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Wednesday, January 20, 2021


Thank God. The Desecrations of the Trump Admin are OVER. JoeB is President! Videos. No nuclear strike (Papa Puta had to be a little worried too- “Take a breath, Dow-nald”), no violence, no protests; as DC was turned into a giant occupied military camp. The tragedy of this is enormous- as they once said- it is letting the terrorists win, but that's what we do... lock the barn door after the horse has bolted. 2/3 could be sent home- the Capitol Police only initially needed 250 more officers to supplement their skeleton staff, not 25,000!  I did a radio talk show comment on what we have lost- they should have had vastly increased security, but KEPT THE MALL OPEN!!! 5x more soldiers than in Iraq AND Afghanistan- NO WAY the Q-wazies would try anything

Lady Gaga's anthem (who's never looked better) brought tears to my eyes; J-Lo was excellent too. Trump's iron grip has been broken with his SM (S+M they way he used it) banishment... without any missives to his slavish acolytes he will slowly fade, like a bad stink that has sunk into the curtains. But if JoeB wants to accomplish anything, he MUST shut down the RW Media Machine, the Mississippi of hateful lying RW sewage flooding the country daily. Reconstitute an empowered FCC, and new Fairness Doctrine with the power to assess million dollar fines, shut down RT + OAN as Russian fronts. Trump was deeply chagrined by the multiple bans, and financial hits to his crumbling empire, he can now see it all slipping away... and by the 3rd Indictment for his life of Crime... the Donald will decamp to Russia, where he can be banned as enemy propaganda.

JoeB's Cabinet is mostly female, and contains a multitude of colors, ethnicities, races... and now PBS is just showing the cleansed WH, under new management, as night falls on this Day of Liberation. 

Finally, I can be proud to be an American again- I have physically hurt every day a Repub ruled the WH and Congress, and the Party of the rich has now mutated into the Party of Russia + Treason. For 4 1/2 years, I've been slammed for being too radical, but Trump has been angling to commit Twiticide in his psychotic attacks on imagined enemies... just his Stalinesque "Enemies of the 

People" attacks on the Press was grounds for immediate Removal. Uncle Joe used that lunacy to justify the murders of 11-12 million (Tim Snyder). I think multiple world Intelligence agencies have proof (AUDIO TAPES) of Trumps Russia treason; they should release it to break his malignant hold over his Trumpanzees. The KGB invited him to Moscow in 1987- a dream candidate for recruitment, he loves anyone who gives him money; which Russia proceeded to do, through cutouts, oligarchs, bank "loans". His legacy will be the greatest mass murder in US history- more Americans killed in one year of Covid than in all WW2... through Denialism, criminal negligence, inaction, irresponsibility.

I could kick myself for never linking up with JoeB on his 14 odd trips to Ukraine, I liked the guy since he was too young to be Senator- brash, confident, witty, funny, warm, accessible, with that 10,000W smile, he showed anything was possible in these United States and I predicted he would be the best pick for VP in 2000 rather than the turncoat Lieberman. But they never really pre-announced his visits, I would find about them after they happened; he only would appear at an Embassy Press Conference, or the magnificent Ukr State Dept Bldg (most impressive building in Ukraine), not the Ukraine Hotel Press Center, where I held Court.

Trump issued a flurry of 143 Pardons and Commutations, including a dozen odd corrupt + criminal cronies and politicians, but NO FAMILY or himself. That is shocking, his Aides were fighting all Tuesday with him on it- his whelp are all guilty of Pump and Dump fraud, vastly inflating his crummy hotel project numbers until they collapsed, which didn't matter cause Trump Inc got paid off the top. His narrowly issued pardons, though, still allow the Justice Dept to prosecute the true villains, like Stone or Manafort.

The Insurgent Rioters almost got their grubby paws on the EC Ballots, which could have delayed the Certification of JoeB as Prez for several days. The 147 treasonous Repubs who spuriously protested to AZ and PA votes, endorsing the Insurgent attackers in their Big Lie, had already delayed the Certification to 3:40am, when by Law, it HAD to be done on Jan 6. 

