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Tuesday, December 18, 2012




Capping the Crazy Killers


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1st: What is sadly now necessary in every school and medium big business is a "maniac" guard, armed with a military rifle w Teflon bullets (cause now the whacko losers are wearing body-armor); an ex-military, ex-warrior who has shot people... who sits around in a room watching TV forever or until he hears pop-pop-pop, then runs down to take out the killer. Even with their armour, most of these losers quickly kill themselves when confronted by any authorities. Usually there is no time for any intervention except by an onsite guard.

2nd: A huge factor in this is the Copycat Effect (exc book I reviewed- see below) in that crazies latch on to the sickest examples, and copy them to a T - same day of month, same date, same method of attack (or suicide), same weapon (in this case a Bushmaster the DC sniper used, which I wrote about at the time- below)... which has been functioning for centuries. We are 98% monkeys and imitate everything. There is a way to stop that cold- make the results for the killer so horrific that it is a deterrent to the next one. In ancient Greece there was a rash of virgin suicides; they paraded the next girl through the streets naked and boom... they stopped. These sick abused losers want to seen as powerful, and nothing is more counter to that than humiliation. As bad as it seems, I think cops should not take them alive, and even should smash their face in- photos of that would dissuade the next ones. In the 2 days after Newtown, there were about 5 mass shootings. This is under-reported because the media forcefully rejects their own culpability-  hey it sells papers + soap!

3rd: Prohibit massive magazines and clips, even make them completely illegal; and greatly restrict military grade rifles, esp fast semi-autos (I know this is hard because any semi-auto is capable of mass death), but their cyclical rate can be slowed. Guns are cool and fun and useful, but the problem is they make murder too easy of the way-too-many a-holes running around. FreshAir-assault rifles I've owned them, but most people shouldn't be trusted with them. At a handgun training seminar I went to, most of the people were ignorant swine snarling about how they would blow away anyone crossing their property- I was convinced 80% should never own a firearm (inc most police)!

4th: Complete criminal + mental health background checks and 1 week waiting period including ALL gun show and private sales, with big penalties for floutation. In Wyoming, you could go down to the 24hr IGA, pick up a $42 pistol at 2am with no paperwork, and take care of that vexing disrespectful wifey or abusive lout hubby. 3-4 times more people with guns are SHOT BY THE INTRUDER than shoot the intruder, no matter what bull the NRA liars say. There is no need, in almost every instance, to buy them TODAY. You are many times more likely to kill your spouse or kid or parent or neighbor or yourself than any dangerous intruder- THAT'S who you really fight with, and a gun is a very efficient "solution". Limit purchases to 2 total per person, 1 per year. This survivalist shooter mother believed in some apolocalyptic future, and had trained her obviously severely disturbed son in shooting at the target range- the terrible truth is many many maniacs could pass the sanity tests to get weapons. One report said he was set off because she wanted to commit him, but she had prepared him well for the End of Days.

5th: Mandatory for any doctor or civilian to inform authorities about anyone who speaks of inflicting mass random death, if they aren't kidding. Most of these monsters tell SOMEONE, who of course doesn't believe them because they've always been ineffectual nerds before. I guarantee Lanza's or the Dark Knight freak's family or friends realized they were close to the edge, down by the corner.

6th: Real serious crackdown on bullies (inc. expulsion)- probably 80% of these sometimes effeminate killers were tortured for ages in their schools or work by some punks or gang of "In" kids while authorities looked the other way. They always look the other way under the perverse notion that Darwinian selection is part of the education process. The killers' attacks are their attempt to deselect their tormenters, but they are now so addled that that includes everyone! The fact no one has done any serious analysis of this in any article I've seen is indicative of the problem (Mark Ames wrote a book on it, but the contemptible jerk actually said the random victims "deserved it" - I met him in Moscow + he is that big a jerk).

7th: A total ban on releasing the killer's name, work, reasons, etc- make them a non-person... and I say this as a journo. The vast majority are doing this for the fame, for their one day in the sun, and we can remove that incentive. They go after young school kids for maximum impact, maximum horror, maximum fame.

8th: Immediate $10 billion program to build mental health clinics or hospitals to replace the evaporation of the mental health system. Clinics don't have to cost much- there isn't much equipment needed, and psychiatrists can be encouraged to volunteer; but there should be something for the severely disturbed in every city bigger than 100K. Make mandatory commitment for the dangerously disturbed easier.

9th: Some responsibility in Hollywood in depicting any mass shooting- by the age of 14, a kid has seen, what, 20,000 shootings on TV and movies- why wouldn't they think it's neat? But the religious nuts go berserk over a breast or 2. Make love not war.

10th: Take on the NRA head-on - full investigation, end tax breaks, prosecutions of threats on lawmakers or the Prez; stop their constant criminal extortion of Congress. I believe in gun rights, but I believe the NRA are blackmailing scumbags and need to be taken down. Power of NRA OnPoint radio

11th: Properly interpret the 2nd Amendment, esp a WELL REGULATED MILITIA- that means a State (now National) Guard, not any yahoo with a machine gun! In those days it took 30 seconds to reload, and the imagined enemy was an out-of-control federal Army, not schoolkids.  I actually have some sympathy to the idea that more armed people would help stop these psychos, since police typically act with such cowardice (in Columbine they allowed the wounded to die for 2 1/2 hours after the shooters were dead while they terrorized the poor traumatized students). All cops must be trained to go in immediately and stop the shooter- they still operate by obsolete FBI hostage tactics that involve "controlling" the perimeters while people are being slaughtered.

