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Wednesday, September 21, 2016


THE LAST DAYS OF THE REPUBLIC?  How Far Will the Demagogue Go?  THE MOST VINDICTIVE Man on the Planet becomes the Most Powerful
6 REASONS TRUMP LOST THE ELECTION! + 6 Crimes He Committed - Was Donald a Longtime Russian Asset? 

CLINTON +2,865,000 Votes +2.1%    MIKE GRILLS JOHN GLENN@11m     @mkham11
MIKE on NPR on RUSSIA Hacking/Syria @33:45 DIRECT mp3
52% Lunatic Rs Think TRUMP WON POP VOTE    

Buzzfeed Report Explodes + 35 pg British Spy Claim doc backs Mike's Story

Trump compromised by Kremlin Blackmail and they were feeding him Clinton + "enemy" info for 5 years! Have video of Trump hiring prostitutes to pee on bed Obama slept in in Moscow Ritz Carlton.

Incredible this stuff ONLY comes out now- Obama should have insisted it ALL was ready by Oct and released it. He was afraid "of influencing the election", but it was OK Putin did??? And Comey, and CrossCheck, and 40 disenfranchisement laws? My ARTICLE below- if you didn't see it., actually from Dec 14 - I waited weeks for chicken editors. I relied on the same agent's report from David Corns Oct 30 article that just disappeared.

only the 1st 2 pgs have the details- conveniently highlighted in yellow

In an amazing press conference today, where TPD again displayed his pathological narcissism, Trump 20 times called the allegation "fake news", which will no doubt be his reprise to every critical report or scandal that comes up, after Press Sec Spicy Scott viciously denied the report. That will work with the 40-60 mil Trumpanzees, but will the bulk of Americans be distraught that their new Pres is a traitor???  If One Senator had joined the Reps protest against accepting the Electoral Colleges Results, this clown's Inauguration could have been delayed one month. There was also a long report how Trump will turn over his business to his sons- sure, no problem, as long as he has NO CONTACT with his children, and FORGET every property he owns!!
Richard Reeves says in SCHEER INTELLIGENCE Show that in his interview w Trump in his Tower, a Google secretary would come in every 15 min with a Google search of every story that mentioned him, and he would immediately read them... which at the speed he replies, he must be doing. So all the guy does is bask in his own media, nonstop, like a diva in a bubblebath blasting her own music!! Reeves despises him- "an ADHD 12 yo with the same self-control, wisdom, + language".

The 25th AMENDMENT Gives the Congress or Cabinet the right to REMOVE an INCAPABLE President- it specifies:  VEEP + half of Department Heads (Cabinet) must certify Pres DISABLED, if President opposes it, Congress decides: 2/3 of both Houses could REMOVE A TRAITOR President.

 ·WHY TRUMP LOST THE ELECTION!  Was Donald a Longtime Russian Asset?  NEW   http://bit.ly/2iQftS  Jan 6
The 6 reasons Trump LOST the Election by +7.5 mil votes and the 6 Crimes He Committed.    Incredible news has come out from a US intelligence operative doing Oppo research on Trump that he was a Kremlin tool for 5 years and had been blackmailed and funded! Not surprising he "believes" a KGB thug dictator rather than all our intelligence agencies!! Congress should delay the Inauguration 5 weeks for the investigation to conclude and decide what they can do, instead of sleepwalking into allowing a likely traitor to become President.

 A sickening Newsweek story- HOW PUTIN PLAYED THE FAR LEFT details Jill Stein's myriad connections and support of Putin's repressive machine- from accepting money to attending Russia Today fetes at Putin's table (w Nat. Sec. nut advisor Flynn), to embracing Russian conspiracy theories on MH17 and the Maidan Revolution! With only Stein's votes in PA,MI,WI Hillary would have won! Of course the slow Russia-Wikileaks releases were designed to alienate Sanderistas and 3rd Party fools with evidence of Hillary's "corruption", like her speeches to Goldman Sachs (standard way famous get rich is the big-business of lectures- $200-400K is common for superstars- there is no bribery or quid pro quo); now of course Trump has packed his Cabinet with 5 Goldman's alums. 

Another target in the great, but now shamed Mag The Nation, has been the Russia-centric trash produced by Stephen Cohen (married to owner Vanden Heuvel) and others- they have apparently decided their anti-neocon-imperialism passions outweigh allying with the dangerous lying thug Putin. The Soviet scholar Cohen was always my favorite expert until he became a Putin whore after Russia's PutInvasions of Crimea + Donbas- he would often repeat Russian "disinformation". I honestly think a proper investigation of his finances would show long-term Russian "support'.

1 week to take power and Trump, with his Mexican bashing, threats, Wall, and killing the $4 bil Ford Plant, has already devastated the Mexican economy: the Peso (Mxn)  has dropped 25% since his nomination in April to now: 17.2 - 21.5 MP/ $ !! Huge gasoline price increases have caused a desperate shortage after the Pipeline stopped supplying a Baja refinery-  drivers spend all day trying to fill up, even crossing the border! Coupled with his China bashing (which he ignorantly may think pal Putin is on board with), and the coming Sino Trade War we are 2 months from the coming TRUMP RECESSION - they just steamed an aircraft carrier through the Taiwan Straits!! Putin would just love that- fulfilling his plan to cripple and weaken the West.

EXIT POLLS IN 4 CRUCIAL STATE SAY HILLARY WON! - Exit Polls are not by any means perfect, especially in this election, but the apparent margins of Trump's changes are stunning and probably proof of the disenfranchisement schemes in place in virtually every Repub state. Florida and any 1 of the other states would have made Hillary President
FLORIDA — 29 Electoral Votes
Exit Polls: Clinton 47.7%, Trump 46.4% — Clinton wins by 1.3%
Actual: Clinton 47.8, Trump 49.0 — Trump wins by 1.2       Trump gain between exit polls and actual results: 2.5

NORTH CAROLINA — 15 Electoral Votes
Exit Polls: Clinton 48.6, Trump 46.5 — Clinton wins by 2.1
Actual: Clinton 46.1, Trump 49.9 — Trump wins by 3.8   Trump gain: 5.9

PENNSYLVANIA — 20 Electoral Votes
Exit Polls: Clinton 50.5, Trump 46.1 — Clinton wins by 4.4
Actual: Clinton 47.6, Trump 48.8 — Trump wins by 1.2   Trump gain: 5.6
WISCONSIN — 10 Electoral Votes
Exit Polls: Clinton 48.2, Trump 44.3 — Clinton wins by 3.9
Actual: Clinton 47.6, Trump 48.8 — Trump wins by 1.2    Trump gain: 5.1

Dec 20 This Disastah is the Ultimate victory of PROPAGANDA: the unprecedented 25 yr RW slander campaign against the decent honest Clintons, which everyone under 40 has grown up bathed in.... until even liberals, and sane people believed some of it. Propaganda WORKS, which every demagogue knows well-  Trump reportedly had Adolph's book of speeches by his bed! Most Repubs think mild-mannered workaholic Hillary is the Anti-Christ, with 15% gone completely around the bend thinking Hillary has had dozens of people killed. Limbaugh, FoxNews, hate radio should have shut-down when they spewed 75% lies on their talk shows 25 years ago. Excellent Johnathan Alter also counts it #1 reason of 7! (below).

