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Wednesday, November 16, 2022




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DENIERS:  Loser  R-Candidates Finchem (NV), AZ Gov Kari Lake, AG Hamadeh, Sen Masters 

Well, everything Trump & MagaCo attempted in Ending Democracy COULD have come true but it seemed the public had just had enough of The Blustering Pig Donald; his low-life treasonous reject SoS candidates just couldn’t come up to snuff- mind you total disaster was only a few points away, and as long as the Russian agent lives, the danger exists. But we dodged an artillery shell by a few feet, and are very lucky. But JoeB + Garland TX MUST do a RICO ELECTION FRAUD prosecution of these criminals- they are promising... swearing to violate their oath and toss elections to Trump + the Repubs!! Violating everything Elections Officials have stood for for 250 years! All the extra energy Merrit wasted tracking down Jan 6 Insurrectionists, when police could have just politely asked to look at their license! Preferably hog tied, with a 357 cocked at their heads. By Eugene Goodman, the black Capital Cop chased up the stairs by Q(uazy) Iowa corn-hole Douglas Jensen (who just got a +7 year no-parole sentence; which assuages my longing to have had him well-ventilated). For those of who don't know, besides the 5 initial deaths (2 cops), 
5 Capitol + DC police committed suicide later
, shattered by being savagely denounced, attacked, and beaten by a vicious racist mob.. and their failure to defend the place they had successfully done since 1814- the only place they even were police!  I've been attacked by murderous mobs ... and it is... memorable (not counting the St Pete Mafiya kidnappers).

Still, a Denier ex-Sherrif Joe Lombardo won as NV Gov, where he has opportunity to do great mischief (stay alert for him replacing the Dem SOS, who eked out past head SoS conspiracist Marchant), and Denier SOS’s won in AL, IN, WY- 7 endorsed DT's attempted overthrow and remain in power (see Article ADDENDUM). But incredibly, Dems came back with the customary last inning Bright Lights / Big City surge to take the crucial Cortez Mastio race (the only Latina in the Senate), + all the AZ races- every one of which was a denier- Masters was a feral creation of the Paypal creep Peter Thiel- something
deeply wrong about gay neofascist billionaires single-handedly diddling Democracy, like he did with the hard-core redneck Vance, who sadly beat a REAL rep of Ohio, hound dog Tim Ryan- just to essentially get his own man personally protecting his tax breaks and fascist predilections.

And after barely sleazing through with massive voter suppression in the Florida + Georgia Gov races, to initially take their offices in 2018, Kemp and esp DeSantis + FL Repubs (Rubio) won huge this Election, crushing Dems- shows how quickly culture war evil can poison a State (Huckasands won AR Gov). DeSantis is the most disgusting character in politics- I despise everything about him, his reedy endless whining, his hateful culture-war all-the-time, his outrageous illegal power grabs (sending State Police to fire people to fire people he can't fire!), his cheap cruel RW stunts, like importing legal refugees from Texas to trick them into getting shipped to Martha’s Vineyard. (Quite criminal BTW, but they made out.) Unhappy with the Gerrymander his hard Right Repub legislature generated, Ronny MADE HIS OWN, so extreme he stole 4 Dem House seats! 

For once Trump isn't lying, he DID create DeSantis, a man with gallons of Ambition and mls of Decency, and a far smarter and so more a dangerous fascist than TPD.  Course after Trump’s infection of Repubs, we scarcely need more examples. Donald’s crushing repudiation (losing winnable seats all over) didn't delay his Pres coming out Party, with NY Post, Fox News, horsy-faced Coulter, even Pence (who did show honest to God courage on Jan 6- he realized the SS plan) et al calling him a LOSER!   Presidency or prison! See his character cartoon at end.

The worst long-term sign of all is the sudden intoxication of Hispanics with the Repub dregs in FL TX GA, the whole Culture War hate-fest; as if Repubs don’t deeply hate all things Hispanic. Dems had their chance to swing Florida maybe for a generation in 2018 after Trump’s murderous neglect of Puerto Rico after Maria, not even spending 20% of the $20 bil allotted to them…. so they went a year without power!! Florida has more PRs than Cubans now, some 1.2 mil US Voters! DID DEMS BLOW A FLORIDA SWEEP NEGLECTING PUERTO RICANS?- 300K Puerto Ricans fled Maria to FL + could fully vote. In Nov WaPo ran a P1 Col1 article saying about what I did 4 years before! Would that the arrogant insufferable DNC listen to Meeeeeeeeee.

