$, said Trump. Is he an alien imposter? Hill dissembles- denies "TPP is Gold standard." Trump claims Hill "has been dealing with ISIS all her life" (or since 2009 when they were created). Hillary got better and better- “She doesn’t have the look. She doesn’t have the stamina."- Hills strong response about flying to 112 countries brought applause- 3 times, Trump 0, although there was supposed to be NO audience reactions. No mention of either Foundation!

Trump says that “Hillary has experience. But it’s bad experience.” Hillary finished very strong, twisting the knife of misogyny, noting that Trump has called women “pigs, slobs and dogs,” telling TPD the name of Hispanic beauty contestant that he had trashed with his crude slanders. Trump looked off balance at the end- Clinton family on stage fast, more warm + human family than Robert Palmer backup family of TPD. Hillary 60/40 but Trump succeeds in not defecating on the stage, no insane outburst. Trump does interviews in Media Spin Room, Hill immediately attends "Victory" rally.

Polls have Trump running even or even ahead in some swing states, but frankly I don't believe it. According to the brilliant and hilarious Seth Meyers (LATE LATE SHOW), at this point, candidates are always tied: 2004, 2008, 2012 !!! But the media wants a horse race so they emphasize these shocking polls without mentioning Hill is still ahead by 3-5% in general votes. How squirrelly polls are: the latest Monmouth poll has HRC +5 points Sept 20 in Florida- CNN had Trump +3 FL on Sept 14- no way there's a 8 point flip in 6 days- many don't do cell phones, or emphasize Repubs (CNN). Meyers hammers Trump like no one has ever done on network TV to any candidate- I watched over an hour of these clips. Again what is screamingly obvious is the 3rd Party spoilers likely will decide this race, and how foolish and reckless the 18-40 yo might be in... "making a statement". In every state, Hillary loses 1-4 points when Johnson and Stein are included- in CO, OH, FL it's the difference between winning + losing.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBrVrTz5IKo LATE LATE SHOW
http://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/latest_polls/state/ LATEST POLLS
What is happening here is the victory of propaganda and the failure of journalism. Every American over 40 has grown up bathed in the RW jihad against the Clintons- $200 mil of spurious totally political investigations where he/she/they were cleared again and again and again... but the press DOES NOT REPORT THAT- the discredited Whitewater scandal, the discredited Benghazi scandal. After so much smoke, repeated ad naseum by the media, voters are convinced there must be fire... they don't care... they just are sick of hearing about it and turn that disgust on Hillary, not the Repub trash-mongers or the lazy shallow press. In the 90's, people were well aware of the unfairness of this RW Conspiracy, why Bill's support went up during the Impeachment, but the young are permanently contaminated and every Hater, slanderer, and dirtbag that has perpetuated these outrageous lies became ascendant- Rove, Delay, Gingrich, McConnell, now Trump. WAPO has the muckracking expose how Trump paid his own legal expenses from his Foundation. Jeff Greenfield thinks Trumps supposed surge will provoke Hispanics and the young to "get real" (sane) and turn out en masse. Again Florida + Ohio are key, and the SC ruling allowing the OH voter suppression laws was devastating.

On every talk show-radio + TV, pundits pompously intone 5 times each how they are THE MOST HATED candidates ever. OK - we get it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHUTUP! You make it self-perpetuating.
 +pays $270K of his legal judgements
+bribery of Florida AG re. Trump U
1. Hillary is judged the most HONEST in the whole race. She is ethically essentially a somewhat square simple Midwesterner.
2. She has worked all her life for the poor, disadvantaged, children, women. Universal Health Care is 90% her initiative
3. Benghazi, Emails, Whitewater,even Monica are all empty fabrications that weren't criminal and had no effect on governance.
4. The polls are trash- I think they should be largely downgraded or even ignored. It's impossible Clinton is running neck in neck in Texas, and Trump is also in RI.
5. Every person who votes for (what's Allepo?) Johnson, or Stein should over the next year, when they see the monstrous lunacies and evil Trump promulgates, lock themselves in bathroom and cut their wrists. You are a threat to the Republic. I'm sure 80% of the 100K FL 2000 Nader voters feels sick about the million people they killed in Iraq. Don't make the same mistake.

Why You Shouldn't Vote for Libertarian Nominee Gary Johnson

Monday, July 25, 2016



Aug 9: As we dearly hoped the uncontrollable diarrhea mouth TPD is self-destructing like a failing generator, casting off huge chunks of metal that should smash other Repub Cong campaigns, maybe enough for Dems to take back the House. If Hill plays it properly and ties his whacko statements to the many similar hateful things prominent Repub incumbents have said Dems have a real shot to run the table, like in 2006 (which I watched alone in a faded NH Repub mill city bar, with them cursing + catcalling my whoops and cheers- was heading back South)- tie TPD around their neck like an anchor: “Donald is only saying what Repubs have always been saying... THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THEM, EXCEPT HE DOESN'T HIDE HIS UGLY UNAMERICAN VIEWS !!!!”

Actually his trifecta of imbecility; the KHANNNN!! debacle, the Putin-invitation-treason, the Ukraine ignorance; have pushed Nat Repubs to the edge- if the d-bag stabs 2 more sacred cows in the next week... I think they will actually try to dump him, which may be possible:

As more and more rats head for the exits (50 foreign policy experts), Trump is looking to receive a historic shellacking- with even hard Red States like Alabama, Arizona, or Utah giving signs of voting for Hillary- at 90% Repub the incredibly RW Mormon state has a deep antipathy to the Federal Gov because of their tortured history (I profiled them + Mitt in 2012); but also are extremely sensitive to the racism, religism, and thuggism Trump has demonstrated. Because of their financial and societal success they were murdered and driven from 5 states- "The Gov of Missouri issued an order for our extermination!!", said a Mormon leader. So calls to ban + restrict religious minorities AND the virulent anti-immigrant rhetoric are deeply alarming to them-  their worldwide missionary work is so successful there are more Mormons outside the US. 438 has a HRC victory at ~93%

What many people don't understand is that the Party is essentially taken over by the nominee by the convention- it doesn't exist as a separate entity- (s)he becomes the leader and rams through a Soviet purge. In my 8 hour documentary on the Hart campaign in DC, I got great footage of the campaign manager “Pudge” saying just before Super Tuesday: “When we win, the DNC must come to US, we don't go to them!” Which I thought was a little arrogant, but Hart had gotten McGovern nominated, as unlikely as Dean or Bernie. Hart won 7 out of 9 states in a great rout, if Fritz had lost Georgia (won by 2-3%), he would have withdrawn. But even then Sanderistas, the media was massively on the side of establishment candidate, and they spun it into a come-from-behind Mondale victory. Hart would have still probably lost to the (cruel) cheerful Reagan Revolution, but not by 49 states!!!

If you didn't see it, Trump's Ukraine comment was amazing- I really think he may have confused Ukraine and the Baltics- Estonia or Lithuania, although David Green tried to spin it into some kind of Jeddi master strategy, the dangerous and corrupt journo practice of balancing out candidates, as if they were both the same. This presents the illusion of fairness, and more important for ratings... keeps the game going!!!!!!!!

“He’s not going into Ukraine, OK, just so you understand. He’s not gonna go into Ukraine, all right? You can mark it down. You can put it down,” said the Great Pretender.

          TPD's true calling
Crimea, the supposed offense to most of the world, is meaningless now (except to the poor tortured Tatars)- it was surgical .... but the vicious Donbas subversion/invasion killed maybe 16,000 with the direct intercession of 10,000 Russian tanks, missile systems, vehicles and 14,000 Russian soldier, was an unbelievably cruel cynical attack on their “brother” (founder) Slavs. 3 friends (+ sources) and 10 acquaintances were killed there, we just had more Ukr soldiers killed July than in any month for a year in DNR/Russian attacks violating the Minsk “cease fire” (and the same for civilians). And 4-5 million made refugees in the destroyed looted area ruled by neo-Mafiya thugs.