 The changing lead is from absentees in CA, OR, WA, UT- they have varying amounts- up to 28 days from election (final projected HRC +2.8 mil, 1.9-2.0%). Now once she topped an incredible 2.1 mil lead, the rise isn't just in Hill votes- she has won by more votes than Jimmy Carter, JFK, Richard Nixon in their successful campaigns. But the 4 crucial swings  (MI,WI,PA,FL) barely budged until the last 2 weeks [PA LEAD HAS DROPPED BY 1/3- now only 44K (12/7); WI Trump lead dropped by 1/5- 5K, so the  margin that would have made Hillary Pres is now 78K- STEIN LOST IT for Hill!, if PA numbers hold- they use many vulnerable paperless electronic voting machines] 3 states have Repub Govs who have signed off on Voter Suppression Bills. 10/28 MI certified their hair margin election (10,704) quickly to avoid it being overturned- MI 3rd Party Voters 251,000, CrossCheck Purge List of "duplicate" citizens- 450,000 (the raw list, @ ~13% removed= 50K; broken voting machines in Detroit-87 (who had begged the Repub state to replace them); votes not counted in black areas: 75,000). After losing Hillary WI + MI, Jill Stein now has demanded a forensically appropriate recount in WI,MI,PA; WI + MI is underway, Trumpeters lost their 1st legal challenge in MI, won in the MI Supremes, but lost in Fed. NO, the Federal Appeals judge, after ordering immediate start to recount, bizarrely flipped and stopped the recount!!! This comes from thousands of death threats, not integrity; and is an unprecedented intrusion into standard recount procedures, the MI AG had sued to protect the various Repub scams . Trump is screeching about a laughable 2.6 mil. vote fraud to obscure the REAL scandal- DISENFRANCHISEMENT, while journos waste all the air talking about his absurd lies. They need to react to his proclamations like Seth Meyers or the Daily Show, with laughter + ridicule, TPD doesn't deserve the earnest respect of their refutations- journos must BECOME reality stars to compete in the Donald's universe. Say, "Pres. Trump untruthfully said,": xxx

First item is what will TPPD do to his critics- This is the most vindictive man on the planet- almost unhinged about punishing critics, who holds grudges for 30 years. People likely to be targeted- all prominent Dems, journalists, Repub turncoats + traitors, anyone who blocked any of his plans, any critics anywhere, etc etc. With the pliant Jeff Sessions as AG, anyone is fair game. To do that he will establish some Trump Praetorian guard, under some kind of imaginary ISIS threat or use The  Deportation Force, who will grow to thousands (his pal Putin has such a new force- some 400,000): Justice Dept + FBI will be completely politicized. They will investigate, bully, terrorize, and destroy ALL of Trump's "ENEMIES" with the full force of the Federal Gov.. Bush's Enemies List was 5300, Nixon 400?, Trumps will be 200,000. We saw an example with Boeing, whose chief criticized Trump's coming trade war, and was subject to a stock-dropping 3 pronged Trump attack.

When it comes to our hallowed Constitutional limits, a volunteer force of millions of ORANGE SHIRTS MH©2016 (like the SA) will rise up (be created by Bannon or any supporter) to enforce Donald's edicts and sow terror among his critics, who will quickly be silenced. The Repub Congress will be quickly cowed into multiple bills devolving more + more power to our IL DOUCHE. Soon no one can or will oppose ANYTHING he does. This is the standard playbook for demagogues, and America is as vulnerable as anyone else. Putin has them- the Putin Youth (NYT).  (my piece) See THE LAST DAYS...

Parallels to Germany 1932 are apt- this guy studied under Roy Cohen and they are already talking of a new House Committee on Unamerican Activities (anti-Trump activities). 4 to 1 Ryan is history as Speaker before Jan 20. We are entering a dark age, the most perilous days since the Civil War: HATE has won. European opeds weigh in on the manifest immorality of TPD's demagogic degeneracy.  Mr. Trump's election is a catastrophe for the world and democracy. Look at Omarosa's description of how it will be on Colbert!
One Repub Trump-voting woman said on ATC that she shocked that he won and now was terrified what he will do.... and I wanted to slap her in the face. If you vote for a monster, you are guilty. Likewise every dimwit of the 43% who didn't vote, or voted for the manifestly unqualified) third party clowns caused this disaster.  In fact Jill STEIN lost this race for Hillary- with her votes Hillary would have won WI (22k short), MI (11k!), and now PA (44k?) + got halfway to FL. (114k) "Where's Aleppo" Johnson got ~4% but more from Trump than Clinton, the thinking goes. Fake News, which I first discounted, may have played a part too- well designed sites similar to real news outlets published crazy anti-Hillary memes, promoted by Russians, which were reposted 100,000s of times by RW FB fools.

His appointees are the washed up dregs who stuck with him- he values loyalty above all, so will pick tremendously unqualified sycophants who tell him what he wants to hear, but given extraordinary power like climate denier Myron Ebell or Okie AG Carco hore Pruit at EPA, or the superheated vindictive Giuliani or the sleazy financial putz Steven Mnuchin, who was a major villain in the great Mortgage Loan Meltdown: he threw people out of their homes over a 27 cent debt!!  He rattled off how tax cuts for the rich would help the lower classes- the trickle down (your leg) theory that has proven so efficacious. Tillerson SOS, Bolton, Palin! Rather than somewhat moderate Bob Corker for SOS, whom I've questioned (@11:46 if doesn't cue)- now Romney is being talked about for that post, which we might pray for, but of course it is just Trumpist slow-mo torture for his Never-Trump stance. 

Michael Flynn,nominated for National Security Advisor, is a deeply politicized ("Lock her up!") erratic Islamophobe, pal of Putin + new Sultan Erdogon, pushed out of his position as DIA Chief; and the head of the CIA, Mike Pompeo, is another anti-Clinton Benghazi jihaddist, fan of torture, thinks Snowden should be executed, and the pet Congressman from the Koch Bros., but a critic of Russia; HHS Gen. John Kelly is a border hard-liner. The country will be managed by disgraced retreads, leftover loyalists and extremist buddies. And perky cracker Hobbit Jeff Sessions, nominated for AG, has prosecuted people for registering voters, been accused of racism, and is a immigration, drug, and spying hard-liner!  Architect of nationwide ALEC disenfranchisement schemes and anti-immigration extremist Kobach may be nominated for xxxx, making every nightmare Trump Enemies List scenario likely- and the wholesale jimmying of voters lists, + terrorizing of immigrants . Imagine what that POS conspiracist Nzi-sympathizing crackpot Bannon will do with his new power (a far RW Breitbart worldwide alliance)- now as co-manager and primary advisor of the White House! Even unhinged Glenn Beck thinks Bannon is "a terrible man" and the vast pressure to keep him out of the WH will be an early test if TPPD is influencible by reason! 20m NPR report on Bannon, how he engineered HRC destruction. The spaceman head-chopper Ben Carson has been appointed to (destroy) HUD, and "pro-choice" enemies of public education are running our top Education jobs.  It adds up to a dangerous collection of vindictive culture warriors sure to persecute their "enemies", which include 95 million potentially "illegal" brown + black Americans. Decent picks: Mattis, China Amb.
Trump's pet general