12th: Which means Impeach Thomas and or Scalia. These lowlife retrograde Neanderthals have chosen a loser President who killed 400K in a traitorous unnecessary war, decided billionaires can buy any elections, almost destroyed Obama just as a political excersize, will never restrict guns, and want to turn the clock back to the 1890's when the barons ran wild. In one recent year, there were 39 murders by gun in the UK, but 9,000 in the United States. America doesn't need 300 mil guns, what they guarantee is that when the Anthropogenic Global Warming famines hit, we will become a vast killing field"... so maybe the good people should hang onto theirs. Ha ha.

Finally finally after hundreds of these mass murders, there seems to be the will to act on this, but it will last maybe a month before NRA threats and RW sickness reverse any action. GO TO IT OBAMA + States!

In a pretty good speech, interrupted by Code Pink protesters blocking the camera with a sign The NRA is killing our kids, the detestable NRA's Wayne LaPierre partially advocated my suggestion: a policeman in every school (way too expensive): "The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun." This of course will sell even more guns, which is happening.

PS: I've faced robbers/crazies with guns 5 times in my life- each time I luckily played it just right, but it is a deeply terrifying experience- and there is no right way to reason with rampage killers.  LIVING in the DANGER ZONE
THE COPYCAT EFFECT- ARCHIVE  MediaChannel  proves sensational media coverage of deadly mayhem causes people to copy it; Loren Coleman's important new book; Media + journalistic response; Ethics and better approaches; Analysis of newsmags coverage; Possible imminent risks: 2005

MONSTERS from the NORTHWEST- ARCHIVE not surprising one sniper is from Seattle area- world capital for serial killers- causes, effects, and personal impacts- 11/1/02
 On a lighter note re. an imaginary end of the world:


   great REM song
Well, the weak minded around the world have latched onto the so-called Dec 21 Winter Solistice Mayan Apocalypse to project their deep disquiet with the coming AGW collapse (I think), blending a wild pop culture mix of Mayan thoughts into a dark vision (like there aren’t enough real problems to worry about). In Siberia, Russians (who’ve never met a folk legend they didn’t embrace) have cleared out the stores of food, candles, matches, + of course vodka. Merry Christmas, except that happens Jan 7 here.

I’ve spent 6 months in the Yucatan, exploring, sleeping in, and reading about Mayan temples/cities; interspersed with scuba diving in spectacular reefs and the longest cave/underground river systems in the world (200 miles). The Mayans, who are the only near pure Indian population remaining in the world (90%, they fought a 50 year war w Mexican government and didn’t lose), are very warm and nice tiny people 4’ 6”- 5’. I would fly down the deadly 60° Mayan temple stairs (40cm drop, 15cm wide, rough irregular) at a spectacular rate while others were using their hands and feet. I slept in crumbling temple bldgs in Chichen Itza, Uxmal, Sayil, Kabah to beat the morning tent heat and absorb the ancient ambience, hoping a scorpion didn’t get me. I went back to Chichen Itza for the Spring Equinox, when the snake shadow is supposed to ripple as if alive… but it was cloudy.

Listen to this great OnPOINT radio show about it. The Mayans were probably the greatest astronomical culture, aware of complex planetary, zodiacal (not astrological), solar, and stellar movements 1100 years before Galileo or Copernicus- even laying out their temples according to them, so sunrise on the Equinox was straight down the main drag. Among other fascinating tidbits: the savage Mayan obsession with human sacrifice (4 at a time with their heart cut out thrown down the temple steps - diving in the cenotes you could come across skulls or gold) was soundly based on their theology. The Gods first created "mud people" (is this where the neo-Nazis got this?) who weren't any good, so destroyed them, then made the "stick people" who met the same fate, then suceeded with us- humans- by mixing corn meal with their own blood.... so the human sacrifice was offering the Gods' own blood back to them.
According to the experts, this end of the Long Count (there are several: 21, 400, & 5125 years) is just like an odometer clicking over, like starting from 1 after Year 2000. There is NO apocalypse forecast for that date in Mayan legends - the relatively modern Mayans (1200?) who had some apocalyptic visions weren’t even aware of the so-called Long Count, knowledge of which had disappeared for 700 years. The pop-culture fantasists have conflated 1000 years of mutually exclusive Mayan ideas and knowledge into this doomsday prediction, which has already led to suicides around the world. Don’t worry, be happy. 

Hell on earth will arrive soon enough- no need to generate foolosh fantasies. What destroyed the magnificent Mayan civilization? Climate Change. In the dry porous limestone Yucatan (no rivers), all their water came from rainwater and rock cisterns- when that pretty much stopped... they were wiped out. 



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