While the Media keeps pounding Dems on the back for their success, they did nothing, except allow the 40 year Leonard Leo Federalist conspiracy to ban Abortion- there were dozens of things they could have done to kneecap this evil undemocratic Conspiracy to turn the Supreme Court into THE SUPREME RELIGIOUS COURT against the wishes of the people, Judiciary, and bulk of the Legislatures. Even a significant majority of Catholics support Abortion (obvious at Georgetown or Catholic U); Repubs poor showing may be largely from Lady Lindsay’s Pyrrhic promise to enact a National Ban on Abortion… this should have led to dozens of MORE Dem seats.

The House is proving to be a torturous squeaker- with many races undecided- still 10 of 14 in Cal 2:30 am Nov 15, where who knows what is slowing things so much- Trump’s conspiratorial garbage has clogged up EVERY system, but one would think Dems are strong enough to resist it in Cal… but maybe not in the desert. You are aware when you listen to the Climate One eco-radio show that California is... another country. In the last day in AZ + NV, Repub losers have pulled up closer (something I’ve almost NEVER SEEN)… it is absolutely in the realm of possibility that furious MAGAts, convinced Dems stole seats that tilted Blue in final inning (cuz MAGAts are really really stupid; I've responded to plenty of their fervid Twitter trash), have put their paws on the scale.. both states are the flood tide of Trump Delerium.

Both NYT + WaPO have been extremely reluctant to alienate the Chumpore faithful, NYT has the HOUSE at 204 : 217 whereas the far more prompt + gutsy CBS News (which I used as my Bible in insanely detailed analyses of Florida 2000), has it 211 : 2016- MY GUESTIMATE FROM THE NUMBERS IS REPUBS BY 219 (or even 218- a severed nose). That means that DEMS MUST MAKE EVERY EFFORT, PAY ANY PRICE, BEAR ANY BURDEN, TO LAND A MAN…. No, sorry, saw big new JFK exhibit at his Performing Arts Center... TO GET ONE REPUB TO SWITCH!- dozens must be deeply disgusted at the Chump carnage, and the eternal tarnishing of their honor. The Kelly-Masters race was out of reach early, but Media kept it going for days, afraid to provoke lunatic Trumpores. As always, the opprobrium is harshest from the most craven Trumpores… why…. We were misled!, like Lady Lindsey! In my most potent electioneering, besides swaying 3 votes against Conviction (est) in lobbying 22 R-Senators in the Clinton Impeachment, I begged Lincoln Chafee to switch parties (which 2 Brown profs thanked me for later.. a year or so later… HE DID; when I handed out the 105 pg Anti-Impeachment books, one went into VT Jim Jefford's hands- a year or 2 later HE
SWITCHED PARTIES, flipping the Senate
, and that book was half cogent powerful arguments why the Repubs had became a sick destructive cancer on Democracy under Mewt Gingrinch!! In the days when the rich + famous were listed online- I reached James Carvelle, intent on mailing the STM book to his Home, but was worried that his Bushwitch consultant wife would throw it away, and displayed a moment of doubt (that it was him), and he blew me off- “send it to the office.” Gore, Teddy, and other prominent Dems saw it, but don’t know if Bill or Hillary ever did, so I never got my private tour/ dinner/ pics at the WH, till this August.

NETWORK NEWS HEADS IN THE DOCK - Tauzin Hearings Confused by Red Herrings, Election Woes- Exclusive FLORIDA FLASHBACK
Comprehensive Jigsaw Narrative of Tauzin Hearings testimony +
Network Reports (CNN,CBS,ABC,RTI) + Our analysis- with TABLES + TIMELINE- Relative Times of Network Calls, Minute x minute CBS/CNN Election Nt Miscall Timeline- March 13, 2001- MediaChannel.org - Issue Cover

The great reason Dems will LOSE THE HOUSE (if they do) is insanely fair and balanced reapportionment in NY and CAL, thanks to imbecilic Judges who fail to grasp or don’t care that if every Repub area brutally gerrymands their districts, YOU CAN’T BE NON-PARTISAN, THAT IS UNILATERAL DISARMAMENT... and so, grotesquely unfair. 4 seats lost in NY State alone in a recent decision- NY Dems must play “fair”!! Their side has a gun, our side has a letter opener, that’s the Liberal Way!  Another 4 Seats lost in Ron DeS's personal FL Gerrymander. Unfortunately the Supreme Republicans have permitted the most outrageous extreme partisan garbage under the rubric of “free speech”, with billions of dollars of unregulated mil/billionaire cash sloshing around to turn America into Nigeria since 2010s Repubs vs Citizens/ United… in fact NOBODY in America, with these hack Repub Judges, has a right to ever preach to any other country about fair elections!  