But although JoeB won a resounding victory by 7.2 million votes, it was just by a hair in the Electoral College… only 106,000 votes in PA, AZ, GA would have made the greatest Liar in human history President again. 
America came that close to Fascism- Trump’s 30,000 lies were entirely preparation for this point- to have the raw power to define his loss as a win, and tragically he persuaded 60-odd million he was cheated out of his victory… how do his Cult members know this… the Donald TOLD THEM SO!! They should be shut down, shunned, fired, banished every time this sickness erupts from their Trump boils, eventually they might heal. But if the RWMM keeps feeding them fresh daily poison, there’s no chance of that, or hope for any national comity. 

Donald Trump MUST BE PROSECUTED (Exc long Chait piece) or Rule of Law will always be a shabby joke... his crimes range in the thousands, in billions of dollars, in hundreds of thousands of deaths. So should the most egregious criminals in his regime- Guiliani, Miller, Barr, DeVoss; all grotesquely violated Federal Law to politicize EVERTHING. And a special place in Hell should be reserved for the 147 Repubs who rejected Electoral College results AFTER the Rioters trashed the Capitol. 

 WOW!! TREMENDOUS Inauguration
2 Hour TV Musical Variety Inspirational Spectacular
, Celebrating America- incredibly well produced... ending with an awesome firework display over the Mall at 10:14 pm, too bad there weren't 1 mil there to enjoy it. At first I thought it was canned stuff from last night, but no, all Parties were ensconced in the WH. I bet TV critic performer Donald, jealous toddler that he was, is eating his heart out that he couldn't have had such a spectacular send-off, which got 1.5 mil more viewers than his Inauguration.


There are now 3 new variants of CV19, one (South African B,1,351) of which seems resistant to the Vaccines or previous infection antibodies, as does a different Brazilian variant, because the target spike proteins it breaks into cells with.... are changed- a terrifying prospect. The English version (Kent B.1.1.7) is still vulnerable to the vaccines, but all are much more transmissible 40-70%, than the original, so the Kent bug is predominant in England now, and expected to become dominant in America by March!  Although the increased transmissibility isn't accompanied by greater lethality, more people get killed by increased spread. And every moment this thing spreads, there is potential for a 10-30% fatal mutation- that's what happened to the second iteration of the "Spanish Flu" in Sept 1918, the first March- June, was a standard Influenza. JoeB must take over the top 3-5 vaccine manufacturers by the Defense Production Act and make them manufacture MASSIVE quantities, before that Death Lottery comes up snake eyes. Because every one of the 44 million infected are a human petri dish for mutations.

Sunday, January 03, 2021




Trump again moved into pure Treason with his hour long lunatic demand to GA SoS Raffsenburger to "find 11,781 votes" to help him win Georgia, or commit gross ELECTION FRAUD. He is becoming more and more of a criminal and a joke, but now 11 Repub Senators and 115 Repub Reps are going to challenge the Electoral College Report, without ANY grounds but to grovel in front of their Orange demi-God- The Pig Donald. A National Review editorial published Sunday argued that if “the Cruz-led objectors somehow actually got their way, they’d trample federal law and state sovereignty and blow a hole in the hull of American democracy.” (VF) Nancy should expel Gopper Gohmert and a few other of the ringleaders. They (probably) won't succeed this time, but the next time they want to commit Treason, Insurrection, and Subversion; they just might- there is no line the R-vermin won't cross to preserve power. Massive punishment is in order, but the voters passed up their chance to right the capsizing ship of State in both Houses. Finally the DC Mayor has called in the National Guard to handle the planned Trumpore extremists protests Jan 6, and said NO GUNS, let's see how tough these fascists pukes are confronting actual soldiers, although they won't be armed.

Trump MUST BE PROSECUTED, no matter the cost, not doing so establishes a baseline of criminality that the next Il Douche will follow!! WORSE THAN TREASON says Atlantic. The irony of CHUMP trashing his blindly loyal acolytes is supreme- Raffy (+ Kemp) is actually one of the great Vote Suppressing criminals in the US, and it's absolutely rich seeing the craven GA R-Senators do a 180 and wholeheartedly support the BS Trump $2000 Relief payment.