The great RICH Frank says:
“Ryan and McConnell have set a tone — they are quislings. They missed any chance to be heroes by not repudiating Trump when it mattered, before the Republican convention. Their tone is matched by most of their peers, including the oleaginous Marco Rubio, who offered his latest profile in cowardice this week by floating the theory that Trump would grow in office once he is in the White House. We’ve actually reached the point where the Koch brothers, the rare donors who have persistently refused to lend financial support to Trump, are the moral standard-bearers of the GOP.
The fallout is: The party will be inherited by the Trump base, a.k.a. the Palin–tea party base, that has risen from the grass roots since 2008, when Obama came to power, and consolidated its power ever since.”

After Trump's mouth eruptions; Repub “establishment” figures are suicidal, mass defections expected, says VF.

Erdogan continues to annihilate anyone who has ever criticized him, rounding up, arresting, purging, imprisoning, torturing 60,000 throughout the Universities, military, Government, press, judiciary... making a sad mockery of the “Democrats” who stood up to and stopped the Coup. Note many hard-core Erdogan supporters are semi-Islamic Brah thugs, like the Revolutionary Guard in Iran. He is even crushing the media outlets that allowed him to get his msg out on Facebook Live!!! The whole country, I suspect, will have 20 years to rue their opposition to this Coup because practical Democracy is dead in Turkey.

Meanwhile, the EU must prepare for the massive flood of open visa Turks from their Hobsian deal to reabsorb migrants, many Turks + Kurds fleeing Erdogan's persecution- maybe 1-2 million quickly, which should make countries like Austria, France, Germany, Belgium shudder.  Right- Erdogan is reprising the Ottoman Empire or has a new Broadway musical.

This sounded amazing too but NPR/KUOW lists everyone.




the shocking cyberhacking subversion intercession of VVP into the American political race, he got just what he wanted- an open revolt by the hard-core Berniecrats at the perfidy of the DNC plotters... which they knew what was happening. Sorry folks, as nasty as it sounded, OF COURSE they would ally with their 30 years friend, standard bearer, persecuted, WH friend Hillary!! That's not corruption, that's POLITICS. But the catcalls and heckling (of Warren, military leaders, and Bernie himself!) by the West Coast contingents (Wa, Ca, Or) threatened to derail the whole purpose of the Convention- a united front. 

But by the 2nd day, aided by well written speeches honoring Bernies significant accomplishments- Hill's free college, anti-TPP, radical DNC platform- and some great as-kickers: Cory Booker, Joe Biden (who came out an old man and dropped 25 years by the end), Bill's really moving love story about what an incredibly smart dedicated hard worker HRC was from youth (like Ted Kennedy), and that MLK cadence preacher..... the sprawling crowd (10x more journos than delegates) was unified in the historical wonder of a WOMAN PRESIDENT, their common goals, and the unprecedented horror of a TPD Presidency.



As the incredible RNC hatefest in Cleveland wrapped up with an unprecedented screech of gloom and doom, of fear and scapegoating, of breast beating patriotism by a racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, treasonous tycoon who has overturned every iteration of the American leader, violated every standard of decency and comity, a pig who has one overriding constituent- himself. The gorgeous poised Ivanka tried to humanize her crude Pop, claiming Trump will push for equal pay for women- Huh?? Did HE pay women the same as men?? Granted he did hire women throughout his career, but if you read the story about that (Vanity Fair, New York), he did so because he believed women worked much harder than men, probably because they were easier to bully (he still was The Donald). His first ever woman construction manager, for example, never married or had a family. So his supposed egalitarianism re. women was because he wanted to exploit them.

But TPD threw it all away with one of the most xenophobic speeches I've ever heard: The wolves are at the door, he proclaimed, in the form of hoards of Hispanic rapists, Muslim terrorists, BLM assassins; when the truth is ALL crime statistics are down- big time. Only one person can deliver us from these monstrous threats- the argument of every proto-facist since the Sumerians- Donald J Trump. The Donald was the Law and Order candidate (ripped from Nixon's corpse), and the America First candidate- no word on whether the non-scholar knows or cares it was a neo-facist Nazi sympathizer coward organization in WW2. Comparisons to Mussolini and Hitler are totally apt- Trump is a violently shallow, narcissistic, demagogic compulsive liar who must constantly up the ante to keep the rubes happy, throwing more Christians to the lions. He normally planned to sue, to not pay, to cheat his investors and customers from the beginning- In dealings with foreign leaders that kind of behavior could provoke a nuclear war.

Trump's ghost (only) writer of the best selling The Art of the Deal, Tony Schwartz, ashamed and horrified at his part in creating this nightmare in tagging along with Trump for 18 months, says Trump couldn't concentrate for 10 minutes on his questions to write the book... a shallowness and emptiness he saw again and again. Of course he's been subject to repeated threats. Trump has mixed his business and political interests brazenly and corruptly, slandering a judge overseeing a suit against his sham university; and deep fund-raising and investment connections to Russia along with Manafort, his campaign manager. In fact his adulation for brutal strongman Putin, deriding of NATO, rejection of the the EU, encouragement of Brexit, makes him  a full-blown security threat to the United States... even a traitor. Russian hackers hacked into the DNC oppo research on TPD and the Clinton Foundation and probably gave that purloined info to TPD- so he was conspiring with foreign espionage. Putin has managed to shatter the EU by denying any Syrian settlement and creating the torrent of refugees that caused Brexit- NOW he's trying to diddle with the American Presidential Election!!!

The first day of the RNC was indicative: delusional characters rattling off the Party line, as the Repubs head into an Armegedal election, where they will lose 95% of Black and +80% of Hispanic (rapists). Trump has converted the Repub Party into the R-racist Party. Still stunning- have to slap my head to imagine they actually nominated this crude braying pig for President- what I had prayed for a year ago (when $1 on Trump would have paid off $100 now). Once they WERE the party of Lincoln, now the Party of equal opportunity Haters- whatever minorities you are!!! Go back where you came from, even if born in the USA. Course soon their core will be decisive minorities everywhere.. and the Repubs will become obsolete. Rudy Guiliani screeched hysterically- he apparently solved the problem of extremist Islamic terrorism because he said the words!!!

  I was working on my Trump imitation and realized in his callouts to the crowd that his voice was familiar- it was the voice of the ignorant rabble-rousing brutal drunk. As for his Wife's word for word rip-off of Michelle's speech, what do you expect- she is a self-starter and did it herself- where does a person go for a bigtime national speech- GOOGLE of course!!! Manafort, the sleazy advertiser for dictators, in denying it was copied, shows that he will lie almost automatically about the most minor thing. Nobody nails the Repubs horror show better than Taibbi: 
-- On the primary trail we had never seen anything like him: impulsive, lewd, grandiose, disgusting, horrible, narcissistic and dangerous, but also usually unscripted and 10 seconds ahead of the news cycle.
We could never quite tell what he was: possibly the American Hitler, but just as possibly punking the whole world in the most ambitious prank/PR stunt of all time. Or maybe he was on the level, birthing a weird new rightist/populist movement, a cross of Huey Long, Pinochet and David Hasselhoff. He was probably a monster, but whatever he was, he was original.--

But there is a dark back story to Ivanka’s talents too. The apple of her father’s eye, she had maybe 4 plastic surgeries, and has the careful modulated voice of someone who has practiced and trained endlessly. Seeing that amazing picture of her caressing Donald’s face (at 15!) and Trump’s 4 or 5 (The Daily Show) video testimonials where he seems to be in physical pain that he never had sex with her, “If I wasn’t a married man!!” , it’s almost impossible to not believe that he subjected her to pressure to do it, which she apparently rejected. Her physical alterations must be considered in her desire to please and impress her powerful crude father.

And if Trump wanted sex from his daughter, he probably had an appetite for underage girls. There is serious evidence now about that in his relationship with convicted pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and his famous Lolita parties and plane replete with very young girls… that Trump attended and flew on dozens of times. One 13 year old girl (then) has now sued him in New Jersey alleging he raped her at a party at Epsteins NYC townhouse. Considering Trump’s apparent vast contempt for women, this is consistent. Is this sleazy trash- Sure. But this is The Donald, who should have been shamed out of the race long long ago, and HE has called Bill Clinton a rapist and Hillary a crook! Nothing is beyond the realm of possibility with him.

Indeed, Keith Olberman applies a classic test for psychosis and insanity to Trump- guess what he finds????