And while Kemp + Raffsenberger became "heros" defying Trumps Georgia election diddling demands in 2020, only because they were so blatant and openly criminal, they are both criminals that have enacted HUGE voter suppression measures in GA that first made SoS Kemp Gov in 2018; and did again this year. From Greg Palast's always interesting but not totally dependable reporting: 

Absentee ballots plunged from a total of 1.28 million in November 2020 to a little over 240,000 in last week’s General Election in Georgia.Given that mail-in ballots in Georgia favor Democrats two-to-one, it is reasonable to conclude this breathtaking 81% drop of over one million mail-in votes likely cost Sen. Raphael Warnock an outright victory. Georgia law requires a candidate to win by 50% of the vote plus one. Though incumbent Warnock led his Republican challenger Herschel Walker by 35,202 votes, that still places him 23,000 votes short of the 50% threshold. As a result, Warnock is now forced into a runoff with Republican Herschel Walker.... 98 pages of restrictions to voting incorporated in Georgia’s new voting law, Senate Bill 202, suppressed minority voting.Key provisions of SB 202 included substantial new restrictions on casting mail-in ballots, a voting method now favored by minority — read, Democratic — voters. It was crafted by the GOP-controlled legislature and signed by Kemp last year just after the Democrats swept the state with victories by Joe Biden and Senate candidates Warnock and Jon Ossoff.Among the provisions of SB 202 that cut into the mail-in vote:
  • Dropboxes were all but banned in urban, i.e. Black, counties. Specifically, counties are not allowed to provide more than one ballot dropbox per 100,000 population, reducing the number of dropboxes in the Atlanta area from 107 to 25. (At the same time, under SB 202 dropbox voting was extended to small, rural, Republican counties.)
  • The new law barred placing ballot dropboxes outside government offices. Instead, all dropboxes were required to be locked inside early polling stations. This restriction effectively eliminates their main purpose of providing a convenient drive-up location, open at night for people who find in-person voting difficult during working hours. It is as if the Post Office removed all mailboxes and declared that letters can only be mailed inside a Post Office during the business hours.
  • This rule also meant that ballot boxes were inaccessible during the crucial weekend before Election Day because Georgia law bans all voting on the Sunday known as “Souls to the Polls” Day in African-American communities.
  • For the first time, the new law requires mail-in ballots to include identification such as a driver’s license number. Voting experts, such as former Columbia Law Professor Barbara Arnwine, have long complained that every additional step is an obstacle in the process, cutting into ballot returns while also leading to more ballot disqualifications.
  • Crucially, SB 202 also makes it illegal to send out ballots unless specifically requested by a voter.This was particularly devastating. COVID was a test case for mail-in balloting. States including Colorado and Oregon, which have universal mail-in voting, have proven that mass mailing of ballots boosts turnout significantly. Georgia itself tested the method in 2020 — and it worked, increasing turnout from the 2016 Presidential election by nearly a million votes, an increase made up entirely of absentee ballots. [MH- so cancelling 100% mail out absentee ballots is vastly what caused the precipitous drop- which SHOULD BE THE LEAD! Like I said GP isn't reliable. But Stacy Abrams lost by only 300K votes, had they left universal absentee ballots in place she would have won by 1 million votes!

And in one more halcion joy, an Eskimo Alaskan beat Sarah the Palin by alot, plenty of Repubs refusing to vote for the squirelly quitter in the 2nd ranked-choice round. Ok, native Alaskan, but I think we should restore Eskimo to use. It's about time, with the Interior Minister, that REAL AMERICANS get some power, and those ARE NOT Bud-swilling MAGA morons. 