With Putin, the traitor will give away the store- as we speak, the plans for  a gleaming Trump Tower on Red Sq, or Manezh Sq are being offered, what's the cost of this transaction for the orange businessman-  Russia invades Ukraine or the Baltics. Trump likes making deals, and Vlad  Vlad wants nothing more that to make an SU2 in the Eurasian Trade Union, why he invaded Crimea + the Donbas after Yanukovich was tossed out in a popular uprising (he had opposed it for 4 years till blackmailed in Sochi). Trump apparently loves the idea of all-powerful leaders carving up the world into sphere's of influence, like Yalta, or Mafia Dons. So after NATO is crippled and weakened for a year- which he can do as Prez, the Baltics + Ukraine are toast, American world leadership evaporates, and Putin will do whatever he wants. Maybe he wants Poland. All TPPD has to do is NOT react, not send troops in response to an invasion- Europe NATO is headless without America. Although after their WH meeting, Obama said TPD was committed to NATO, as his extensive non-idiocy training commenced; Obama trying to temper Donald's destructiveness with honey and ill-deserved respect. Maybe Putin will be happy slaughtering all opposition to Ass-ad, maybe his appetite grows for ME oil. As Russia/Assad make their genocidal push in Allepo, Trumps ignorance of the MidEast is breathtaking- "You can't be pro-Putin and anti-Ayatollah in Syria!" Incredibly the most ignorant person in ANY high public office EVER ISN'T taking the Daily Presidential Brief on world affairs, perhaps becase they will tell him Putin (or Duterte, Edogan) attrocities that he doesn't want to hear.
                               Bulgarian President Radev-
For Putin, Trump's election is a blank check - in the last month (Newsweek) Russia has tried to assassinate the head of Montenegro, maybe the head of Serbia, and sent a task force of aircraft carrier and cruisers to the Middle East to threaten the Med American Navy. Today fresh reports both Moldova and NATO member Bulgaria have elected a Putin- friendly President, and Estonia picked a PM from the Moscow Party- no doubt with extensive Russian "aid" and subversion! It's 1946 again, and Russia is swallowing countries- the Moldovan plans to join Putin's SU2 - his cherished Eurasian Customs Union. Next target- getting RW Le Pen elected President of France and Wilders in Holland- 11/27 friend of Russia Thatcherite Catholic family-values Francois Fillon won the first round of the French election- he will face Le Pen, and in resolutely defiant Estonia, pro-Russian Yuri Ratis was made PM, a shocker.  We must acknowledge after 100 years of deadly conflict and competition, the Kremlin has managed to installed a Fellow Traveler into the White House, and conservative RW Repubs..... helped!!! 11/25 Now experts say the fake news helping Trump was also promulgated by the Kremlin: PropOrNot’s monitoring report identifies more than 200 websites as routine peddlers of Russian propaganda, with billions of views! Many hard-line Repubs in Congress will push back hard on this most serious internecine conflict and existential threat to America. Well for several decades Repubs have been steadily degenerating saboteurs devolving into traitors. But this is their apogee.

With 1-2 more appointees the SC is gutted, and if they do rule against him, he can just ignore them. Like Stalin said, how many divisions does STOTUS have? Obama was a dam fool to not recess appoint Garland- he has allowed the Repubs to change the Constitution to deny the Prez authority to appoint SC!! Then the SC could have shut down ALL the voter disenfranchisement schemes (though I think some states just ignored their rulings), reenacted the Voter's Rights Act and Hillary would have won. The decision to not void the WI laws by the SC was crucial. Incredibly playboy molester Donald really wants to abolish abortion- take that all you 42% of women Trump voters, and and principled Young put off my Hill's imaginary "corruption". The Repub Congress will pass laws that in effect BAN IT, and an SC with 2-3 new members (RBG won't last long) won't invalidate them. It's back to the coat hangers for women.

And we must not reduce the massive influence of SEXISM, that men, even many women, don't trust a woman in high office !!!! The ultra-libs in America don't understand sexism is THE STANDARD across 80% of the world, 2nd + 3rd 99%, only America and Europe Australia are so progressive. In China, Muslim world, India, Hispanics, Slavs- women don't dis men or they get a whooping (often even if they are respectful). I braced the excellent Veep candidate Geraldine Ferraro with that question in '85 Mpls press conf. (@13:20 min if it doesn't cue up)- did the fact she lost the female vote to Reagan by 12% mean she had set back women's chances.. and got a long answer (Hillary lost it by 3%). I was sure the political lesson of the Mondale wipe-out was so toxic it would be 25 years before we saw another woman on the ticket: It was 24. Sex does not trump RW conservatism: anti-abortioneers + evangelicals (who almost ALL came back to the dirtbag Donald) are fanatics (30-40% of Repub women). Ferraro also had an irrelevant husband scandal to deal with.

If Trump starts a trade war with Jiiiina, they could easily pull the plug  on buying our bonds- just not buying them for a week could cause a giant stock drop, let alone selling their $2 tril worth. America is the world's biggest beggar/addict. President Xi Jinping warned TPPD against a trade war in a call Nov 13, saying they would stop massive purchases of cars, jets, soybeans, corn Iphones, etc. (though Chinese don't buy real IPhones).  The Pres. Donald will also undoubtedly do some reckless extreme thing that provokes an economic collapse... if not a nuclear war. If he starts personal feuds with other leaders, we could see another personally motivated War like Bush's Oedipal Iraq  Invasion. Psychotic 3am tweets are a valuable diplomatic tool. At worst IL DOUCHE starts a nuclear war (10-20% chance), when Russia finally goes too far, or China sinks a US aircraft carrier in the S China Sea with their supersonic cruise missiles. Because he is a Putin Pal, that may be less likely, and for all his braggadocio, I think he's really a coward, like many bullies. Witness his groveling stroking of NJ Gov and AG.

In AGW, if Trump pulls out of the Paris Agreement, all global agreements collapse, and it is curtains on a significant portion of the human race. Instead of 25-40% dying in the next century 80-90% will. Of course, only 10-20% will cause the utter collapse of civilization. I really am not kidding- I am a semi-expert on this- I interviewed the now head of Goddard (the weather/warming world center) for about 3-4 hours over several months for my last opus article, read everything written about it for 10 years, am a chemist, first wrote about it in '79, and Al Gore liked my articles. When the Arctic Ice cap melts completely next year or 2018, maybe the fool will reconsider; in outrage over Trump's election the Arctic is now insanely hot +36F above normal. 10.5 gigatons emissions last year (50% above even 10 years ago), now 410 ppm CO2 (490 all gases equiv), higher than anytime in 20 mil years, or the rise of us destructive monkeys. Horrifyingly (and negating the next scenario) he has appointed an AGW denier, Myron Bell, to head the EPA!!! Who he appoints in the next week or 2 should tell.

To leave you with some hope, some ray of optimism, there is one possibility. Trump, the greatest liar I've ever seen in my life, (but more voters DIDN'T TRUST HILLARY, rated the most honest politician in the race!!!), may have been playing the entire Repub Party, American people, and Trumpanzees the whole time!!!! In his famous interview in 2002? he said, "If I ran for Prez, I'd run as a Repub, because they are so stupid, they believe anything on FoxNews."! Nobody knows what this disgusting creature really believes- maybe he just did whatever it took to WIN and ISN'T a racist xenophobe misogynist (naw, the 3rd is definitely true, but as a construction guy, he knows many industries would collapse without illegals, like fruit farming), maybe he really thinks Obamacare is great, maybe he does believe in the right of abortion and picks a SC middle of the roader, maybe he will govern like a populist and restrict the oligarchs, maybe he cracks down on corps hiding trillions of dollars overseas, and force them to stay in America, maybe his inevitable feud with Congress becomes so bitter that he turns on the Repubs and sabotages their evil plans, maybe his authoritarian tendencies are used for good. Maybe... pigs will fly.  [As Trumps nominees become clear, this hope seems foolish]

The detestable Comey (or the CIA) could have easily stopped Trump instead of sabotaging Hillary by exposing his now admitted extensive contacts with the Russian Gov. Hillary blames Comey now, as does Lewandowski! AG Schneiderman in NY could also have charged him in the Trump U and multiple fraud investigations, but the undercurrent of fear has already started.The SS could have arrested him for publicly calling for Hillary's assassination twice- which endangered his own agents more, since there are 20 million Hispanics and Muslims whose life he has promised to trash. And cowardly Obama could have threatened Putin to send Ukraine every weapon in the arsenal in June, or directed the FBI to have a full report ready by Oct, or fired Comey and released the (meaningless Hill email news) AND Putin's hacking and Trump's connections.