BO should get on the stick and do a recess appointment of Garland TX- push the damn issue- get a decisive ruling on the criminality of ALL these voter disenfranchisement schemes and then Dems might win BOTH HOUSES!! Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I can't believe what they are doing- is helping elect Trump what they want? To destroy America? Russian hackers hacked into the DNC oppo research on TPD and the Clinton Foundation and probably gave that purloined info to TPD- so he is conspiring with foreign espionage, and to Wikileaks. I liked and voted for Bernie but OF COURSE the DNC was disparaging and plotting against him- he was an insurgent Socialist who wasn't a Democrat!!!!   That's what every political org does, ally with the front runner who has 3 decades of alliances, loyalties, and friendships to call on. It's not a conspiracy, it's called politics!!!

Trump choosing Mike Pence was a stroke of genius to drive away every last woman voter- he has been a fanatic against abortion, and has warred against Planned Parenthood. He is supposed to bring along the fundamentalist base base, but is a limited guy of limited abilities- with his gleaming silver hair and silver shirt, he looked the part- very very bright!!! But he is the adult professional who is supposed to keep crazy TPD in line, and make peace with all the people he has trashed. And incidentally run domestic and foreign policy!!!  WHAT???????

Progressives are supposedly disappointed in Tim Kaine, because he wasn't anti-TPP (as almost nobody was)... I thought HC would go with a Hispanic, but Kaine is the next best thing- fluent in Spanish from his Catholic mission work in Honduras, and an incredibly decent man of the people- he attends a black church, has run the swing state of Virginia, and is widely liked by most factions- perhaps his real draw, as the media pundits will never stop telling us: Hill is the most unpopular candidate ever, EXCEPT for Trump. Maybe that has something to do with 100,000 news reports about Repub fake (NON) scandals like Whitewater, Benghazi, and emails!! And the 20 reports that expose the actual results- that the Clintons have done NOTHING criminal, nothing untoward. VIDEO of Hill-Kaine in Miami


Their generalized terror against Muslims policy is crazy- but they think maximum pain for everyone will motivate more poor psycho losers into joining. I really think it's time to marshal a 100-200,000 multinational army from Europe, ME, US and exterminate ISIS- as the Frontline I saw last night says, if you want to stop these widespread attacks, go after ISIS's center of power. If the Iraq Army can do it, a coordinated worldwide response can easily do it. And do it with extreme prejudice- no prisoners- if they think such medieval butchery is neat, remove them from the ME equation forever- Al Zaqari, who essentially founded ISIS, could have been killed by the CIA BEFORE he started the Iraq Civil War (FRONTLINE says) but in another brilliant idiocy, the Bushmen, obsessed with Saddam, nixed it.

Chop up their lines of communication, pound Raqqa into a parking lot, isolate and besiege Mosul, and crush this foul manifestation of Islamic Extremism. They are spreading like cancer, and with 1.3 bill potential hosts, that's a bottomless supply, at even .01% recruits.
Course the big problem is where to stop in Syria- if Russia hadn't stuck in their dirty fingers- we could depose Assad, and install some semi-legitimate Sunni leadership, though that might make Iraq's new Gov and sectarian violence look easy. Still 1/2 mil dead and the font and example for worldwide refugee exodus. Maybe rule it by a 1-2 year Western transition Gov.

ISIS are media masters and are metastasizing throughout the world right now. Every intensive analysis says the same thing- that their legitimacy and attraction comes from their "Caliphate" which comes from their land. Take that away and their attractiveness collapses to recruits. Now they are setting up supposed ISIS provinces in Libya, Yemen, 8 other countries. I wrote a 2003 piece suggesting partitioning Iraq to prevent the looming Civil War (3 yrs later CFR head wrote similar thing in NYT + the Senate voted 80% to recommend it), discussing it back then with Sen. Jack Reed, he started talking about the "LONG WAR" with Muslim extremism (a West Point instructor, he'd voted against Invasion), and I thought Uh Oh, that could become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

We may be at that point now, where these constant attacks and depredations by MusFund's kill millions over 20-30 years- much sooner if they get their hands on a nuke or effective bioweapon, which likely will happen.

TURKEY:   Police disarming rebel soldier

I find military takeovers troubling and usually ugly, like Egypt, but in Turkey they've always been a counterweight 2 religious fanaticism. Now Erdogon will crush his remaining enemies and all critics and become even more of a monster than he was- 50,000 arrested, detained, fired, purged- Turkey is slipping into the grip of a dictator- think any further elections will be really “free”? If you are going to have a Coup, who have to make it successful.


There is no way to really stop a Nice attack- if there were barriers on the waterfront, he could mow down people in the outdoor st. cafes common all over France. Will we take away all Muslim drivers licenses in Europe + USA? What is needed is a powerful deterrent to Jihaddi or mass shooting killings- maximum shame, humiliation, and desecration. Smash the perps face to a pulp and spread those photos widely. With Muslim killers, display their body publicly... naked... let the public stone them and put out those videos. Muslims are extremely prudish about nudity. Bury them with pigs- again publicly with videos- that will certainly block their 72 virgins, their supposed reward for slaughtering innocent civilians!! Arrest and deport their whole family and close friends- unfair- of course, and many of these suicidal warriors don't care about their family (but they might about their friends). Once you actually do it a few times, you could fake it as long as the potential monsters believe it. Much of this would also work with any rampage killer.
    Orlando victims
Of course this is uncivilized and unconstitutional, BUT SO ARE THEY. We must be far more flexible, ruthless, and innovative and just make the cost too high to prospective killers. Liberals bear with me- this does work: shame works. In ancient Greece there was an epidemic of virgin suicides- city leaders carried the body though the city... naked. They stopped instantly. The alternative is throwing up our hands helplessly, doing nothing; and then rising rage, oppression and discrimination against Muslims, maybe even Dallas like retribution.... and then you have millions more Jihaddis. With 1.4 bil, 1/5 of the planet, converting only .01% would be 140,000. And if Muslims object to such shaming- tough, it is a Rorschatt test on their loyalties. We are reaching the point of critical mass, where these attacks will metastasize widely, maybe become daily nightmares... if we do nothing.

Another necessary element is reopening mental institutions and
involuntary commitment, until people are stable. Millions of paranoiacs and schizophrenics are running around the world- HALF of the latest shooters have been clinically delusional, including the Nice trucker, Munich shooter (4 German  machete, gun, bomb attacks in the last week- two July 24-25), and the Baton Rouge sniper who changed his name to Cosmo and believed he was a TI- a targeted individual, someone targeted by the government with energy beams and followed by so-called gang-stalkers who mess up his life. These lunatics are now linking up with the Internet and reinforcing their insane delusions- the Navy Yard computer nerd shooter (12 dead) was a serious TI whacko- when you see him darting around the building with his shotgun, you realize in horror that schitzos make good killers. One group of TI's make a video plea to Obama to save them- he should: round them up and get them on the right meds- most of these things are quite treatable (see Homeland's Claire Danes for maybe best depiction of bipolar and manic/depressive illness)

The Trump racist rabble rousing has the terrible specter of racist or bigots starting a religious war with 1/5 of world. As terrible as these attacks are, they are like a mosquito bite compared to what could happen, if they keep conflating the handful of Jihaddi scum with the 1.3 billion decent Muslims, they will get the generational war they want.  It worked pretty well for Al Zarkawi in Iraq, the founder of ISIS (current al-Baghdadi was his second in command), and even more brutal and apocalyptic. The next step and inevitable result in the Rump's sick hate-mongering is fatal attacks on random US Muslims or mosques. Eventually the jihaddis might get their hands on a nuke and then woe is everybody.


From my dealings with cops, I'd say more than half are bad apples, not beating or shooting or planting evidence maybe; but deeply corrupt and dishonest in constantly consistently lying- about what you did, what they think you did, what the penalty or rules are, what rights you have, etc etc. Cops are trained to always lie, to bluff, to intimidate "suspects", to ensure convictions. Over 90% of their energy is devoted to hurting you, even if you are the victim or go to them for help, both of which have happened to me. My advice to kids of any color- Never trust anything cops say, answer them briefly respectfully and SHUT UP, never get upset or angry or argue, tell them whatever they want to hear (not I HAVE A GUN!), volunteer nothing and CONSENT TO NOTHING- if they are asking, you can say NO!!!, and get away from them at the first opportunity. If you've really been the victim of a crime, report it, with the understanding that they solve very few crimes, and always carefully assessing any possible vulnerability you have, because ANYTHING will be used against you. With some rare exceptions, they are just not (in the immortal words in Serpico) "good people". It's just a dirty job, dealing with the trash of humanity, quickly, they just assume all people are trash, and treat them accordingly.