And lastly, I can't convey the deep satisfaction and joy I feel seeing my Ukrainians trash the Orcs again + again; most recently in Puta's freshly minted 1000 year NovaRoosya Kherson, ohh ohh, never mind!  The cost has been severe but nowhere near the 100K dead + wounded on each side, US JCOS opined, on Russia, maybe, but not on the Ukr Military side, maybe including every civilian wounded. Still; while it's been 55-80F the first 2 Nov weeks in DC (13-28C); it is descending into the 50N Latitude (Kyiv + Kharkiv, N of Newfoundland!) Hell of Arctic Slavic Winter and the Putapigs will keep crippling the power/heat/water system during the Winter stasis to improve their bargaining position and torture Ukrainians for daring to exist (just did again today!). The coldest I've ever seen outside of one Winter in Mpls isn't the 2 times I was above the Arctic Circle in Murmansk, or 2 winters in St. Petersburg, or trips to Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, or Lake Baikal. It was a week of -31 F, -25C in Kyiv; where my Haldol psychotic (THATS what that med was for!) landlord roommate let his poor joyful poodle's ear freeze solid in the garage he kept him. When I let him in to thaw, the happy loving imbecile would run up to his 23.5 hour/day bed... and promptly be re-ejected! 

How this War will end is anyone's guess- PUTIN may suddenly pull the plug; it's hard to see who would depose him, but it was hard to see that with shoe-pounder Krushchev, or reformer Gorby, these things happen abruptly and usually extremely- like Beria, Vlad Vlad is NOT someone who can be trusted on this Earth... not with $400-500 bil and all the loyalty and guns that can buy.. he has a 400K Praetorian Guard = to our Secret Service, but ONLY dedicated to defending VVP, nothing silly like counterfeiting or ATF!  Look for Pig Puta to crack down down the critical neo-fascist murderer Bloggers like Strelkov aka Gorkin, a GRU terrorist in Georgia, Syria, Crimea, Donbas who has virulently pilloried the Little Big Man. Several of these pesky insects on Vlad's Right may suddenly.... vaporize, as well as
"Putin's Chef" mercenary Wagner Group head Prigozhin, who has been challenging Putin directly, he's the PoS that was just bragging about meddling with out Election. Obama let America down by not liquidating this stain after doing a Condor on one of the 13-odd Troll Farms; if Papa Puta doesn't... JoeB certainly should- the Russian Selection of Donald Trump was an unpunished Act of War! America desperately needs a wet-work Dept. for impressing our seriousness on the Russians, Chinese, Iranians, Jong Ills. And can we PLEASE get a few thousand assault rifles/pistols to the Iranian Resistance to trim down these religious thug child murderers, who are up to ~500 now. Murdering girls for not wearing a scarf- the horror.... Iranians, absent the Mad Mullahs, may actually be the closest peoples to Americans!! 43 years of "Religious" Monstrousities, coming soon to a theater near you, if OUR Taliban have their way.

Had 90 min conversation with Victor, a brilliant fmr student in Kyiv who lives in the far (for FSU) NW suburb of Troyeshina, but had an aptmt in the center also till recently- he says the rotating blackouts all over the country, are constant, 4-8 hours on, 4 hours off; and while the explosions of aerial attacks are regular background, nothing hit close. Ironically, while he hid in the Western mtns in the beginning; now when the city is becoming unlivable, he's back: "Well in the beginning, there was a real risk of invasion." Victor learns 100 new words every a day, speaks 4 languages, and is learning French in his idle time.

This War on the Ukraine's Utilities will continue until and unless, Kyiv makes Moscow hurt directly- they need to darken some section of Moscow, if they can get their hands on some long range delivery system. Can't say where they should get it from, of course.

THE JANES, a ballsy group of women who provided Abortions for 5 years in Chicago, winked at by everyone 1967-72, till they finally were busted… then saved a few months later by new untested lawyer Sarah Weddington (died recently) winning the landmark Jan 1973 ruling, the same day LBJ died, one came at the end of Walter’s newscast. She only got the (her first!) case cause nobody else wanted it; and after being scornfully turned down for jobs by all-male pompous sexist Texas partners, she later got the opportunity to VET THEM for Federal Judgeships in Jimmy Carter’s WH, she told me!!! Ha ha, be nice to those on the way up! I grilled 2 Janes at a documentary THE JANES / discussion- unfortunately I lost the pvt audio, and they never put lecture online- Heather, the rousing speaker leader is soon to be VERY famous when the Sigourney Movie comes out imminently- CALLING JANE. She is a rock star, and was a babe in the day, as I told her.