RESULTS: All the dummas Young who believed the trash propaganda about Hillary's corruption are guilty, and who didn't bother to vote or voted for the buffoon Johnson or Stein. 43% of the people inc. the young DIDN'T VOTE- a crime against humanity at these stakes. 6 million less turned out than in 2012,  According to exit polls, young 18-29 went only 55% Clinton / 37% Trump, 8% other (exit polls): that number should have been 80% with a similar turnout!  TED: Democracy (audio dnld)- Non-Voters are SUCKERS!  -12,000 votes MI, 242,000 Other

After the media hammered and hammered how unlikeable BOTH candidates were, even the virulently disparaged Hispanics turned out less than for Obama/Romney and only 65% / 37% for Hillary (maybe because of their sexism), exactly the same as Asians. Total turnout was 57%, but 6 million more than 2012. Women, beaten like a rug by the Donald, voted more for Hillary by 12 pts (54% to 42%), exactly the same plurality Men did for Trump (53% to 41%)- but he won white women 53%, a sad commentary, and white men by 2 to 1, 63% to 31%, all whites by +21% . Party is everything, sex doesn't matter much. The terrible polls may have been because Trumpeteers were reluctant to admit that they were. Rump gleaned a massive white turnout, especially vote from rural regions. JON ALTER: "Obama lost working-class whites to Mitt Romney by a 26-point margin in 2012. Hillary Clinton lost them to Trump by an astonishing 39 points—even worse than Walter Mondale did against Ronald Reagan in the 1984 landslide." - 7 reasons Hill Lost (6 are mine too)

TRUMP told us the Election was rigged: The 100-odd voter suppression measures in almost every Repub State removed maybe 1-2 million mostly Dem voters (turnout in WI was at its lowest level in 20 yrs and fell by 52,000 in Milwaukee, where 70 percent of blacks live)- and Greg Palast claims one program alone threw the election- an 28-state Interstate "duplicate" voter removal scam called CrossCheck (RollingStone), run by a key Trump ally that targeted +1 mil voters (of 7 mil list). It matched 1st + Last names (without middle) of "identical" voters across the country. Targeting common ethnic names, a stunning 1 of 6 Hispanics, or 1 of 9 blacks made the main list, on the other hand, that is close to the frequency of minorities in the population. A database expert was shocked by Crosscheck's "childish methodology... God forbid your name is Garcia, of which there are 858,000 in the U.S., and your first name is Joseph or Jose. You're .. suspected of voting in 27 states."  Palast (and I) investigated the famous 42% inaccurate 2000 Florida Felon Voter Purge of 92,000 vastly Dems that gave the Presidency to GB2 (along with 10 other FL Repub Election scams).

Crosscheck in action:
Trump victory margin in Michigan: 13,107
Michigan Crosscheck purge list: 449,922
Trump victory margin in Arizona: 85,257
Arizona Crosscheck purge list: 270,824
Trump victory margin in North Carolina: 177,008
North Carolina Crosscheck purge list: 589,393

The NYT said, "North Carolina Republican Party issued a news release boasting that cutbacks in early voting hours reduced black turnout by 8.5% below 2012 levels, even as the numbers of white early voters increased by 22.5%.” Reduced #s of voting machines (below primaries) in black + student areas, refused and not sent absentee ballots, rejected provisional ballots- a full panoply of tactic were used to selectively reduce the Dem vote. "Ohio’s exit polls showed Trump and Clinton in a dead heat – 47 percent for Clinton to 47.1 for Trump. Officially, Trump won with 52.1 percent of the vote to Clinton’s 43.5 percent. This unexplained and unexpected 8.5 percent shift for Trump is mathematically impossible...In key Senate races in Florida, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Missouri, exit polls also showed Democratic candidates winning by statistically significant margins, but then losing." 11/25 Perhaps feeling guilty about her role ALONE in almost denying HRC (her votes swayed WI+MI), Jill Stein has taken up the Dem cudgel in the face of continuing shock + paralysis, REQUESTING RECOUNTS in PA, WI, MI-  the 3 states that would have put Hillary in the White House.

Bernie would probably have done better, but 6.6 mil more voted for HRC in the primary- that wasn't any half-asssed DNC machination (who really have much less power than thought), that was Democracy. Hillary had 30 years of nat. relationships, friendships, debts from politicians; who of course didn't help Bernie. That's just politics... not corruption. Unless you are a baby, which some Sanderistas were. Kurt Eichenwald tears apart the narcissism of non-or-3rdP voting liberals; listing elements of the 2 ft thick oppo book the Repubs had compiled on Bernie: "He would have been ripped apart." Note I voted for Bernie

Clinton's messaging was horrible, instead of constantly pounding the lunacy of working people thinking a billionaire was their savior: "Are you CRAZY? He wants to give a $4 trillion tax cut to the rich!!!", she just kept attacking him for his character. She never spoke of how she would help the dispossessed and angry in the Rust Belt, just presumed his gargantuan flaws would render him unelectable. A giant Beyonce rally in Ohio in the final days was a thumb in the eye of disgruntled whites. Michael Moore had predicted this a few months ago- how in the privacy of the polling booth, all these angry voters would stick it to the system and blow it all up- now he says Trump will be impeached, but Pence is a religious fanatic and nightmare of his own. Allan Lichtman, who claims accurately forecasting the last 9 Pres elections, also predicted Trump's win by his simple 13 question test (and his impeachemnt).

All the lies Trump peddled were never categorically refuted:  Obama has SHUT DOWN NET IMMIGRATION- deported 450K a year, more than ANYONE, but the dumass Dems, afraid of alienating immigrant base (who never turned out more anyway)... never brought it up; or that all Syrian refugees are vetted for 2 years, and there IS A WALL already!!!. Re: rounding up 11 mil illegals, Trump understands the value and necessity for illegals in the economy (he's used them in construction), but the terror it causes will be useful in his consolidation of power. It will be 3x more for fruits and veggies! It will be so much fun to be brown in America. Nothing explains the mind-bending absurdity and obscenity of Donald Trump's victory better than this Vanity Fair piece by Graydon Carter: ONLY IN AMERICA
and Matt Taibbi also has some choice criticisms in RS.

In the States, news was also bad- 3 more states flipped to Repub Govs (bottom VT + NH!), 4 more states became entirely tri-Repub (24: Gov + both Houses), and 32 Legislatures were entirely red (top), the most Repub concentration of power since 1928 - cause of Repubs' chronic voter suppression, gerrymandering, and out right cheating.

I am personally tortured by my conviction that a good coordinated ad campaign I wanted to do  among the massive numbers of US expats (5-8 million) could easily have turned out 1/2 million more Dems, at a tiny cost, an absolutely decisive number (Hill "lost" WI by only 27k, MI by 12k, PA 68k, but Repub disenfranchisement, polling and early voting limits + reductions probably knocked out several hundred thousand Dems there).

I slept well finally Thurs night and woke without the feeling of catatonic Sickness and Dread that has infested my life since Tuesday night, so I shouldn't even look at this stuff. Trump victory was A. racism about the Other in the White House, B misogyny and distrust of women by even women, C hatred and paranoia of immigrants and foreigners, D the right-wing media machine cranking out 25 years of propaganda and lies against the libs and Clintons, E. Comey's treachery in his empty Oct Surprise emails, F. 100 voter disenfranchisement schemes, G The boundless gullibility and ignorance of the American people in choosing a lying crooked dimwitted rich huckster as their plebian Messiah. We really did it this time.