Many many police  are in it for the power and thrill of constant intimidation. I've been attacked, injured, arrested by police for absolutely nothing, and I'm a polite respectful Ivy League white guy. Can't even imagine what blacks go through. Giving war vets job preference without remedial training in dealing with Citizens is terribly dangerous- they are always keyed up for war. One huge problem is car culture, where they get some sketchy radio call without pertinent details, blast out there, and explode from the car knowing nothing, but ready to do battle. Once cops were big men, tough guys, who may be brutal but had some presence and authority that let them assess situations calmly and not overreact. But many cops, particularly in these dik towns, are nerd wannabes, poorly trained, nervous, paranoid... accountants with guns... and they will kill you out of their own unjustified terror. You could hear that in the St Paul cop: POLICE PANIC- the terror that everyone is out to get you, abject fear that makes one imagine any movement is an attack or a weapon.
                                     Militarized Cop in Missouri -

I once came across cops in Providence leading out a handcuffed black guy (maybe after some fight) and he broke away- all 4 pounced on him and started pounding him on the head with nightsticks- a sickening ring- DUNK, DUNK. I screamed at them after 15 seconds- STOP IT, YOU ARE KILLING HIM, and one looked up and screamed in complete panic: CALL THE STATION!!!! They were beating a handcuffed prisoner to death... but they were afraid! Never saw a human look so bad- he might have died anyway later.

Re. Sterling, the "homeless" guy "asking for money" at night in a slum may well have been a robber, why he felt he had to be armed. Ironic that moke gets him killed- every time a busybody neighbor calls the cops on some stupid noise complaint they might get you killed and you should make them pay. We don't know what happened- maybe he was reaching for the gun- thinking they were suffocating him like Garner. The Castille thing was just insane- his GF realizing this was her ticket to the big time in her network news report, amid her horror.

Police culture respects force, power, and violence- so the bad cops persevere- abusive extreme or violent behavior may be disapproved of, but no one will stop them, or report them. Snitching just isn't done because their lives depend on their fellow cops. And cops who use alot of force often get commendations, in fact not staying "in charge" or "on top" of situations is a big failure and punished. One study in SoCal showed 3% of the cops had 90% of excessive force complaints- some had shot people 5 times, and the City had paid out millions, but they still weren't fired (PBA rules/contracts make it difficult)!!

And the crazy totalitarian police thinking is, "If you shoot someone, be sure to kill him." That is policy and training. They shoot at the chest and shoot 4-5 times in order to make that true- likewise the unbelievable callousness about their victims, less than a dog, handcuffing and ignoring their dying victim. If the "perp" dies, he can't sue them or say what happened, and they often have a throw-down gun to fake a threat (much harder with the videos). In my very first column many decades ago when cops killed a guy armed with a tomato sauce jar (the third unarmed guy in a month), I railed against the shoot to kill policy, and said, "Surely the CIA has some weapon that can safely incapacitate a suspect." That became the Taser. Cops can kill with impunity, even now- more killed in 2015 than ever- not one convicted of manslaughter or murder.  The local DA's are 97%  on the cops' side- they are her/his daily allies.

I always used to get out of the car, because I know cops are shot coming up to the window, and I wanted to reassure them I was no threat. They seemed to appreciate it and relax. Also it balanced the equation with standing armed cops looming above and behind you. And removed them from snooping inside my vehicle, looking for bottles drugs, whatever. NOW they go psycho, screaming: GET BACK IN YOUR VEHICLE as if I was attacking him. That's happened 3 times, showing how wired and dangerous they are now.

Cops have long long thought of themselves as a special caste, a near holy order with the right to kill, so sure to them, citizens are just civilians and all the people they shoot by accident, mistake , or crime... just collateral damage. I'm intensely aware of that every second I deal with cops, they actually have the right to kill, like James Bond, and will almost never be punished, so SHUT UP and don't argue, no matter how in the right you are.             SC Walter Scott murder -

Every state should have a Statewide shooting panel composed of lawyers judges Community leaders cops with their own prosecutor who have no connections to police being investigated. That would be a proper solution since half of all shootings by police are probably unjustified. When Cops start being punished routinely by the system, their behavior in shooting first and asking questions second will change.

In Dallas, the retaliation happen against an innocent prof. PD that apparently had taken huge strides since their cracker days and was a model for race relations. Cops might be even more jumpy and paranoid with citizens now, or maybe they will back off their reflexive brutality. After World War 2 the hundreds of thousands of black soldiers came back to be beaten, tortured, and lynched by a South that had no respect for their accomplishments or manhood.

But now, the half a million trained black vets are not as forgiving now and cops must adjust their behavior: if murders by police continue apace... murders of police might too. Copycat Effect. I heard some lowlife Police Chief Assoc mug on Fox blaming the sniper attack on Obama, cause he dared commiserate with victims of police violence. The Secret Service should put this guy in a windowless room for 48 hours since he, in this atmosphere, is directly threatening the President.             assassinated Dallas cops

Regarding the MN shooting in the suburb in St. Paul, Want To Be Cops who can't make the standards of big-city police forces just keep trying and some crummy town or suburb will eventually hire them no matter how unstable or racist or troubled- 18,000 separate police forces in USA armed with billions of $ of HSA military gear- over half should be disbanded. Minneapolis has maybe 15 - 18% blacks but the rest of Minnesota is lily white (I lived there). That cop probably never dealt with a black guy and was all pumped up, excited, and frightened by it.
 The latest appalling video  shows crazy Miami cops hiding behind their car with a leveled assault rifle, against a black therapist on his back with his hands high in the air screaming “This man is my patient- he only has a TOY TRUCK.”, and his autistic patient playing with a toy truck, then SHOOTING him in the leg anyway, you see how out of control police are. It could be an SNL skit if it wasn't real. The moron's explanation- he was trying to shoot the autistic patient whom he thought was about to shoot the black guy... with his truck!! We need to prosecute incompetent criminal shooter cops AND  the fools and liars who call the cops falsely claiming there is someone with a gun.


I think Britain leaving has the potential, with the migrant crisis, economic weakness of 4-5 EU countries, Russian embargo (cost $110 bil), closing of borders.... to be a 2008 collapse scenario. And there is NO REASON for England leaving- they will be hammered the most- maybe 10-15% drop in GDP. Cameron has been an incredible weasel , bringing this issue up on a referendum only cause of his internal party politics, then arguing against it, so he can claim to be on the right side if it proves as successful as the Chernobyl "test".

 Incredibly, as they unexpectedly won, ALL the rats jumped ship, Boris, Cameron, UKKKIPs Farage, then Boris's betrayer- the Brit extremists have made leadership of the 5th biggest economy as desirable as the Repub Speakers job in USA, till an unknown woman- Teresa May took the job- my question is: Why don't they force another election?- maybe Labor could reverse this idiocy? Then she picks Boris the Twit as Foreign Minister to deal with the Euros that he has just trashed??????

There were a huge amount of lies, from Boris the Surfer driving around with a bus that tripled the amount sent to the EU (which England will pay 3 times more in collapsed trade and economy), to yellow press showing the teaming hoards of immigrants, to the insane idea that everything would be just fine and dandy after smashing a half century economic union rather than an economic collapse rivaling 2008. How they could have done this titanic vote on a simple majority is incomprehensible (thank you Cameron). Plus this rewards and encourages racist nationalists like UKKKIP worldwide (and Putin for his murderous tendencies)- all in all, a completely unnecessary disaster.

I bet if the Brits could do this again, they'd vote 55-60% to stay. Puta is rubbing his hands with glee- Sanction ME, will you???

But this is the future with hundred of millions or billions of starving climate refugees coming.... soon. Then all European borders will look like East Germany's.

Boris Johnson's reaction to his stunning "victory" as he scurried for a dark place to hide- absolutely hilarious.


