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Saturday, October 16, 2021


Nov 4 Washington DC:   The souless automaton Glenn Youngkin made a big push to break the 12 year Dem run of successes in every statewide Virginia race, surprising since I thought the very excellent Terry McAuliffe (father was DNC Chair in Watergate) would walk to victory against the lightweight whitebread Youngkin. But Repub Culture Warriors have been frantically ginning up a fake culture war about the Maggat terrorization of school boards ("Terry M says parents should have no say in schools"), and the stunning conversion of the heart of Confederacy into a Dem stronghold was only due to massive Black participation, McAuliffe lost the white vote by 26% in 2013 when he won! There is still a large body of crackers in VA, which limits Govs to 1 consecutive term.

McAuliffe has been hammering Youngkin's thin ties to Trump, he wouldn't even call in to a Telle-rally Trump did, let alone appear with Agent Orange, with limited success (50 commercials an hour). I thought (too late) he should go after the 25 year Carlyle Group Director for being another filthy rich dilettante who will instantly funnel huge tax breaks to the rich - I was trying to reach him about Biden debate recommendations back when- he's a big bud of JoeB and a tough Dem operative- when the Repub Legislature stymied his mass restoring of 150K felon voting rights, he autosigned them all, 100 at a time. Looking at a picture of his staff as Gov, one is struck by how nice they all look, which I can't ever remember thinking of any big political group.  The Carlyle Group, incidentally, was a sleazy group of top Reagan + GB1 Cabinet members who started a hedge fund right out of office, immediately worth $ many bil with their extensive insider (trading) connections., and who profiteered off the GB2 Wars (ignore the slams of McAuliffe). Ask him what the price of milk is!

They are running neck in neck, one poll has Youngkin ahead, and in a very bad development, it is finally cold  46-50⁰ (69⁰ 2 days ago) and drizzling, which will suppress the Black vote Terry needs. Apparently all one needs to return suburban defector Repubs to the fold, is not have obvious horns. Terry has had JoeB, Kamala, and Obama (in Alexandria, damn it) stump for him. Another negative factor is despicable DeJoy's destruction of the Post Office, utterly undependable now for anything, got a Gov letter from NYC that took 25 days, another from same place just took 1! So many mail-in votes sent in the last week will be too late (Friday, but will they wait for that before declaring victory?). No, CNN and other declared Youngkin the victor with only a 70,000 vote lead, easily overturnable by 3 days of mail-in votes, but they were right in this case. For Leut Gov, voters elected an ex-Marine Black woman gun nut, who is against Red Flag laws (when they take away the guns of dangerous psychos), this in a state that has had 4-5 massive mass shootings! That is quite the jarring pic; a bad guy with a gun. Most soldiers who have seen War know civilians should NOT have easy access to these weapons.  Repubs also flipped the VA House from 55-45 Dem (finally after 25 years in 2018) to 52-48(?); Dems retained the Senate, Thank God, to block Youngkin's trash culture-war bills.

JoeB's huge $3.5 tril Reconciliation Bill (Build Back Better) and the Infrastructure Bill ($1.2 tril) are trembling at the abyss, held hostage by Joe (Big) Mansion and Kyrsten Movietone Cinema, so called moderates desperate to appeal to the large cracker elements of their state's voters, although people in the largely poor WV or parts of AZ would benefit massively. Granted that the level of deficits are now routinely nosebleed, and fiscal prudency is next to Godliness; Repubs hands are bloody- the massive $5.5 tril Bush2/Trump tax cuts for the rich have probably cost America $10-15 trillion over the last didecade (that a thing- 20 years? Yes, vicennial, I like mine more). And the largely Dem Relief Bills kept Americans from dying over the long Covid financial regression. But there is soooooo much good, great, and excellent in these Bills, from ginormous AGW spending to child day care and parental credits to expansion of Medicare to dental, that their failure would be tragic- Dems instinctively know this may be their last big bite of the Apple for some time; maybe forever if the Chump Coupists get their way [Stop the Steal- "put me in prison!!"]