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For all the reasons we lost, and all the reasons Trump is the worst candidate in US history, listen to our brilliant Nov 8 podcast, which I would stack up against ANY single talk show on this. Some of it is how we deal with the deplorables, all the slimeball Haters that have crawled out of the woodwork- the vermin who really hate women, blacks, and immigrants; and will poison the body politic for years, maybe decades.... but it was ALL predicated on a Hill victory. the first file is OK, except that he is tinny and lower volume; but the GOOD one is the second, if you listen to it properly. Skype Recorder now saves one party on Left and one party on Right channels, the massive echo on mine is coming from his, so if you flip the balance (audio mixer to you youth who have never seen one) to the Left side when I speak, it's fine. But you won't hear co-host Reno when he talks so you must flip it back to middle or his side. This isn't as annoying as it seems- we both do 3-5 min passionate monologues.  

Hillary's lead has continued to erode, with NH showing an IMPOSSIBLE 7-8% drop to a 1.6% Trump lead (now +.6 HRC), and her only ahead 1.7% nationally with a 65% win probability (now +3% + 70% 8pm EST Nov 7. Nov 5: I don't believe these- think it's still a +3 pt Clinton lead). And Florida is a dead heat (+0.2 Hill now)- I think it will all come down to Florida again, and again dimwit 3rd Party Lefties could make a monster President (Yet RCP shows Hill does better in a 4 way race!). Hard to believe there is now a possible Prez who makes GB2 look wise + reasonable (he's voting Hill). The Dem Senate is in grave danger too (need 4), with only +3 seats obvious, and NV, NH, IN (swing); NC now leaning Repub!! The horror. The swingy-est state was NV (Reid's open) and NH was shifted by Ayotte's saying she wouldn't vote for TPD.

  28 years after Pakistan, 50 after India, America's Ms. President?
 One reason the polls are so squirrelly now may be 25% of voters have already voted and they favor Dems, so polling that registers planned voters over-assesses %age of Repubs. And some polling agencies are simply... bums- some RWers and methodologically-crippled have got into the mix. They also haven't figured in Hill's huge advantage is GOTV operations. 8pm Nov 7: Monmouth + NBC have it +6 Hill; LAT has it +5 Trump - duh, wonder which is wrong, even FOX has it +4 Hill!! In the NO TOSS-UPS 538 has NV, NC, NH Blue, RCP has them Red. Obama has been desperately trying to rally blacks to Hill, of course their enthusiasm is less than for the silver-tongued orator; and Bernie is doing his part in campaigning for Hill... but America has lost it's mind- how can over 10% vote for this ignorant lying, chiseling, racist, bullying, mentally disturbed, child-molesting, dirt-bag. The claimed 13 yo rape victim suing Trump in NYC bailed out of a press conference with lawyer Alred this week because of vicious death threats; and withdrew her suit the next day- likely she will try to disappear in Brazil or the South Pacific to avoid Rachel's fate in HoC! This case still hasn't received any major media exposure, let alone the wall to wall coverage  if Bill C was involved. All Trump-critical journos know well know the abusive evil of his acolytes- and they will forever be asked by forthcoming generations: "How could you let this happen?"

AS I warned long ago, the criminal RW FBI thugs who terrorized people in Ken Starr's Star Chamber; and in the vicious campaign  against Iraq critics like Joe Wilson and the Bush Enemies List were never purged, and their deep obsessive Clinton-hatred is bubbling to the surface in repeated FBI leaks (centered at NYC office). They do literally think that the Clintons are the Anti-Christ. Speak of which, I dunned Janet Reno (Realplayer ALT)  after a speech for her cowardice in allowing Starr to go after BJC's non-crime sex life, with which you could jail 90% of America; after the 5 year RW witchhunt had already spent $110 mil without finding ANYTHING!! Contrary to the brainwashed youngs' convictions, the Clintons are actually among the cleanest people on Earth. Hack Comey's nakedly political term may end Jan 20: his rescinding of his election-slander just makes him more of a weasel, since it will probably cost the Dems the Senate (need 4)!! The sexted teen also trashed him in a letter.

TRUMP LOSERS: My theory is that much of the 25% of hardcore Trump supporters who would stick with him if he did shoot someone on 5th Ave, DON'T EXPECT HIM TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT, they understand the torrent of BS and lies he emanates, but they want to burn everything down- They want to bring America to its knees.. and the constant media portrayals of them as poor left behind victims misses their revolutionary intentional destructiveness and wealth- avg household wealth of $72,000!! Trump is their nuclear bomb under the foundation of American Democracy that will make everyone pay for their imagined disenfranchisement. And the unbelievable returning of the Repubs to rally around a traitor allied with America's greatest threat (new proof of Trump secret relationship with Putin's Bank), just beggars belief, and is proof of their loss of all sanity (Trump's a useful idiot, says CIA's Hayden). Pence, a classic cold warrior, advocates a hard line with Russia, but he would be kneecapped early by TPD, or rather TPPD (The President Pig Donald)

WIEMAR CONFIDENCE:  And to the fools in the now officially Racist Party who think they can control or circumscribe TPD's behavior, or that our Constitutional System would prevent many of the mad schemes he advocates (allying w Russia + Turkey against N Korea!), I teach a couple of Polish students  English, and just read the incredible long NYT Mag story of Poland's light-speed descent into an authoritarian, conspiracist, extreme Catholic Gov. The remaining Kaczynski twin's Law + Justice Party (similar to Er-do-gone's) has packed and disemboweled their Supreme Court, and cracked down on all media within 10 months. His twin brother was killed with much of the Gov in the Smolensk plane crash- although audio tapes proved the assorted cheeses forced the pilot to land against his protestations in a violent thunderstorm. But his brother insists it was a Russian conspiracy, has reopened an investigation, and has pushed legislation in the abortion-illegal country to ban even the abortion of doomed deformed babies. IT CAN HAPPEN HERE- Repubs + Congress would be swept aside by our IL DOUCHE, his first act, like Putin recently did, would be to create his own 100,000 Praetorian Guard (400k in Putaland) to intimidate any critics. Fascinatingly, scammers are scamming the Scammer in Chief with fake Trump sites around the world. 


PUTISIS NIGHTMARE: I frankly have long expected an ISIS or AQ attack NOW, in the last 2 days (+70 dead in a Orlando style assault); coupled with say, Russian hacking of Florida + North Carolina- the orange freak could win. Nothing would more destroy America and the dream of America than that; and for KGB Putin- the ultimate success of destroying NATO without a shot. This ignores Repub dirty tricks like in FL2000 or OH2004- TPDs constant harping on the rigged election makes the issue impossible to raise by HRC, like his screeching about "criminal, lock her up, rapist Bill". All are HIS CRIMES, but it is Karl Rove's longtime strategy- attack their strengths, not their weaknesses!! Nov 9, the stock market would crash 2000 points and the dollar would devalue 10%, it may dwarf 2008.. and the world may not come back for years. As HuffPost says, the S+P has dropped for 9 straight days now from fears of TPD chaos, unseen in 36 years!!!!
There goes the American Experiment- our practicality; our hard headed clear eyed reading of problems and solutions has been subsumed by the RW Propaganda Machine-  a 1/4 century of toxic lies, hate, and ridicule. No matter what Obama says, we are no longer the United States of America- the delusional RW extremists have their own reality, their own truths, their own (no) science. Embracing the insurrectionist themes, Repub leaders are now talking about never ratifying a SCOTUS Justice, about reducing the number to 8. There will be Trump violence- win or lose, after this election- and pro-Trumpian police may not do much to stop it... though the Iowa Confederate-flag waving Trump supporter who assassinated 2 Des Moines cops cause he was thrown out of a rally for waving his flag at blacks... may give police pause. Trump gives a voice.... to the mentally ill schizophrenic racists everywhere.