TO THE KING, ALICE: After a generation since the last spacecraft, the solar-powered JUNO (wife of Jupiter/Zeus) spacecraft should whip into a highly elliptical polar orbit midnight EDT around the gas giant KING of the Solar System that zips through near encounters in a hole in the violent radiation belts- Jupiter emits much more power than it receives from the sun and with 10 times more mass- it could have ignited into a sun. Juno is the fastest spacecraft ever 135K mps and must fire retrorocket 35 minutes to be captured- the polar orbit should let it overfly every spot on Jupiter. The only other Jupiter orbiter, the 1995-2003 Galileo was crippled by the failure to open of it's main dish antenna and had to send everything back 1800x slower. Because of the killing radiation, they hope to only get 37 orbits of very close passes at 2700 miles, which for the immense gas giant is within a whisker- the whole rest of Solar System or 1000 Earths could fit inside it- next time you see it's largest planetary ball in the sky (except for Venus), think about that it's 4-7 times farther than the Sun!! JUNO should investigate the Neptune sized auroras, the composition of the 1000 mile atmosphere at different heights (getting thicker + thicker- "no surface" on Jove); detailed radio and radiation emissions, and whether there is a solid core. To coin a phrase: "We Bring You the    Worlds" - 3000 exoplanets discovered now by the Keppler spacecraft, inc  some Earth sized Goldilocks ones!!
1 hour JUNO doc:

 For those fascinated by Space, here's an obscure but good weekly podcast about Astronomy and Space Missions- put together by the Orlando NPR station. http://www.npr.org/podcasts/47...
Rather than wildly expensive one-shot Missions to Mars, I've been advocating for a LUNAR BASE- to work on water- hydrogen oxygen hydroponic/fuel/air self-sustainability, low gravity construction of Interplanetary spacecraft, spectacular telescope site, Moon-mining, etc etc. That is the obvious next step and will fuel all sectors of space exploration rather than one-of spectaculars that must compete with the coming AGW catastrophes. I met Jim Lovell and can't believe we never went back to the Moon in a half century- watch, we WILL, when the Chinese land a man on it and claim it for the People's Republic, like they have with the entire Western Pacific Ocean. Even India has orbited an astronaut. And despite the forward march of the private Musk/Bezos space cos, I still think the first fatality on their cost-conscious rockets will tend to cripple private launches.

I am thrilled Congress has demanded a Europa mission by 2022, Europa has a 60 mile deep ocean, so HAS TO HAVE life, I'm convinced. Everywhere there is water on Earth there is life, and Europa has the same hot smokers blasting out hot chemical stew at the bottom of the ocean... where they now think life originated on Earth. I want to see that before I'm gone: extraterrestrial LIFE, which will put our petty brutality in scale- the absolute stupidity and absurdity of it. The genius Arthur C Clarke, who invented communication satellites in 1949, knew in the 60's, when it was a dot, that Europa was really really special. In '81 I got to see the unreleased raw Voyager pics of these new worlds from Jupiter- the greatest thrill of my life. Let ALL mankind go to Europa!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


THE NIGHTMARE OF TRUMP - How Can a Ignoramus Get THIS Close?

June 1 Incredibly TRUMP raps it up BEFORE Hillary (Hillary should have done this wheeling and dealing too, first!)- when individual delegates switched to the big-mouthed baboon- I hoped for this day, convinced that he would destroy the Repub Party, but must confess I am now viscerally terrified that this crude ignorant lying narcissistic bully could become President- of course given ALL the people The Donald (TD) has offended it is impossible he could win, but it was impossible he could become the nominee too- 100 to 1 against last July- we must never count out TD and realize he presents a deadly risk to the world- his half-baked macho resolutions and impromptu promises and slithering evasive deal-making, where he plans to sue, to back out of his commitments.... could in international relations... lead to a nuclear war. Trump is at base, a huckster, a cheap sleazy snake-oil peddler and he has tapped in to the vast reservoir of racism (NYT oped by JC) awakened by the victory of Obama (though he is chocolate, not black, and as much a Ivy winner as any other blue-blooded heir to power); and the disappearance of well-paying jobs to the free-trade competition of third world people "willing to eat toxic waste for 5 cents a day", as the brilliant Matt Taibbi says in another seminal RS piece RIP GOP TRUMP IS a horror show!!!!

Every disaffected yahoo who has chafed under a woman or black boss, who witnessed with shock the ascension of a black President, who has 20 year old female strangers dunning him with the use of suddenly prohibited words (GIRL?!!!), who has seen the last acceptable target- gays- be taken off the firing line, who has the narrow mindset to believe that his problems are due to somebody, SOMEBODY EATING MY LUNCH: illegal immigrants, Mexicans, Muslims,women, blacks, gays.... now feels empowered to let their bile out in a flood of sludge. Wisest Man Noam Chomsky, who thinks the Repubs are the the most dangerous org in the world, says, "The establishment hopes that the white working class will vote for their bitter class enemies, who want to shaft them in every way, by appealing to something else- abortion rights, racism, nationalism. So you have a voting base consisting of evangelical Christians, ultranationalists, racists, disaffected, angry, white working-class sectors that.. produce candidates who terrify the corporate, wealthy, elite establishment."   Inbecilic 

Donald Trump has tapped the huge vein of ugly American self-pitying demagoguery that Repubs have exploited and implied for 50 years, but now brazenly in public. He has made it OK to be a yahoo, and it is funny to hear the parade of earnest Trumpeters explaining how they aren't racist just cause they don't like immigrants or blacks or women- they just want more for themselves, and less for the Other. This imbecilic Conspiracist thinks California's Drought doesn't exist (half of Cal farmers may throw in the towel!), that asbestos is safe, that global warming is a Chinese hoax!!!   The TRUMP UNIVERSITY scam has real legs and will dog the neo- tycoon.

Taibbi says it is over for the money-grubbing collection of science denying corporate prostitutes too, for tossing the demographic future of brown hoards into the trash for a terminal last hurrah with the dumass white males (who have ALWAYS voted Repub!!!!!). If there is one person who packages this race in a digestible gut-busting hilarious x-ray collection of unforgettable similes and metaphors, it's Taibbi, who has surpassed Hunter Thompson.

    "But they were also undone by a surge of voter anger that was in significant part their own fault. In recent years, the Koch brothers/Tea Party wing of the GOP had purged all moderates from the party, to the point where anyone who was on record supporting the continued existence of any federal agency, said Mexicans were people, or spoke even theoretically about the utility of taxes was drummed from the candidate rolls.
     Their expected endgame here was probably supposed to be the ascension of some far-right, anti-tax, anti-government radical like Scott Walker, or even Cruz. 
     Instead, this carefully cultivated "throw the bums out" vibe was gluttonously appropriated by Trump, who turned the anger against the entire Republican Party before surging to victory on a strongman's platform of giant walls, mass deportation and extravagant job promises that made the moon landing or the Bernie Sanders agenda of free college look incrementalist in comparison. " .....
   ... "If this isn't the end for the Republican Party, it'll be a shame. They dominated American political life for 50 years and were never anything but monsters. They bred in their voters the incredible attitude that Republicans were the only people within our borders who raised children, loved their country, died in battle or paid taxes. They even sullied the word "American" by insisting they were the only real ones. They preferred Lubbock to Paris, and their idea of an intellectual was Newt Gingrich. Their leaders, from Ralph Reed to Bill Frist to Tom DeLay to Rick Santorum to Romney and Ryan, were an interminable assembly line of shrieking, witch-hunting celibates, all with the same haircut – the kind of people who thought Iran-Contra was nothing, but would grind the affairs of state to a halt over a blow job or Terri Schiavo's feeding tube.
          A century ago, the small-town American was Gary Cooper: tough, silent, upright and confident. The modern Republican Party changed that person into a haranguing neurotic who couldn't make it through a dinner without quizzing you about your politics. They destroyed the American character. No hell is hot enough for them. And when Trump came along, they rolled over like the weaklings they've always been, bowing more or less instantly to his parodic show of strength.
     In the weeks surrounding Cruz's cat-fart of a surrender in Indiana, party luminaries began the predictably Soviet process of coalescing around the once-despised new ruler. Trump endorsements of varying degrees of sincerity spilled in from the likes of Dick Cheney, Bob Dole, Mitch McConnell and even John McCain." - RIP GOP Rolling Stone

The pedophilic pandering pretender Donald has shown how low he will go (deep in the gutter) with his calling of Bill "a rapist", and latching on to "Crooked Hilary" as a theme song- this chiseling defrauding bankrupting irresponsible pathological liar. His logical inconsistency will make your head explode, if you have anything in it: he wants to blackmail countries into paying much more for their defense, by just cutting them loose.... BUT he would "make America trusted again" by being a reliable ally vs the treacherous Kenyan Obama. Every "policy" he has involves the deep thinking on a cereal box, he throws it off the top of his head, off the cuff, out of the treasure of knowledge he gains from the Nat. Inquirer and other bizarre sources of wisdom, like raving lunatic Alex Jones's INFOWARS, where TD has appeared.