THE JANES Georgetown Univ. InterCultural Center- Oct 12 movie + lectureHeroic band of Chicago women who provided and performed abortions 1968-72 until arrested; Saved by Roe v Wade; Mike's Questions- How They Survived so Long, Did Police Protect Them, Soon to be major Motion Picture- CALL JANE w Sigourney Weaver


SARAH WEDDINGTON (realaudio) Winner of Roe vs. Wade case discusses Supreme Court cases and changes, historic struggle on abortion; Former Tx Congresswoman- Brown U., Salomon Hall 4:15 minWINMEDIA March 14,2006 BIO


Well, I was thrilled to finally see the powerful Artemis blast off straight to the Moon, first in a half century, leaping off the pad on a tail twice as long as the rocket, the most powerful rocket ever made! AMERICA IS BACK, BABY!! I have been stunned that it’s been a half century since Man went to the Moon, as I said, when China lands Men on it (coming w/i 2 years?) or builds a BASE, we would go back.

At least that flood of joy + pride lasted until I saw the price tag of Boeing’s blithering and years of wandering the Max 8 coding wilderness- $4 bil for each of the first 3 flights; $93 bil through 2025… UNSUSTAINABLE!! $93 bil should fund it through the end of the decade and include a permanent Moon Base on the South Pole, like they have on the inspirational alt history TV series: FOR ALL MANKIND. What a spectacular boondoggle just to support America’s State Aircraft/Spacecraft Company- when there is little doubt SPACE-X could have done it for 1/5 the cost, maybe 1/10!! Of course as Elon continues his Dim-(T)wit meltdown, trusting him with all our rocket science seems more dicey.


Concert in Paris
The Earth’s Pop has reached 8 Billion, and the tenor of coverage still seems celebratory, rather than discovering 2 mil termites surround your house. With 3% native habitat remaining in the World, China pumping out 2.5x more CO2 than 2006, when it passed USA as #1 Emitter (they’re #1, they’re #1), with Covid the first Block in the Wall of vicious Pandemics that will plague this Century and depopulate the Earth (only .3% fatal and look at the disruption IT caused.), with INDIA projected to pass CHINA as the most populous nation next year (HUH! When did this happen, last I looked it was 1.15 bil, China is 1.42?), with humans weighing in at 36% of mammalian MEAT, our livestock at 60%, and ALL WILD MAMMALS at only 3%… I would say:

A. we are royally fukked

B. Human beings are cockroaches, headed for a lemming-like crash

C. In fact, I wrote ~16 years ago, after multiple waves of drought, famine, thirst, disease, pandemic in every combination, there will be only 1.5 bil Humans alive in 2100. Sorry Greta + young people. The future is not bright; the Preppers are not wrong (but do you want only them to survive?) As these progressive disasters propagate, the 1st World will become like the Berlin Wall, the hundreds of millions of desperate starving sick refugees won't be turned away.... they will be machine-gunned.

D. So Mankind should enact a 2 child MAXIMUM, no excuses, and pay a bonus for having LESS. PENSIONS MUST BE ENACTED to keep the poor, ignorant, and “religious” from having 8 children as an old-age retirement measure!!! Billionaires or 1st Worlders should fund Ultimate Game Wardens with exc salaries + attack helicopters to preserve the Jungle, Savanas, and big Wildlife of Africa, the Amazon, Asia… otherwise with a Tiger $2 mil parted out; in 50 years no one will ever see one only because of retarded aphrodisiacal Chinese villager myths.   

E. Alternative Solution- China continues on their Quest for Worldwide Dominance and erasure of the Centuries of Humiliation- invades Taiwan; or Russia (or a Trump-DeS) loses their mind or leadership sanity and launches their SIOP- Total Thermonuclear War; half of everything alive, maybe ¾, would die but so would vast majority of humans, good for the Earth for hundreds of years after the Nuclear Winter; maybe the survivors would be more…. uhh…. Ecological. [Chernobyl, the worst nuclear accident in history, became a wildlife wonderland a few decades after the disaster; humans are much much worse for nature than radiation.]