Oct 31Issue  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2iCUI-k723A

TRUMPLAND MOVIE - 70 min - Michael Moore goes into the mouth of the lion in conservative Wilmington, Ohio; (Clinton Co.). Really great- must see by all HillHaters, Sanderistas, 3rd Partiests, and young. Most Trumpanzees stayed away- it's 70% Dems, but he strokes the Trumpeteers for 25 min until he shows the nightmare of Trump taking office and launches into a 21 gun reposte to the madness and sickness sweeping America. He puts the Hispanics and Muslims into special sections in the balcony and surrounds the first with a Wall, and flies a drone next to the second in order to make the Trumpeteers comfortable. And then he gets personal and moving and masterfully brings half of them to tears with his stories about Hillary's accomplishments, health care, and the million dead after the Repubs killed their plan. The Ugly American -

RACE TIGHTENING: Although the WaPo said last week that Trump's people had given up, in the most alarming development, lowlife deplorable Repubs are coming home to their GOParty of Haters and racists and misogynists-  after all next to a traitor imbecile facist Il Douche, Hillary would be HORRIBLE. Most alarmingly, RCP says latest FL poll tightened to +0.7 HRC from +3.8% a week ago, and Hill is by 5.2 now, 4.4% in 4 way (1.8% down); 79% likelihood, so TPD has a 1 in 5 chance!!!!  It ain't over till the Trump-slandered fat lady sings so DON'T BE COMPLACENT + GET YOUR PEOPLE OUT TO VOTE!!! http://www.realclearpolitics.com/   538 though, shows OH, IA, AZ dead even, but says Sat that Hills likelihood is down to 75%, that's one chance in 4 for the Cheetos Jesus and the end of the American Experiment!!Actually latest poll says TPD is UP in Florida .5% and Hillary's all over lead under 3%!     == The Horror.
DEM NOW video w Pulitzer writer of The Making of Donal Trump on it.

TRUMP 13 YO RAPE story still not really covered- if this were Bill, it would be front page news for weeks:
Here are fresh compilations of his ~20  groping, molestation cases- IBT is best

Trump's Network, email/donor list will ensure him continuing power- that the stench of this ignorant reprobate won't just fade away- evil genius is son -in-law Kushner    
Who's Your Daddy (+ what did he want from U??) -

Disenfranchisement across the country.  In Wisconsin, Republicans haven’t presented a single case of voter impersonation in court, yet the state’s strict voter-ID law could disenfranchise 300,000 registered voters this year. “A preoccupation with mostly phantom election fraud leads to real incidents of disenfranchisement," said a Fed Judge. In almost every one of the 31 Repub controlled states, voter suppression measures have been passed.

Undercover in the RW border militias- ICE agents appreciate they "help" for free; With the Bundy terrorists getting off these hwackos will be further empowered to terrorize people in voting places

FB EYE Director Comey send out a murky McCarthyesque letter to Congressional panels about a NEW investigation of Hill's email, from another sex investigation of the aptly named Weiner finding Clinton emails on his wife's computer. At this point in the election, this is partisan hackery of the highest order- and shows the risk of an FBI or Justice Dept head from another party- especially when Trump could be jailed for 5 reason TOMORROW! (down 3 paras). This is why he calls her a criminal + talks about jailing her- it's classic Rovian tactics- hit your opponent with YOUR crimes to confuse the issue and prevent them from bringing it up.

IF the Trump Infection is ever to be cleansed, THIS is the moment for NY AG Schneiderman to hit TPD with criminal fraud + cheating charges, re. his billions of $ of intentional defaults and non-payments. Arrest the orange monkey and make him do the Frog Walk- but doubt anyone has the bals to do this now- this monster has swollen to truly frightening dimensions.

IF you are a hard-core political junkie, you can now OD on DAILY radio programs from  (happy talk successor to Its all Politics) NPR Politics and NYT's + Nate Silvers 538 (downloadable)

Best funniest TV coverage of Election, period SETH MEYERS :
   --------------------------------------------- Oct 26  DE-BAIT 3: Trump
was incoherent, bloated, reptilian, frozen on anti-anxiety meds; while Hillary looked great - 20 years younger- dressed in pristine white... but still failed to put Trump away or even down with any tremendous roundhouse or knockout blows, except one about Chinese Steel in his DC Trump Tower. TPD gave her many opportunities in his incomprehensible word salad of gibberish, but she was not on her A game. Still when you add up the sense she made with the sense he made- there was no contest- NOTHING the pathological liar says makes sense. But the great unwashed needed Trump rubbed in the dirt from which he emanated. The 3rd debate was held in Las Vegas, whose main paper (just bought by RW casino pimp Lips Adelson), just endorsed TPD.

I think she should have called him a crook and a fraudster who borrowed hundreds of millions $ with no intention of repaying- NY AG Schneidermen may have an Oct surprise re. that or the Trump U scam. Trump could be jailed on a dozen charges- treason for encouraging Russia to hack US mail, threatening a presidential candidate for encouraging his people to assassinate Hill, bribery of Gov officials, which has bragged about (AG FL, NJ- this is only way he hasn't been jailed- preemptive bribery), cheating almost everybody he has EVER done business with. Even his new DC Hotel is on the fast track to bankruptcy- they charge over double what any other DC luxury hotel does. Trumps bubble and the tens of millions of low-lifes he has "empowered" should be popped before he creates another open sewage TV propaganda outlet. She should have addressed him with the contempt he has earned.

 Wallace yammered for them to stop over-talking like a small yapping dog, but was insistent with Hill, while letting Trump ramble. He sometimes carried Trump's water so much that Trump thanked him 3 times!! 2 tough questions of TPD but didn't hold him to the truth or even an answer - Trump immediately changed the subject. Wonder if Chris has been offered a job in TPD's new network - that would be the Trump MO, and credible RW newscasters are very rare..  Of course the big news was Trump not planning the honor the results of election, "unless I win!!!", but frankly everyone should get smarter about his cheapjack ploys - the media slut just wants to stay the center of attention no matter what happens. And really there is nothing he says he actually believes- the real Trump or what he would do as Prez is still a complete mystery. WE HAVE ALL BEEN PUNKED.

Trump seemed so drugged- Jaba the Hut stayed paralyzed behind the lecturn as the debate ended while Hillary radiantly shook hands with Wallace and greeted her friends and supporters. He took a minute to emerge and still looked empty and aimless, aware he was soon going to be THE BIGGEST LOSER, a cosmic joke, that nothing he had done had budged the needle except pushing it down, and soon most of the media would ignore and avoid him... with great relief.
- what will you do after the election, Donald?
Another pointless frustrating debate with many missed opportunities for Hill, but TPD again displaying his enormous ignorance and incoherence. Hill 58% winner and election all but over!  Listening to the pundits clips and excerpts, it seems Hillary did significantly better than I thought, but at this point +90% of the planet Earth WANTS HIM TO LOSE, including sane journalists, so they ARE tilting the scales... as a service to mankind. Or it's rigged, said the fool.