     Now the yuuuge question is whether the Sandblasters can get over their pique at the fact that their man lost- wallowing in Repub propaganda trash about lying corrupt Hillary, when she is a somewhat square decent MidWesterner who has served the poor and middle class people all her life. Frankly any Sandersite that plans to vote for Trump should take a deep breath,.... in a closed garage with a running car. YOU ARE INSANE- I am a Sanders voter- and NO ONE who cares about anything Bernie stood for all his life could vote for The Pig, The Donald!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Bernie was entertaining Nader Notions ("what's the difference- Gore + Bush are the same" - tell that to Iraq Vets) in proposing a debate between him and Donald- sucking the very oxygen out of NOMINEE  Hillary's environment- luckily the vicious Donald realized if he trashed old man Commie Bernie, he would lose the possible brain-damaged Sandblasting voters who want change so bad they would vote for a neo-fascist South American strongman- "what could be worse". As in the Congo, or Yugoslavia, Egypt, or perennial Russia, much can be worse...much much worse. Plus as he may have mentioned, Bernie is a LOSER,and TD doesn't play with losers.

All Dems must come together to defeat what is an existential threat to the World in TD. The difference between Bernie + Hillary is 10-20%, but between all real Dems and TD and the officially racist rump Repubs it is 90%! Maybe Hillary will pick Warren for VEEP in a radical move to win over Sanderites and put the fear of God into the Banks, Pharmaceuticals, + CarbCos. And present the truly radical proposal of an all XXX ticket. Trumps XXX slanders are something else. We lucked out with Obama- he faced the 2 weakest Repubs ever- Trump is a totally different animal- never seen in modern politics- a Tasmanian devil high school street fighter born with a silver spoon and an iron faith in the wisdom of his own convictions..... whatever they are.... this minute.

No folks, the path forward that doesn't involve Benito-ish evil, requires smooth, fast, good natured, and effortlessly vicious comebacks to Trump's nuclear populism.... and by wrapping the Repubs with the chain of every malignant sick thing TD has said, and sending them both off a research ship into the Marianna Trench where they can spend the rest of their days studying light emitting Jurassic monsters in the unchanging desert of the Deep.

April 26  NE PRIMARIES     Dem. Primary winner Hillary confirmed her victory with a near sweep of the NE states- she is within 214 delegates, which she will get in California alone (546 Dems), not to mention the other 15 states to come- just NJ, DC, PR will probably give her 190!!! Little Rhody-  RI, the smallest, densest (for many years), most liberal state in America (w Hawaii), one Carter won while he lost Mass, went for Bernie. Pok the cah, baby.  ALL PRIMARY RESULTS

I have reassessed Trump's chances and decided he WILL BE THE NOMINEE - his rout across all 5 states have put him within 286 delegates of victory on the first ballot- winner-take-all  NJ, MT, NE should give him all 114 delegates, other states WA, OR, WV, NM very conservatively should give him 65 (half), putting him within 107 delegates, which he could easily get from the 172 of Cal. I am giving Cruz IN + SD. Adden 5/1: Trump is way ahead in Indiana 15%, so it is all over, but I was one of the first people to predict a first round win. Surprising, IN used to be ground zero of the RW fundamentalist Christian movement- now that is Col.or KS, and IN is far more worldly.

But if Trump is within just 171 delegates we will see him offer the VEEP to Marco Rubio, all hair, teeth, flash, and raw arrogant ambition- irresistible to the soon unemployed Senator. That would capture his 171 delegates and put the DONALD over the top- he can't risk a second ballot with all the unknown stealth Cruz delegates who will bail on him. Or he would probably get 75-100 of Kasich's 151 delegates- they would prefer Trump to fundamentalist Cruz- Trump could offer him the VEEP, but he might prove uncontrollable and has been bitterly critical of Trump. By the time of the Convention, Repubs will coalesce around Trump to avoid a bloody battle that might lose them BOTH HOUSES of Congress, and  Trump will have swung many wavering delegates:  as a rich guy with 6 planes, he could offer delegates perks like 2 years of free flights anywhere, or just cash. "BUT THAT WOULD BE WRONG" to quote a great American ex-Pres. And  Marco is at his heart, a sycophant hustler, and to be in the White House he would compromise anything. So incredibly, baring some utterly fatal utterance or super-scandal. DONALD TRUMP WILL BE THE REPUB NOMINEE .

WHOOPEE- I think that confirms President Hillary (CL2) and the Dems takeover of the Senate   To emphasize my point Trump declared, "If Hillary was a man, she'd only get 5%", losing him another 2% of his paltry 30% support among women.
WHAT NY RACE MEANS + SUPREME CONFIRMATION: Hillary effectively wrapped up the Presidential nomination with NY state, with 1948 delegates, she needs only 435 more or 26% of the remaining 1668 to win the nomination- it is inconceivable she would not get that much in the coming Northern industrial states she is strong in. What is probably called for is a peace agreement, an explanation by Hillary what if anything she might do about the TBTF banks, and some plum job for Bernie- Dept of Treasury, Dept of Labor, head of SEC, where his iron integrity and reformist passions can be properly employed. Dems are notorious for wasting their brilliant progressives, like Dean or Hart.

Trump, though he did very well in his home state, also dropped a significant 26% to Kasich, who has emerged as the non-Trump in the more sophisticated Eastern States, with fundamentalist extremist Cruz fading. Trump has to win 58% of the remaining 674 Repub delegates to win, not impossible, but highly dubious- he got only 60.5% in his home state, his strongest, and rarely has topped 50% (though much of that was in a more crowded field). Good for Trump is that likely Trump states PA, MD, & DE on April 26 are winner-take-all.

So 50% probability of a brokered Repub convention where many of the Cruz stealth delegates will bolt after the first vote. But if the Donald arrives at the Convention within 170 delegates, it is quite likely he will wheel + deal himself over the top with Rubio's, and others- a President has a lot of perks to dispense (despite his miserable numbers vs. Hillary).

Most vital for the future of the country is that the despicable extremist Cruz NOT win even the nomination- he is a truly dangerous slick demagogue with a great command of political rules and mechanics.

Trump will shatter the Repub Party, esp if they war against him and actually deny him the nomination, despite his plurality, which is excellent: The Repubs have become an ongoing criminal conspiracy, as evidenced by their unprecedented Unconstitutional blocking of a SC nominee for a year. If he IS chosen, he will lose to Hillary decisively, I think. But I don't think one can ever count out Trump: his laser guided HS putdowns, cleverness, and grab bag populism may always surprise. And the dedicated Clinton haters in the FBI may have some nasty surprise planned for Hillary. But the SENATE has an even better chance of flipping Dem now, with 24 Repub seats up vs only 10 Dem !


The excellent courageous Dem Gov, Va. Terry McAuliffe, has pushed back against the vast Repub voter suppression schemes that have disenfranchised millions by giving back (+200,000) released Felons their voting rights; only 8 states void their voting rights forever- of course they vote vastly Dem, cause the psychotic racist anti-drug and 3-strikes laws that have made USA THE world's top police state; have been mostly championed by Repubs. In a bitter irony, racist drug penalties (like 20x the sentence for crack vs crystal cocaine) for harmless things like marijuana, rendered victims ineligible to vote for life on the politicians that trashed their lives. McAuliffe, a former DNC Chairman, hails from a time that Dems weren't afraid of their own shadow, and understood that no injustice or RW conspiracy is stopped without a fight.