If you don't understand which bill is which, you can be excused - some have mislabeled the $1.2 tril Infrastructure Bill (passed by the Senate) as part of the $3.5 tril Reconciliation Bill - the Press has done a miserable job laying them out. This confusion has been aided by the fact the BUILD BACK BETTER Bill is  NOT the Infrastructure Bill but the big Social Bill, real mixed messaging.  JoeB has finally got serious in his lobbying and the WH is running excellent promo commercials.

In a Pyrrhic bit of weight throwing, the "Progressives" in the House may have thrown the half-a-loaf of bread in the dirt by refusing to vote on the Infrastructure Deal without the Reconciliation Bill first. Their relevance will be radically reduced by the Repub Majority they might have helped usher in in 2022- they may have been jealous of the nihilistic hostage-taking of the 2 Moderates... Hey, we can break sht too!!!  This is due to the awesome arrogance of youth, who don't quite grasp that in an evenly divided Congress, statements and brethren blackmail are verboten. Or as Billy Joel put it:
And with the Repub Party coalescing into a neo-fascist entity contemptuous of any Democracy in which they don't always win (more on that later), Dems may not have another chance before the coming Storm (as the Quack-anon freaks say).

Now JoeB is in full retreat- maybe the BBB (Better Business Bureau) will be $1.7 tril, maybe less; due to the intransigence of Coal Baron Joe Mansion (latest is $1.75 tril is still too much, he'd be comfortable with $0)  and cartoon or tie-die ensembled Kyrsten (or is it comics- there is something jarring about a pretty woman dressing down to be hip or funky or youthful). She won't say WHAT SHE WANTS, or would like to see gone... so much that activists followed her into the toilet, hoping to get some emanation, any emanation from her! Even if it is all just crap. Sorry Senator, talking to constituents and Press is part of your job!

Although THE PIG DONALD (TPD) has been blessedly off-the-stage (Coal-Bear won't even say the swine's name), the degenerate Traitor has begun giving Stop-the-Steal booster speeches to his zombiefied acolytes, where his mental infirmity is on grotesque display- Honestly FuksNews, you can't keep hammering JoeB as senile when the alleged Whore-ton grad can't put together one coherent sentence!!! But in a stroke of pure genius that almost makes us hope the Big MacFarction holds off a while, the Biggest Loser is now threatening The Party (soon they will be the only one allowed) that his Trumpores may just have to NOT VOTE FOR REPUBS if they don't grovel and abase themselves endorsing his Big Lie about his 7.22 mil vote LOSS. Yo Mama- MIKEY LIIIIIKES!!  He got this directly from the only book we know he has ever read- Mein Kampf and the Life arc of his hero, who wished the death of zee Faterland Volk because they had failed them. I am convinced the KGB gave him that book when they paid for his 1978 Moscow trip:
Dow-nald, YOU could be Preez-ee-dent... it is all in here... read and study this book. He explains exactly how to do it. First you have to unify people against some hated minority....  The utterly apolitical imbecile returned to America and took out a full page ad in NYT on Foreign Policy... do WHAT!!!???!@$%&*(*^$@@  And in 2016, Trump rode that syphilitic burro of immigrant hatred and demagoguery into the White House

Of course the KGB fete/recruit many such corrupt businessmen and leaders, hoping one might hit the jackpot of high public office where they can destroy America from within- never did they have more fertile ground than a dirtbag who announces, "I like people who give me money."  And of course, TPD made good on his scorched earth threats when he single-handedly threw both Georgia Senate seats and Senate control to the Dems in his Atlanta march from the Sea (+ thank you, Stacy!). So GOOOOOO DONALD, PUNISH THOSE WEAK-KNEED REPUBS who don't recognize you as the one and true King!
And speaking of the Evil Empire, kudos to Dima Muratov for winning the Nobel Peace Prize, for running the most courageous paper on Earth, Novaya Gazeta (New Paper), which has seen 20 odd reporters shot, stabbed, attacked by acid, pipes, bombs; 6 killed inc Politkovskaya- though I thought it was more. But they never stopped! Founded during my first stretch in country, I talked him into running my opus 2006-21 AGW article which predicted many of the oncoming disasters, some as I was writing it!* I interviewed 5 of the top AGW scientists in the world over a 4 month deep dive, inc the now head of Goddard Climate Research Center, Gavin Schmitt. Mother Jones looked at it, hoping to filch something for a lame article they were doing on it. But in a fit of fandom, I said to Muratov:

"You don't even have to pay me, I would be honored to appear in your magazine." 
NEVER NEVER SAY THIS TO ANY EMPLOYER because.. uhh, they will.. or won't. They didn't... in fact, honoring the Russian tradition of carelessness, heedlessness, and casual cruelty, they never told me they ran it- I left Mockba on Nov 20, 2007 for a 9 month tour of Western/Southern Europe and Morocco, and my piece ran a week later (still online without my name)  and in JAN, FEB 2008, broken into installments as I suggested. But it was initially hideously translated and the formatting destroyed when they crushed ALL THE PARAs together in a Cyrillic Soup- I only discovered it in 2010, when I searched for my name in Cyrillic. here is the Eng re-translation 
* With a new San Diego sized coal power plant every week, I realized China would imminently pass USA as the #1 polluter, about 2 weeks later it did... but NOW it is jacking out 2.4x more CO2 than America, more than the whole 1st World + India combined!

The FULL UPDATED ORIGINAL PIECE DEBUTS HERE- updated to about 2020, the most important thing I have ever written; I mentioned AGW in my second article in 1979, and Al Gore liked a 1998 Maui AGW piece I sent him, but didn't help w this (for about 7 years '98 was the hottest year in history, now ~11 more:

ARE WE COOKED?- Global Warming Worse Than You Think new   LECTURE AUDIO ALT- Mohyla U.
8 Latest Scientific Findings each show warming will be much worse than worst case estimate; 850,000 yr old 4 km Antarctic ice cores prove radical temperature changes 5-10C happened as fast as 3 years; CO2 generation exploding from Chinese (+ Indian) coal power plants; Methane's threat from melting tundra and gigantic ocean bottom methane hydrate deposits (twice all other fossil fuels combined!); High altitude sulfur from commercial jets has cooled the whole earth 1 C- so real global warming is over double what we see; 1/3 of warming from black atmospheric soot from soaring coal burning; Catastrophic ice sheet collapse into deep ocean could make worldwide killer tsunamis; 8 Feedback loops multiply effects many fold, inc. melting Arctic Ice Cap going from 90% reflecting to 80% absorbing; CO2 in oceans released as it gets warmer; increased CO2 in ocean dissolving limestone shells, deforesting a WA state every year; Interviews w 5 top AGW scientists fm Nasa Goddard, UAlaska, USGS, UCLA  - Novaya Gazeta        vertical river into the 6000 ft Greenland Ice Cap

Former Joint Chief and SoS Colin Powell died at 84 of multiple cancers + Covid. I was at the top of Washington Monument (after 50 years), and ranger told us when someone asked why flags were at half-staff. His legacy was forever tarnished by his good-soldier lying to the UN about Saddams non-existent nukes, which he knew well was treasonous BS, he exploded at the Bushies and threw his papers across the hotel room immediately after. A mid-estimate of the strategic and moral monstrousity's effects on the Iraqi's (who have been fighting for 40 years) was 2.4 mil dead over 16 years; US Soldiers- 7000 dead w contractors, 35,000 crippled and wounded, 300K TBI + PTSB.

I questioned him in a huge Business Convention hall in downtown Prov in 2000, but the audio was lost. Even forget what I asked- something about Desert Storm- which he brilliantly planned? Just watched a 2006 Juan Williams interview and he lies so smoothly about his devastating Iraq lies that I lost any sympathy for him- he was always Teflon, he was Lt Wm Calley's direct superior in Vietnam too, and escaped any repercussions for the hideous Mai Lai Massacre. Of course TPD, erupted with a vicious attack on Powell, festering w jealousy at the outpouring of warmth the 4* General received. 