Hills percentage didn't seem to rise after the debate on RCP, but her swing states still are firming up dramatically, though they faded some since Oct 23!  But a Sunday Oct 23 ABC Poll came out with a stunning 50% to 38% Hill lead!!! 538 says there is a 12% decrease in enthusiasm in Trumpeteers as they watched his lackluster last debates, and a stunning 7% drop in likely Repubs voting in only the last week. It looks quite possible this is going to be the crushing victory I dreamed of when I hoped for a Trump victory over a year ago.

A Dem Senate looks very likely as do significant gains in the House, esp if this is a historic WAVE election, like 2006 + 2010.  SENATE: RCP - +4 DEM seats:  NH Hassan +2, Bayh +4.3, Duckworth +7, Feingold +5.3, NV Masto +2.3    REPUBS: PA Toomey +1.8, NC Burr +2.8, MO Blunt +1.0

Oct 19 Pre Debate : RCP - HRC +6.6%,  FL +3.5, Az +.2                              ;;;. 538- Hill win 87% likely
Oct 26 Polls:           RCP- HRC +5.95%, FL +3.8, Az +1.2, NC +2.5, VA +8, NV +4.2; OH Trump +0.6;  538: HRC +6.4%  86% HRC Win
Oct 13: GREAT DE-BAIT 2:  Hillary stumbles:
I am very disappointed- Hill could have knocked the Cheeto monkey out in this race and won a Dem Senate and maybe even House, but she had no game plan. SHE KNEW TPD was going to go after Bill's sex "scandals" (most of whom haven't been proved), and she should have been prepared. When he pivoted from his own crude piggish remarks to attack Bill, she should have marched up to him and said with barely suppressed fury, "MR TRUMP, I AM RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT, NOT MY HUSBAND!! And your crude ignorant piggish treatment of women is the issue- of course you want to change the subject, but how many more of these tapes and accusers are out there, Donaaald?????? How many women have you grabbed by the ... oh I can't even say it?"  The audience would have gone nuts... and Trump's bubble would have been popped- game, set, match. Trying to be civil with this thug is a losing strategy. DRUG TEST FOR THE COKE SNIFFING SIMP.

Instead she took the bait and tried to defend the indefensible because little was ever really proved against Bill; rattled by having 4 of these accuser women in the front row; then answered the email nonsense instead of just saying: "This has been answered 20 times and I'm not doing it again" and then pivoted
into attacking HIS CRIMINALITY. Borrowing hundreds of millions over and over, with the intent to default, to not pay, to sue is CRIMINAL FRAUD, and Trump should be arrested and charged by the NY or other AGs. Instead her inaction let TPD escalate to claiming she was a criminal and threatening to jail her, like petty dictator Yanukovich did to Tymochenko, provoking the Ukr Revolt 2 years later. Dictator Donald- IL DOUCHE. Screw this issues business- you must beat a bully down and Trump was on the ropes, with blood in the water. The Civil War could have been won in the first 2 battles... but McClellon was a Southern sympathizer and ultra-cautious general. Again TPD emulating his Soviet heros (and paymasters?).

The Gulianni/Bannon/Trump plan was actually to have the women seated in the family box to confront and accuse Bill on his way in, but Debate Commission organizers Fahrenkopft + my man Mike McCurry threatened to have security eject them, if they tried!!      pigs in a poke

I think the debate actually came out even- considering TPD's constant attacks, the moderators boxing both candidates ears, allowing their disgust at TPD to bleed over in their treatment of HRC. In going after Bill, Trump used Rove's strategy of attacking your opponent for YOUR OWN CRIMES, that bizarre thing about Hillary defending (court appointed) a rapist of some 13yo (12?) was carefully planned to defray the INEVITABLE release of the 13 yo now accusing Trump of rape at Epstein's Lolita Parties in NYC Federal Court. When it does, people will THINK it means Clinton!! I CAN'T BELIEVE THE GUTLESS MEDIA DID NOT BRING THAT UP- some talked about Jill Harth's harassment 20 years ago, but this is directly relevant, it is all of a piece- a pig is a pig is a PIG. HRC is afraid cause Bill also used Epstein's chartered airline (like Prince Andrew)- if she doesn't bring it up... TRUMP WILL- accusing Bill of sleaze there- to confuse the issue further- you watch.

       - I could do her
TPD seemed threatening on camera, but if you studied the wide shots carefully, Hillary was invading HIS space!! His circular wandering wasn't intimidating, as some caller said, but more akin to an elderly man's mindless random movements. Or it's the coke!! The most amazing thing was the nice words they had for each other at the end- "nice Trump family" as the camera showed their stricken stony hateful stares and "Hillary is a fighter who never gives up", rendering his "stam-eeena" BS, well, BS.
       I think the many women terrorized by Trump's threats and goons will come out of the woodwork now, like with Cosby. Trump has been doing this abuse for 50 years!!!! Yes, they are- 4 grouper/grabber/kissing claimants so far Oct 13. Indeed, the producer of The APPRENTICE says that there are MANY MORE videos like this of TPD: "When it comes to the #trumptapes there are far worse. #justthebegininng," Pruitt tweeted.

Oct 9: TRUM-PEDODOPHILE: The incredible 13 year
old's NY rape suit against Donald Trump for molesting her 4 times at convicted pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein NYC townhouse in 1994 is back in the news, refiled in NY Federal Court   Trump with 15yo Invanka- "who's your daddy?"  Sept 30, with a NY Federal Judge setting a hearing date Oct 7!!! Stunning media blackout on this story- especially with TPD calling Bill a rapist. The anonymous hopeful model, Katie Johnson or Jane Doe in court filings, claims the last time he tied her up and forcibly raped and slapped her at Epstein's "Lolita Parties"  (and Lolita Express- a chartered flight with underaged and underdressed "stewardesses"). The Trump Models Agency, bringing in illegal immigrant girls kept in virtual slavery, has been likened to a "trafficking ring". Trump's sleazy model parties fed his noted affinity for the eye candy.      
     Trump- Jill Harth 1990's
Epstein was convicted in Florida and served over a year in jail. 2 witnesses, one Epstein's girl "procurer", testify the 13 yo's allegations are true.

Another married woman Jill Harth who had some business dealings with him, sued Trump in 1997 for years of groping, harassing, and unwanted assaults at Mar de Largo, has a 11 minute video interview with a Guardian reporter. Ivana also accused TPD of violent rape, before she recanted. A devastating piggish audio with Billy Bush came out today: "I just grab then by the pusy- if you're famous you can do anything." Taken with his professed attraction to a 12 yo Paris Hilton, and his public desire to "date" his daughter Ivanka, "If I wasn't a married man"... these allegations are part of a piece- a depraved pig billionaire who thinks he can do anything. Repubs are finally fleeing en masse in reaction to the nuclear audio- 36 at last count as papers excoriate TPD (The Pig Donald) and Reince pulls TPD funding; here are the mechanics of Dumping Trump now, only one month before the election! Trumpanzees could really riot if he is removed, and boycott the election completely, or more terrifyingly- Repubs will all rally to Pence despite disliking his extreme fundamentalism. The Great Debate 2 could be TPD's last hurrah. Note to Icarus Trump: Bernard Kerik.
                         the canary or the cat?-
http://www.alternet.org/election-2016/third-woman-alleges-she-was-sexually-assaulted-donald-trump   -Jeffrey Epstein convicted pedophile billionaire      


The real estate hustler may end up winning a term in the BIG HOUSE rather than the White House, if prosecutors do their job.  Donald Trump is a serious dirtbag who PLANNED to fail- why he did everything with borrowed money- he may have done it deliberately to get the valuable NOL (net operating losses) to defray all taxes- a superb Newsweek article details it: THE ART OF THE STEAL- especially why in the world the banks agreed to write off $1 bil, issue new loans, and give him $5 mil/year mngmt salary. Turns out       "Kiss your money goodbye" -TPD -

 the NJ Casino Control Commission came out for the deal (with loads of Trump "contributions") and the fact Trump fought for 14 years to pay foreign workers who cleared a site for him $4/hour wages.. convinced the banks that he WOULD NEVER PAY. Trump is the worst kind of scumbag- a crook who cheats everyone he deals with- and he should be jailed for blatant repetitive fraud. The NY AG could do that!!!!