In Florida 2000 a key factor in Bush's theft of the Presidency was a "felon's purge" list of 92,000 to be removed from the rolls- Greg Palast got famous writing half-way stories about it- but I had the list too. Created by a Texas Repub firm, it was spectacularly inaccurate: 42%, according to our analysis of 4 counties: they had matched men to women, blacks to whites, people 60 years apart with the same birthday; and illegally by 2 FL Court rulings, voters in Florida with felons across the whole US !!!! Gotta find the 5 egregious sample pic from the list- some jpg somewhere in my 10 sites. ADDENUM: Like Il Gov Ryan, who commuted all Ill.'s death row inmates- McAuliffe is being targeted by the most untouchable and vindictive group in America- PROSECUTORS- some campaign finance nonsense.

SUPREME COURT: HBO has a new 25 year anniv. movie about the amazing Clarence Thomas sexual harassment hearings: CONFIRMATION, which happened just before I went to Russia (actually barely still SU) for the first time- never saw before or since full LIVE Cong hearings continuing past 3am!!! He was a real scumbag, badgering Anita Hill with graphic sexual descriptions, obsessed with porn- 3 other women. Excellent April 13 NPR talk show on it with Nina Totenburg, who broke the story. The movie is pretty good, but suffers from TV's gutless tendency to "show both sides", when the truth was Clarence was a brazen lying POS!! Or in other words, a Republican.

I think a good case could be made to impeach the lazy hack, who has barely asked one question in 25 years, and doodles daydreams and dozes during arguments... if the Dems take the Senate- this is a real Bill Cosby situation. Not to mention he was a sleazy pervert - 3 other women witnesses confirmed his proclivities but were all blackmailed into silence; they did all had "problems" (any sexual experience they could slander her with) and the Judiciary Committee Dems were wimps. Poor Anita Hill was savaged worse than any witness I've ever seen by Repubs (esp. Arlen Specter, author of the JFK single bullet theory) desperate to get their stealth RW man on the Court.  They succeeded by 1 vote in the Committee, and the devastating effects of Thomas's robotic hateful RW votes have been apparent since. This brutal miscarriage of justice should be exploded back into the public consciousness.

It's time Obama take off the gloves and push Merrick through with a RECESS APPOINTMENT to expose the Repub's violent hypocrisy about their strict devotion to the Constitution. And the damage to the Republic by 3 decades of RW control of the top branch of Government is well known to all.... and a powerful campaign issue Dems shouldn't run from. A few of the endangered Senate Repubs have met with Merrick- none has the courage or honor to call for a vote.

It's time Dems fight and win and redress the Constitutional crimes this corrupt political Court has promulgated- choosing the loser President, gutting the Voting Rights Act, allowing hundreds of Voter suppression + gerrymandering laws, even contemptuously changing the law on their own appointment to cripple the President's authority !!!

March 23:
Including the superdelegates, Hillary has a massive lead, almost a lock- she only needs 1/3 (32.5% or 702) of the remaining 2158 delegates to win. Bernie has a much harder row to hoe, but he will do very well in Sat contests, probably winning WA, AK, + HI (2 of my long time haunts). He actually won the delegate count on Tuesday 57 to 51, first time since NH, crushing Hill by 80% in ID + UT. He will likely do also well in Wisconsin and Colorado- Hillary's first big gain should be New York April 19.

Trump is seemingly close to a lock too, he needs only 52% (497) of the remaining 961 Repub delegates, BUT he has rarely got above 50%, even in Arizona where he beat Cruz by 2 to 1, he only got 47%, Kasich 10%, + dregs 18%. However Arizona was a winner take all state, so he got ALL the delegates, a device Repub poobahs created to tilt the race towards the leader + likely establishment candidate. There will be 4 winner take all (or almost all) Repub contests in April- WI on 4/5, and PA, MD, DE on 4/26; all of which are likely Trump states- with total 224 delegates that would probably give Trump an insurmountable lead. Hammernews.com


Updated March 23, Feb 13-17:  Well the architect of most of the Repub outrages of the last 18 years, Antonin Scalia, is gone. The 5 to 4 RW majority is gone, now 4 to 4, so Dems either win or tie on major cases. Tragically not before they threw a wrench in the EPA regulation of power plant CO2 emissions, and maybe crippled the Paris Climate Agreement. My recommendation: 2 words that could change America:  RECESS APPOINTMENT  , which is done by Administrative fiat- no confirmation necessary, and lasts until the end of this Senate's term- end 2017. Appointment mechanics.

The Repubs reacted exactly as expected, pledging to block any Obama nominee, as if his 1 year remaining term doesn’t matter, continuing their 25 year twisted narrative that ALL DEMS lack legitimacy. So the path to a recess appointment is cleared as the only way forward and eminently justified to conduct the nation’s rightful business. Obama just explained how the Judiciary has cleared 14 Judges as highly qualified (by a majority, 11 are Repub/ 9 Dem), but the Repub Senate refuses to allow a vote: “Every nomination is contested, every nominee is blocked, even when there is no ideological opposition to him.” A reporter just asked about a recess appointment, and he pointedly didn't answer, meaning I think he may have plans to do it if stymied. Repubs lied in saying that it was unprecedented that a Prez appoint someone in his last year, it has happened successfully in 11 of 13 cases, including Kennedy!!  Suddenly aware of the potential of a recess appointment of a real tough liberal, the Repubs first moderated their blanket opposition, then reprized it. But Obama can hold tough, pick a famous reputable progressive, gauge the reaction, and then Recess Appoint them, because "the nations business is too urgent".

In reality Obama again deferred to their hostage-taking blackmail, nominating perhaps the most beloved and respected jurist in the country, Merrick Garland, making it difficult for Repubs and making them pay a price at the polls- the huge majority of voters who despise Congress for their laziness and inaction should confine their feelings to the Repubs, committed to paralyzing and destroying the Federal Gov.

However, according to the 2014 Supreme Court decision that restricted Obama's ability to make recess appointments to the Labor Relations Board, the President must do it during a break of at least 10 days- that happens in only a month from March 21st to April 1st - or if he's afraid of that he can wait till the full summer recess on July 18th. Before Republicans were avoiding that potential by never going into recess, after the SC made much easier- they only have to schedule any meeting by any members in the middle of a recess. This post on recess apptmt says somewhat different (only 3 day break). After years of blocked judicial nominees, Obama used the Gang of 8 agreement to appoint 96 Judges in 2013- since then though they again slowed to a crawl; 30 await confirmation, some over 2 years! 2015 saw only 11 appointments, the lowest in a half century! This obstructionism is clearly unConstitutional, designed to corruptly capture another Branch of Government, and Dems should have censured members who led it when they had the majority.

With the SC locked at 4 to 4 in the furious RW assault on the social compact, another appointee can change the story from at least a deadlocked tie to consistent Dem victories. If they are tied, the lower court verdict stands, and 9 of 13 Fed. Appeals Courts have a majority appointed by Dem Presidents!  And maybe a corrected SC can revisit and reverse the catastrophic CITIZENS v UNITED decision. They are deciding several vital cases soon: a CA teacher's union case over banning mandatory union dues and so destroying unions, and a case that would change population-based voting districts to only eligible-voter based districts; a dangerous challenge to Roe v Wade, another against affirmative action, and a third to Obama's deferred deportation plan- all in Texas.

But this categorical naysaying is dangerous to Repubs- since there is a good likelihood of the Dems flipping the Senate in 2016 (24 Repubs up, only 10 Dems!!!; with 8 Repubs endangered, + 2 Dems), and the inconceivability of any of the RW potential nominees winning the Presidency....   so the new Dem President would be able to appoint a serious dedicated liberal scholar- who could push back against the generation of extremist abuse. Which means it is in the Repubs interests to let Obama appoint a moderate (after they reject his first choice or 2) they can live with. They are well aware of the potential of a recess appointment too- the SC can't be counted on to back up their obstructionism (Kennedy may even see the beach sand shifting under his feet and moderate his spastic extremism) so they are probably shopping for RW district or appellate court to block Obama's choice- SC will be reluctant to take it if they know it's 4-4, in which case the lower court ruling would stand.