He'd better shut up, a huge Brazil Covid report wants Bolsanaro charged with 300,000 cases of murder, for his Denialism and anti-Vax lies- at 605K deaths, Brazil may be on track to pass USA as #1 Dead Zone, though it has only 2/3 the pop. Easily Trump is guilty of 400,000 cases of mass-murder too of the now staggering 3/4 mil US dead! Agent Orange wanted to send 250,000 Army troops to the border, a plan killed by Def Sec Mark Esper, another reason he was replaced by Insurrection traitor Christopher Miller (pic) after the Election, who refused to authorize Nat Guard for 3 hours Jan 6 as Capitol police fought for their lives- 5 died by his treachery. Previously he had handcuffed the Guard with crippling limitations to control the vicious mob... he testified before Congress, but they let him skate, blaming Chump.

When I heard JoeB blithely opine on how              What, no movie??
Afghanistan wasn't going to be like Saigon, with helicopters fleeing off the roof of the Embassy, I gasped and smacked my head. How could he be sooooo clueless (and have such bad FP advice)- it was clear the Collapse was well underway- the vicious Taliban had already slaughtered over 500 leaders (now 1000?), the entire Civil Society 3 weeks before their breathtaking ascension- in the corrupt deal TPD made, America didn't care, as long as precious Americans weren't being molested. Telegraphing the withdrawal, with the US Military utterly disengaged, the locals realized it was only a matter of time, and 
resistance was futile or suicidal. 

JoeB should have, as a matter of policy, INSTANTLY CANCELED EVERY ACT OF TRUMP- there was nothing that wasn't corrupt, evil, or self-serving- and the Afghan escape was partly designed to box Biden in... but he shared Trump's disgust w the forever War, and also decided to get out, whatever the cost. The Taliban (+ ISIS) are murderous treacherous monsters... I am sorry I never had a chance to kill them, everyone who has even parlayed with them has usually been killed later. Biden should have stayed noncommital, quietly evacuated all our helpers, invited the Taliban to some huge meeting, and butchered them concurrent with a massive 2 week attack on all of them... THAT might have given the AfGhov 6 months of breathing room. In fact something like that should have been done in 2002, after the brilliant CIA decimation of AQ + the Tallies... if the war criminal GB2 had FOUND OBL in Tora Bora and not diverted 80% of their resources to his Daddy-impressing Iraq Invasion. This precipitous selfish withdrawal betrayed our Euro-allies too, still there defending America under the only invocation of NATO common defense.

Some 18,000 translators/fixers worked for America with 53,000 family members seeking visas; if half the former escaped I'd be surprised. Trump had effectively canceled all refugee programs so they were already well into the process of being betrayed. But if we hadn't been in Afghanistan, we would have paid $1 bil/year for a base in that incredibly strategic area- on the borders of China, Iran, the Stans, and near Russia- an argument could be made that the cost was bearable.

In the incredible run of "successes" (hurting anyone is a success in FSB-land) Puta has had: propping up the Assads, crushing Syrian rebels (never before have Russians fought in the ME), creating the destabilizing torrent of refugees overrunning Europe + boosting Eurofascist Parties, engineering the wins of Brexit and his agent Donald Trump, apparently attacking US diplomats and spies all over the world with some devastating energy weapon (these wave attacks were a huge field of SU research), poisoning + jailing Navalny + a dozen others... he hasn't suffered one real failure or punishment, just Sanctions, which he long ago decided were bearable, and absolutely the wrong tack- he considers them a tool of
 the weak. Far better was to make a statement by, say, liquidating the 2 GRU poisoners, who have been running around the World for 15 years, killing Kremlin critics or "enemies". As a murderous potentate, Putin respects such "active measures"... but JoeB met him without one serious punishment for his reign of terror.

