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Wednesday, January 20, 2021


Thank God. The Desecrations of the Trump Admin are OVER. JoeB is President! Videos. No nuclear strike (Papa Puta had to be a little worried too- “Take a breath, Dow-nald”), no violence, no protests; as DC was turned into a giant occupied military camp. The tragedy of this is enormous- as they once said- it is letting the terrorists win, but that's what we do... lock the barn door after the horse has bolted. 2/3 could be sent home- the Capitol Police only initially needed 250 more officers to supplement their skeleton staff, not 25,000!  I did a radio talk show comment on what we have lost- they should have had vastly increased security, but KEPT THE MALL OPEN!!! 5x more soldiers than in Iraq AND Afghanistan- NO WAY the Q-wazies would try anything

Lady Gaga's anthem (who's never looked better) brought tears to my eyes; J-Lo was excellent too. Trump's iron grip has been broken with his SM (S+M they way he used it) banishment... without any missives to his slavish acolytes he will slowly fade, like a bad stink that has sunk into the curtains. But if JoeB wants to accomplish anything, he MUST shut down the RW Media Machine, the Mississippi of hateful lying RW sewage flooding the country daily. Reconstitute an empowered FCC, and new Fairness Doctrine with the power to assess million dollar fines, shut down RT + OAN as Russian fronts. Trump was deeply chagrined by the multiple bans, and financial hits to his crumbling empire, he can now see it all slipping away... and by the 3rd Indictment for his life of Crime... the Donald will decamp to Russia, where he can be banned as enemy propaganda.

JoeB's Cabinet is mostly female, and contains a multitude of colors, ethnicities, races... and now PBS is just showing the cleansed WH, under new management, as night falls on this Day of Liberation. 

Finally, I can be proud to be an American again- I have physically hurt every day a Repub ruled the WH and Congress, and the Party of the rich has now mutated into the Party of Russia + Treason. For 4 1/2 years, I've been slammed for being too radical, but Trump has been angling to commit Twiticide in his psychotic attacks on imagined enemies... just his Stalinesque "Enemies of the 

People" attacks on the Press was grounds for immediate Removal. Uncle Joe used that lunacy to justify the murders of 11-12 million (Tim Snyder). I think multiple world Intelligence agencies have proof (AUDIO TAPES) of Trumps Russia treason; they should release it to break his malignant hold over his Trumpanzees. The KGB invited him to Moscow in 1987- a dream candidate for recruitment, he loves anyone who gives him money; which Russia proceeded to do, through cutouts, oligarchs, bank "loans". His legacy will be the greatest mass murder in US history- more Americans killed in one year of Covid than in all WW2... through Denialism, criminal negligence, inaction, irresponsibility.

I could kick myself for never linking up with JoeB on his 14 odd trips to Ukraine, I liked the guy since he was too young to be Senator- brash, confident, witty, funny, warm, accessible, with that 10,000W smile, he showed anything was possible in these United States and I predicted he would be the best pick for VP in 2000 rather than the turncoat Lieberman. But they never really pre-announced his visits, I would find about them after they happened; he only would appear at an Embassy Press Conference, or the magnificent Ukr State Dept Bldg (most impressive building in Ukraine), not the Ukraine Hotel Press Center, where I held Court.

Trump issued a flurry of 143 Pardons and Commutations, including a dozen odd corrupt + criminal cronies and politicians, but NO FAMILY or himself. That is shocking, his Aides were fighting all Tuesday with him on it- his whelp are all guilty of Pump and Dump fraud, vastly inflating his crummy hotel project numbers until they collapsed, which didn't matter cause Trump Inc got paid off the top. His narrowly issued pardons, though, still allow the Justice Dept to prosecute the true villains, like Stone or Manafort.

The Insurgent Rioters almost got their grubby paws on the EC Ballots, which could have delayed the Certification of JoeB as Prez for several days. The 147 treasonous Repubs who spuriously protested to AZ and PA votes, endorsing the Insurgent attackers in their Big Lie, had already delayed the Certification to 3:40am, when by Law, it HAD to be done on Jan 6. 

But although JoeB won a resounding victory by 7.2 million votes, it was just by a hair in the Electoral College… only 106,000 votes in PA, AZ, GA would have made the greatest Liar in human history President again. 
America came that close to Fascism- Trump’s 30,000 lies were entirely preparation for this point- to have the raw power to define his loss as a win, and tragically he persuaded 60-odd million he was cheated out of his victory… how do his Cult members know this… the Donald TOLD THEM SO!! They should be shut down, shunned, fired, banished every time this sickness erupts from their Trump boils, eventually they might heal. But if the RWMM keeps feeding them fresh daily poison, there’s no chance of that, or hope for any national comity. 

Donald Trump MUST BE PROSECUTED (Exc long Chait piece) or Rule of Law will always be a shabby joke... his crimes range in the thousands, in billions of dollars, in hundreds of thousands of deaths. So should the most egregious criminals in his regime- Guiliani, Miller, Barr, DeVoss; all grotesquely violated Federal Law to politicize EVERTHING. And a special place in Hell should be reserved for the 147 Repubs who rejected Electoral College results AFTER the Rioters trashed the Capitol. 

 WOW!! TREMENDOUS Inauguration
2 Hour TV Musical Variety Inspirational Spectacular
, Celebrating America- incredibly well produced... ending with an awesome firework display over the Mall at 10:14 pm, too bad there weren't 1 mil there to enjoy it. At first I thought it was canned stuff from last night, but no, all Parties were ensconced in the WH. I bet TV critic performer Donald, jealous toddler that he was, is eating his heart out that he couldn't have had such a spectacular send-off, which got 1.5 mil more viewers than his Inauguration.


There are now 3 new variants of CV19, one (South African B,1,351) of which seems resistant to the Vaccines or previous infection antibodies, as does a different Brazilian variant, because the target spike proteins it breaks into cells with.... are changed- a terrifying prospect. The English version (Kent B.1.1.7) is still vulnerable to the vaccines, but all are much more transmissible 40-70%, than the original, so the Kent bug is predominant in England now, and expected to become dominant in America by March!  Although the increased transmissibility isn't accompanied by greater lethality, more people get killed by increased spread. And every moment this thing spreads, there is potential for a 10-30% fatal mutation- that's what happened to the second iteration of the "Spanish Flu" in Sept 1918, the first March- June, was a standard Influenza. JoeB must take over the top 3-5 vaccine manufacturers by the Defense Production Act and make them manufacture MASSIVE quantities, before that Death Lottery comes up snake eyes. Because every one of the 44 million infected are a human petri dish for mutations.


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