The Judiciary Com. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) replied to my question:  “A recent Supreme Court decision ... makes it extremely unlikely President Obama will have the opportunity to make a recess appointment to replace Justice Scalia.  However, I’m hopeful the Republicans will come to realize that the American people see this kind of unprecedented obstruction for what it is, and will allow the Senate to live up to its constitutional responsibility of thoughtfully and promptly debating the nomination of our next Supreme Court justice."  Fat chance.
  I know some of the Judiciary Committee because of my work trying, somewhat successfully, to save Clinton in the Impeachment - I chatted with Chas Grassley, now the current chairman, for 15 minutes and walked him out of the abandoned Hart Senate Bldg, I sent Franken things back to when he was Saturday Night Live writer (a friend went to HS with him in Edina), I know home-state Sen Sheldon Whitehouse for 16 years. I think we swayed Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions vote in the final failed impeachment conviction vote (along with WA Gorton and Rhode Island's Chafee), I congratulated Schumer on his recent victory at the Senate Trial (losing my shot at asking a press question), and energetically lobbied most of their chief of staffs in distributing the 110 pg Stop the Madness anti-impeachment book to 22 Republican Senators; a few choice Dems.

Theoretically when returning from a break the Senate could undo a recess appointment, but it's never been done, but neither have top Fed Judgeship recess appointments, since Eisenhower.

The Senate alone confirms Supreme Court justices, and presuming our president is a Democrat - it's hard to believe any of the Repub dwarves beating Hillary or Bernie- the next president will appoint maybe 3 or 4 justices!  Anthony Kennedy is also 79 (like Scalia), Stephen Breyer is 77 and the most frail Ruth Ginsburg is 82. If the Judiciary Com. doesn't report the nominee out, the candidate is dead; and then the full Senate must approve the nominee by majority.

How utterly crucial the Supreme Court is, effectively the highest branch of government, since they alone can negate bills and actions of Congress and the president and are appointed for life; is evidenced by their three great crimes of the last 20 years: Bush v Gore, Citizens v United, and the destruction of the ACA, which only didn't happen because the last-minute reversal of John Roberts, who realized, despite his charter extremism, that illegally and corruptly deciding a second presidential election would be treason (in 2012 destroying Obamacare would have probably made Romney President).

The humiliating directives to order Bill Clinton to submit to sexual testing and permit the unlimited Starr witchhunt in the insane Monica Scandal was another major crime; it may have led to 9-11, since after the 1998 OBL embassy bombings, Clinton was paralyzed. Bush v Gore open up the flood gates of Hell from the worst president in our history, a decision so corrupt they stipulated it couldn't be used as a precedent for any other case, when Al Gore actually had a massive moral case for victory - he had won the country by 540,000 votes.. and won Florida by +40,000  votes, when the 10 instances of Republican cheating were taken into account (+ liked my articles!). Citizens v United was a blatant extreme political decision (throwing out 105 years of campaign finance laws) to try to permanently tilt the playing field to the Republicans via their various oligarch backers and make America Nigeria - interestingly it's caused a bloodbath in the primaries and weakened the eventual Republican candidate.

Since the decision killing the President power to make a Recess Appointment is their attempt to jimmy the third branch of power- themselves, I believe it is prima fascia Unconstitutional, and Obama should defy it, making Garland or even a young tough liberal a Recess Appointment, with US Marshals if necessary. He could say: "I am a Constitutional professor and this ruling corruptly impinges on  the Presidents express Constitutional authority to do his duty and the express provision to deal with blatant obstructionism". Always deferring to Repub terrorism is a fools errand.

Moreover, if Dems take back the Senate, I think they should double down and impeach and remove Clarence Thomas, for malfeasance, incompetence, conflict of interest (his wife’s RW job), and the fact he WAS a full-on pervert- only heavy blackmail kept 4 other women from coming forward during the Anita Hill hearings- the lifetime Supreme Court Justice who has barely asked 1 question in 25 years and copied Scalia’s vote almost every single time... should be a registered sex offender!! Even NPR's moderate SC scholar Nina Totenburg has called him "a disgrace" for doodling, ignoring, and nodding off during proceedings!

SENATE FLIP: And the Senate has a very good chance of flipping, just as it did last election when many more Democrats were up for election than Republicans. This year it's reversed: 24 races with Republican incumbents and only 10 with Democrats, meaning we could easily takeover with only four or five flips (9 in 2014!). And of the 10 most contested States, Repubs are defending 8 of them.

Sen. Rob Portman vs fm Gov Ted Strickland (OHIO)
In Illinois Mark Kirk-R will face Iraq vet Tammy Duckworth, in Florida Rubio’s empty seat will probably be a battle between Rep Patrick Murphy-D and Ron DeSantis, Ohio features incumbent Rob Portman, whom I've questioned (see Ukr Press Conf on my A/V page), vs Ted Strickland, former very popular governor. New Hampshire is still a major battle ground with popular very smart governor Maggie Hassan facing right wing former AG Kelly Ayotte - at one point the entire congressional delegation and governor were women in New Hampshire- unprecedented in any state. Live Free or Die - an NPR show had a "ironic" feature about the inmates of Berlin State Prison who were printing those license plates. Wisconsin features a rematch between the hardcore Ron Johnson and iconoclast Russ Feingold, who might make short work of him this time: M.HASSAN vs Sen. AYOTTE
It's time for Wisconsin to regain its progressive bearings and atone for the freak Scott Walker. In North Carolina, sadly Kay Hagan isn't going to run against Raymond Burr or Aaron Burr or whichever burr he is in the poor NC people's saddle- it looks like Deborah Ross will be the Democrat candidate, widely disliked anti-abortion zealot Pennsylvania's Pat Toomey will face Rep. Kate McGinty.

In the risky business category, Harry Reid's retirement is leaving a wide open battle in Nevada between an R named Heck and Dem Catherine Masto; in Colorado Dem Michael Bennett will face a tough battle, the Dems lost the other seat in 2014.   This WP story is slightly dated:  

 Just say NO!!!! McConnell, Corwyn + Repub cabal
In every state the Repub campaign of long term extreme gerrymandering (once twice in 1 decade) and especially voter suppression is having a huge effect - supported by a bottomless pool of Koch Brothers money via ALEC . I think Obama made a terrible mistake in not directly attacking every one of these schemes with the two or three laws that make voter suppression a serious federal crime. It will, not maybe, knock out millions of votes!!!  This is the only thing that has kept them afloat despite the browning demographic tide that ultimately will make even AZ or TX  Democratic!!!! With the Repub disparaging and demonization of Blacks (10%), Hispanics (21%), women (51%), Muslims (2.2%), and the young (12%)... there should BE NO WAY THEY CAN WIN ANY ELECTION.

This has been incredibly helped by Republican control of 31 governorships and 71 of 100 state legislatures- a result of Obama's catastrophic decision to mirror the DNC in his own organization and leave the real one to partially wither. “Republicans control both the governor’s mansion and legislature in 24 states, 70 of the nation’s 99 state legislative chambers, both chambers in 30 states, plus NE, and 31 governor’s mansions.” And they are doing incredible damage there, as well as gaming the electoral system so they will never lose. Exc. article:     http://blogs.reuters.com/great-debate/2015/08/19/one-party-system-what-total-republican-control-of-a-state-really-means/

REPUB SC DEBATE: Well the Republic dwarves beat each other bloody in the Friday debate - really great fun to watch. Donald Trump again scored killer high school put-downs on everybody, especially Jeb! concerning his brother and the giant unspoken elephant in the room: the Iraq invasion, and even GB2's failure to keep us safe in 911. Meanwhile a resurgent punk Rubio and Trump both excoriated Cruz, 6 times each calling him a liar and Trump brought up the fact he has not won an endorsement from any colleague in the Senate or in politics – New Republic printed a huge page of quotes from everybody under the title : Everybody Hates Ted.           https://newrepublic.com/article/128808/everybody-hates-ted? And Ted helped, reciting his ideological purity in abolishing the IRS (good luck on the balanced budget), and other lunatic schemes he would enact. Rubio, unfortunately, rebounded from Christie’s devastating shelling and his computer lock-up, even the low-energy Jeb! was considered to have done well defending his genetically challenged brother.