In China too, JoeB has blundered around like a bull in a china shop (so to speak), first echoing Trump's racist lunacy about China deliberately creating the Covid Virus in their Wuhan Lab, debunked by multiple researchers and experts, and seemingly designed to enrage Xi w no possible upside (not to mention the hundreds of US Asians attacked and killed because of Chump's China Virus slurs). The upshot of this useless provocation is that an enraged China is invading Taiwan airspace with 50 fighters, a terrifying escalation that could easily spiral out of control. Indeed it is the most likely trigger for a full SinoWar, & Puta has backed Xi in this crazy game of chicken. Maybe it's time to send Blinken back to the drawing room, and get some bare-knuckle real-politic FP advisor... maybe an American Bond.

       I am sick at heart at the rapidly fading American Democracy, under assault by Repub criminals, chiselers, hucksters, conspirators, and cheaters in every State- an insane 87% of Repubs say "they don't believe JoeB was legitimately elected", but that is BS- what they are saying is: WE WILL NEVER LOSE AGAIN, we will game every system, pack every Court and Sec State office, use every criminal extreme dirty trick to stay in power, now matter WHAT the voters decide!! That's what ani-vax terrorization of school boards is supposed to do, drive them out so Maggats can take their place. 30% Repubs approve of "Patriots" using violence "to save our country".

Dems response.... bupkiss, slaps on the wrist for the Insurrectionists (all guilty of capital murder conspiracy), no prosecutions of the slow-mo coup ringleaders trying to re-litigate every vote, no beatings, no punishment. JoeB could have shut down RT and AON as Russian propaganda fronts; and cable TV should be penalized when it comes to murderous lies- a $3 mil fine to FauxNews per transgression might moderate their evil poison. And the big voting rights bill was just filibustered to death by R's- rascists, Russian, reactionaries (not really, just notified they might do that, the way the idiot provision is allowed to function now). 

The underage punk vigilante Rittenhouse (who went to
another state to "protect" businesses with a weapon of war) has raised $1 mil in donations from fellow Maggats who approve of killing librals- in the 52% RW Wisconsin, he might get off- no Blacks in the Jury, and apparently he was chased by the 1st guy he shot. In SC Aubrey jury too, no Blacks!  When push comes to shove, the fascist Repubs will have ripped all power from the hands of legitimate winners... and the Right has almost all of the guns.  I don't think Dems will even go to the mat over it. And the American Experiment will be over.

Ensconced in the gleaming beautiful Capital, the heart of the Beast, and will spend the rest of my life going to the Smithsonian 1-2 days a week. Here are some pics of the modern World's Rome, though that will be Beijing or Dubai soon at the rate Repubs are decimating Amer Democracy.

Washington Monument w 700K Covid victim flags, some with names + City

Mall, Capitol and Smithsonian Museums from top of Washington Monument, to the left and right of Capitol are the Senate + House Office Bldgs, behind it the Supreme Court + Library of Congress

 Thomas Jefferson Memorial w Reagan National Airport + gleaming Potomac- planes roar in low over the city every 5 min at peak periods w a park at the runway's end; a bike trail runs along river down to Alexandria. Speak of the time before vaccines, 4 of 8 of Tom's kids died by 6 yo, standard in those days. Bridges to Arlington Cemetery.

  Lincoln Memorial, the peoples favorite since it's always open, welcoming the huddled masses. Abe never closes

Massive Reagan Office Bldg w  EPA, CBP, AG; and the Federal Triangle of big Gov Bldgs 

The amazing small and nondescript White House + Ellipse, surrounded by massive Federal Bldgs, why the 9-11 Pentagon plane never found it as it circled the City 2-3 times, roaring at a speed that almost tore off the wings (according to a friend).

But it is beautiful up close, esp w decoration.

Who lives there, from a Smithsonian Garden near Hirschhorn Museum

The Trump Hotel, aka Old Post Office, probably soon to have his golden name removed- it is a ghost town, nobody went in or out in 15 min I was there. After, some psycho street Trumpore PoS was screaming curses + attacks against Biden in the dark after I asked him if they'd sandblasted the Pigs name off it yet.


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