---- "In all he owed more $3 billion, nearly a third of his debt secured by nothing more substantial than his signature on bank loan papers.
--Last May, Trump revealed that he took on debt with no intention of paying it all back, which strikes me as fraud. “I’ve borrowed knowing you can pay back with discounts,” he told CNBC in May, boasting “I’ve done well with debt.”
--Back then Trump threatened endless litigation unless 70 banks he owed money gave him millions more in new loans at low interest rates and provided him with $5.4 million a year for personal spending, the equivalent of $10 million in today’s money.
--What made the litigation threat credible was Trump’s refusal to pay more than 150 illegal immigrants who demolished the Bonwit Teller department store to make way for Trump Tower. A federal judge ruled that Trump conspired to cheat the workers, who never did collect all of their $4-an-hour wages despite an 18-year struggle.
--The bankers realized that a man who would endure almost two decades of litigation to avoid paying such meager wages might tie them up for eternity over the billions of dollars owed to them.
--When the New Jersey Casino Control Commission took Trump’s side against his bankers, they gave in. The banks canceled close to a billion dollars of Trump’s debts and extended new loans on favorable terms. "------
TRUMP BRIBES OFFICIAL FOR TAX BREAKS: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/trump-donations-alan-hevesi_us_57da25b8e4b0071a6e05666b

    A new Monmouth Poll gives HRC a 44 to 42% lead, in Ohio but they have always been the most favorable to Hillary. Still, considering her lead in Florida seems solid, NC + NV are leaning blue, and Trump is fading as proof of his piggishness, ignorance, and crookedness spread... this is good news. See the crooked bent cops who support TPD.


Tim Kaine relentlessly badgered the Silver Ghost with a recitation of Trumps outrageous, abusive, ignorant, + stupid statements Tuesday night. Pence denied +100 times that Trump said or did what he HAD done, the lying coward. Although I prefer a light hand, the useless invisible moderator should have corrected him once or twice. Pence is a despicable woman-hating religious extremist himself, but that never came up, with Kaine's Catholic devoutness. Again, pundits are trying to reframe what happened by the optics- Pence's strong performance?? He was on the ropes the entire debate! Once upon a time, the attacker was always given the win, like in boxing, and Kaine was always on the attack- Pence had no answers, no excuses, and no real strong comebacks of his own.

Sept 26:  DEBATE:  Video Highlights ABC
Trump first was calm + controlled, but within 10 min was a bullying badgering butthead, but Clinton is staying sunny, w grit, laughing off his attacks. She's goading him- maybe Trump "paid NO tax, maybe has much less money than he claims"- draws blood. The perfect charge to someone hiding taxes, like Harry to Mitt. Also pounds him on Birther claims. TPD calls Holt wrong re. stop + frisk unconstitutional; Holt sticks to his guns that TPD supported Iraq Invasion 4x.   #mkham11 "No braggadocio?"! @##$, said Trump. Is he an alien imposter? Hill dissembles- denies "TPP is Gold standard." Trump claims Hill "has been dealing with ISIS all her life" (or since 2009 when they were created). Hillary got better and better- “She doesn’t have the look. She doesn’t have the stamina."- Hills strong response about flying to 112 countries brought applause- 3 times, Trump 0, although there was supposed to be NO audience reactions. No mention of either Foundation!

Trump says that “Hillary has experience. But it’s bad experience.” Hillary finished very strong, twisting the knife of misogyny, noting that Trump has called women “pigs, slobs and dogs,” telling TPD the name of Hispanic beauty contestant that he had trashed with his crude slanders. Trump looked off balance at the end- Clinton family on stage fast, more warm + human family than Robert Palmer backup family of TPD. Hillary 60/40 but Trump succeeds in not defecating on the stage, no insane outburst. Trump does interviews in Media Spin Room, Hill immediately attends "Victory" rally.

CRAPPOLLS have Trump running even or even ahead in some swing states, but frankly I don't believe it. According to the brilliant and hilarious Seth Meyers (LATE LATE SHOW), at this point, candidates are always tied: 2004, 2008, 2012 !!! But the media wants a horse race so they emphasize these shocking polls without mentioning Hill is still ahead by 3-5% in general votes. How squirrelly polls are: the latest Monmouth poll has HRC +5 points Sept 20 in Florida- CNN had Trump +3 FL on Sept 14- no way there's a 8 point flip in 6 days- many don't do cell phones, or emphasize Repubs (CNN). Meyers hammers Trump like no one has ever done on network TV to any candidate- I watched over an hour of these clips. Again what is screamingly obvious is the 3rd Party spoilers likely will decide this race, and how foolish and reckless the 18-40 yo might be in... "making a statement". In every state, Hillary loses 1-4 points when Johnson and Stein are included- in CO, OH, FL it's the difference between winning + losing.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBrVrTz5IKo LATE LATE SHOW
http://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/latest_polls/state/ LATEST POLLS

What is happening here is the victory of propaganda and the failure of journalism. Every American over 40 has grown up bathed in the RW jihad against the Clintons- $200 mil of spurious totally political investigations where he/she/they were cleared again and again and again... but the press DOES NOT REPORT THAT- the discredited Whitewater scandal, the discredited Benghazi scandal. After so much smoke, repeated ad naseum by the media, voters are convinced there must be fire... they don't care... they just are sick of hearing about it and turn that disgust on Hillary, not the Repub trash-mongers or the lazy shallow press. In the 90's, people were well aware of the unfairness of this RW Conspiracy, why Bill's support went up during the Impeachment, but the young are permanently contaminated and every Hater, slanderer, and dirtbag that has perpetuated these outrageous lies became ascendant- Rove, Delay, Gingrich, McConnell, now Trump. WAPO has the muckracking expose how Trump paid his own legal expenses from his Foundation. Jeff Greenfield thinks Trumps supposed surge will provoke Hispanics and the young to "get real" (sane) and turn out en masse. Again Florida + Ohio are key, and the SC ruling allowing the OH voter suppression laws was devastating.

On every talk show-radio + TV, pundits pompously intone 5 times each how they are THE MOST HATED candidates ever. OK - we get it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHUTUP! You make it self-perpetuating.

 +pays $270K of his legal judgements
+bribery of Florida AG re. Trump U

1. Hillary is judged the most HONEST in the whole race. She is ethically essentially a somewhat square simple Midwesterner.
2. She has worked all her life for the poor, disadvantaged, children, women. Universal Health Care is 90% her initiative
3. Benghazi, Emails, Whitewater,even Monica are all empty fabrications that weren't criminal and had no effect on governance.
4. The polls are trash- I think they should be largely downgraded or even ignored. It's impossible Clinton is running neck in neck in Texas, and Trump is also in RI.
5. Every person who votes for (what's Allepo?) Johnson, or Stein should over the next year, when they see the monstrous lunacies and evil Trump promulgates, lock themselves in bathroom and cut their wrists. You are a threat to the Republic. I'm sure 80% of the 100K FL 2000 Nader voters feels sick about the million people they killed in Iraq. Don't make the same mistake.

Why You Shouldn't Vote for Libertarian Nominee Gary Johnson