ALL my Wash DC A/V material: 15-20 lecture questions, press conferences, conferences is at https://tomhammers.tripod.com/audio.htm#pressconf  Listed them all below. The 150 yr old Wash Philosophical (Scientific) Society (and Nat Acad. of Science) are the most fascinating and best run events anywhere!


WASHINGTON DC - 2022 new

Mike Interviewed on TV ASIA
 (Indian News Service) on Ukraine Invasion,
 in front of the WHITE HOUSE March 6, '22 @ 3:05 min, 77 mb MP4 Video file, use WiFi


CHINA'S THREAT IN THE REALM OF 5G AND CYBER    new @ IWP-    JON PELSON - Internat Telecoms Exec, Author- Wireless Wars: China's Dangerous Domination of 5G & How We're Fighting Back Sept 1, 2022 - YOUTUBE   MIKE'S Question on HOW FAR DOES THIS EXTEND- EVERY PHONE + LAPTOP ARE MADE IN CHINA + IS ANY GOV AGENCY TESTING THINGS FOR BACKDOORS? (vid) - if doesn't cue up jump to 40:19-43:06 min

BEYOND NUCLEAR CRISIS: NEW AND LONG-TERM STRATEGY FOR THE KOREAN PENINSULA    @ IWP    Col. David MaxwellSn Fellow at the Foundation for Defense of DemocraciesJuly 7, 2022 - YOUTUBE   MIKE'S Question: HOW IS IT POSSIBLE TO DEAL w FANATIC KIMS + Can NK Missiles really reach AK or CA? (vid)- if doesn't cue up jump to 53:05- 57:06 min

TURKEYS PRES ERDOGAN BALANCING Leading to 2023 Elections    @ IWP    IWP Prof Henry P Williams May 24, 2022 - YOUTUBE   MIKE'S Question: WHY IS ERDOGAN SO COZY w RUSSIA Even After they CRUSHED the TATARS in CRIMEA- (vid) if doesn't cue up, jump to 57:50 min - My Question Inaudible

The Russia-Ukraine War and Global Energy Security
    @ IWP    Kelly Ogle of the CANADIAN GLOBAL AFFAIRS INSTITUTE- June 21, 2022 - YOUTUBE   
MIKE'S Question: PRECIPITOUS WITHDRAWL OF OIL CO from RUSSIA ($50 bil loss), was there a better way? 2nd on $500 mil/year for upkeep of Oil Infrastructure- (vid) if doesn't cue up jump to 50:30 min                                _______________________________________________________


DART: The Double Asteroid Redirection Test - Protecting Earth from Planetary Impacts newAndrew Cheng & Andrew Rivkin -
JHU Applied Physics Laboratory 
    Cosmos Club Oct 7, '22    MIKE's QUESTION on How long before Earth impact would that size spacecraft have had to hit it, IF it was on a collision course with Earth... to MISS IT? UTube Video - @ 1:26:35 to 1:30 - fm excellent NAS video     The impact is pretty impressive, increasing the brightness 10x and blowing off a shell of gas that might be some of the 50kg of propellant left- or the vaporized nut-roll asteroid! This 550 ft asteroid Dimorphos was about the size of the Great Pyramid, and would put a world of hurt on Earth if it hit us, probably killing hundreds of millions from tsunamis. There are maybe 20,000 NEOs that size ... just in 2020-21 6000 new NEA's have been found!
The Chelyabinsk rock would have killed 600K people had it detonated at 2-3 miles, rather than 25 miles (in a vacuum) & it was only 60 ft wide! The head-on DART impact was 4 mps and 1300 kg, maybe they could increase the weight 10x and speed 2-3x for real deflector

SUPERMASSIVE BLACK HOLES AT THE CENTERS OF GALAXIES- Accretion, Dynamical Interactions, Galaxy Evolution, and Cosmic History - Shobita Satyapal 
Department of Physics and Astronomy - George Mason University - Cosmos Club June 17, '22    QUESTION on SIMILARITIES of SMBHs, each Billions of Solar Masses- @ 1:23:40 to 1:26 - NAS video

Actually her answer just before is spectacular, turns out SMBHs blast out jets from the poles, like pulsars, that are the hugest thing in the universe, blasting out galaxies of material in a matter of minutes or hours! Note this is not SMBH material, which is lost forever below the event horizon, but from the viciously rotating accretion disk which is accelerated to millions of degrees near the speed of light. That is what the new ring images of BH's are of- that radiating material before annihilation, many light-years in diameter. The scale of all this stuff is mind-boggling. SMBH's are present in the center of (most?) galaxies.

NASA Astrophysics Exploration, Origins, & Physics of the Cosmos
 newMARK CLAMPIN - Astrophysics Division Director- NASA HeadquartersFmr Goddard Sciences + Exploration Director + James Webb Observatory Proj Scientist     Cosmos Club Oct 21,'22    MIKE'S QUESTION on GRAVITATIONAL LENSING- @ 1:31:19 if doesn't cue - fm excellent NAS video    where you see the images of galaxies/stars smeared around gigantic superclusters or black holes in arcs (multiple times from same source). Those are pictures of the emptiest parts of the universe, so all you're seeing is the very oldest stuff 13 billion light years away! And they are all galaxies, quasars, SMBH... spectacularly huge to even be visible at that distance! INTERVIEW - 6:28 min mp3 lensing, dark matter-2:25, mult. planetary systems-3:45, transit of Venus-5:37, manned vs robot missions-5:45 Much lensing (pic) is done by huge superclusters or supermassive black holes.


GWU Taiwan Conf- US German Marshall Fund- 
Bonnie Glaser + Taipei Econ. + Cultural Office- Liang-Yu Wang @ 3:23-6:15- Jul 9, 2022,     MIKE'S Questionon China's land grab in S. China Sea AND @ 3:23 Did Putin Wait for Xi's Agreement to Invade Ukraine- 6:15 min mp3- poor audio

TV DOZHD (RAIN) - GWU TANGO with PUTIN- - Natalya Sindeyeva, Vera Krichevskaya- Sept 26, 2022,  new    MIKE'S Questions- on Why oligarchs don't help + How RAIN got a pass for years - Vera 2:21 min mp3     TV RAIN was one of the 4-5 Russian Media Outlets to report the truth, for which they were viciously persecuted. ALL are now closed and many editors in exile with the 5 year sentences for not repeating Putinist lies

JEFFREY ROSEN- legal scholar new- GWU Churchhill Center - Sept 29, 2022,  VIDEO - answer (only) to MH@45:00 (cued)     MIKE'S Questions/Interview on whether it's time to ignore a grotesquely partisan Court AND Could Biden win allowing Abortions on Military Bases 9:37 min mp3- quiet, turn up! (3rd SC Ruling Struck Down NY Gun Control)\                                                             


Environmental Resources Future- Pres. Richard Newell- Aug 11, 2022,     MIKE'S Question- on Methane Leakage from Gas Pipelines + Plants- drone detectors? - 2 min mp3

LBJ SCHOOL (UT) DC CENTER- Policy Lessons from the Past- U.S. history with a Texas twist: Dr. Sarah Coleman on the politics of IMMIGRATION in modern America- Texas State U & author of The Walls Within: The Politics of Immigration in Modern America and Assoc Dir of Research at The Center for the Study of Race + Democracy- LBJ School, Dr. Sergio Garcia-Rios;     MIKE'S Question Stitcher Audio @36:28- the Browning of America was supposed to change America to be more sane + accepting; but the opposite has happened- partly because many Hispanics oppose Immigration + are so culturally conservative, they support Repubs (who hate them) & make up half of ICE


Chump made his surprisingly listless rote low-energy ELECTION announcement as expected (sadly not on the Eve of Election in time to SAVE THE HOUSE for Dems, as he considered); to a round chorus of disgust, repulse, and rejection from everyone up to his own daughter.  The chiseling grifter thinks it will protect him from Prison- I have no doubt it will, since no one, as of yet or EVER has the balls to criminally charge a murderous PIG who can send 100,000 assassins after someone with a Tweet (if Elon lets him back, ALL ADVERTISERS should pull every penny!). DJT:   "Somebody out to do something!"  For 40 years Trump's major crimes could have landed him in prison tmro... but (even fake) billionaires are exempt from the Law. 

The eternal Grifter is sitting on $113 million contributions fleeced from his foolish faithful (to fight the "STEAL"), but theoretically legally can't touch it for his own campaign, which means, of course, he is MASSIVELY! I wonder when some billionaire will help America out with this ... Destroyer.


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