I could have written this piece  https://nymag.com/intellige... , in fact I kind of did in Dec 2016: https://medium.com/@mkham11... It is absolutely 100% not exaggeration, TRUMP IS A TRAITOR, the worst this country has ever seen. The most damning proof related to this hack, which may, as I contended, have been the reason why Dems "lost" the Senate (after all HSA was massively hacked, + has been totally silent about the massive Russian hacking since about April and 100's of polls showed a Dem blowout) is that Chump crippled counter-Intelligence against Russia... and diverted much of the money for the CyberCommand designed to STOP ENEMY HACKERS to his garbage stupid Wall!!! https://www.independent.co.... Quite brilliant really, he can claim he it was just his Moby Dick obsession, not actual Treason to help Papa Putin. Maybe when the truth all comes out with the real tapes of Agent Orange betraying his Country something will be done about him.                       



America's Hell keeps getting hotter: 3756 dead, 1/4 mil new cases a day; a 9-11 EVERY DAY, or one dead American every 23 seconds, 1 mil more cases every 4 daysIt is time to call out the Trumpore protection denier murderers like Noem, DeSantis, or Abbot; who have not only resisted ANY MASK measures but made it illegal for Cities or Counties to mandate them!!! Isn't there any City Rights movement in Confederate States to go with the States Rights gibberish? 

Considering we are 2-4 months from immunizing + protecting most high risk people (when we get a real President), to not have strict controls in place nationwide NOW is CRIMINAL. This is why the Turtle slug McConnell (who made a breathtakingly dishonest slam of Blue cities wanting handouts- see deadbeat moocher KY) is soooo worried about liability, that some of these Covid victims will successfully sue the bastad Repub executioners. 

This is all the result of the Thanksgiving family "parties"; wait till mid Jan when the Christmas travel shindigs will bear fruit- 5000-6000 a day could happen, but hopefully the vaccines will put a dent in those numbers. But rather than the promised 20 mil vaccinations in Dec, this incompetent Grifter Admin has only given ~3-4 mil, though they had 1 year to prepare for distribution. My God, the one thing America KNOWS is distribution!! JoeB will probably call out the National Guard with huge tent vac centers- we should be doing 2 mil a day!! Real death panels now in LA, where some hospitals are full, and new heart attack + stroke victims just must... wait... and die. In 
COVID-19 deaths through early October; Americans had collectively lost about 2.5 million years of life. Three months later, he estimates, the total is probably about 4.5 million!

+353,000 dead, or with the min 33% untested and unreported Covid dead, 470,000- more than American dead in WW2 (~420 K inc civilians-Wikip); Trump has through criminal negligence, Denial, and monstrous incompetence... killed more 'Murkins in one year than the worst War in human history! And now he is just golfing his Term away as Vaccinations are only 10% of what could be done. He hasn't even got the PDB since Sept!!! 
https://edition.cnn.com/202...  Amid rumors of Chump fleeing to Scotland on Jan 19, the Scottish 1st Minister said: "Do not come here". 

The insane lunacies believed by the Trumpanzees is pretty terrifying- it's Tragic Trump wasn't crushed by 10%, and Repubs wiped out by 8 seats in the Senate; what 74 mil morons voting for the Traitor criminal mass-murdering Trump means.. is that America is through leading the World- no one can ever trust us again- it is now the CHINESE CENTURY. The exc Juan Cole writes about that, what I wrote 2-3 weeks ago, that that huge body of deluded facist lovers might vote for a REAL Adolf the next time, not an incompetent TV clown. America has lost any moral position to preach to anyone about their transgressions after Trump/Millers refugee murders; and monstrous CV mismanagement. How incompetent Boob Trump took down America and launched the Chinese Century https://www.juancole.com/20...

America is soooooooo LOST. Trumpores, particularly those violently promoting his Fraud Fantasies are badly in need of some tire iron therapy. If JoeB doesn't find some way to shut down Faux News, OAN, RT, Breitbart- the whole garbage far Wingnut MM, we are heading for a mini Civil War. The FCC can + must simply devise new rules to stop the spread of psychotic hateful lies.


Dems idiotic ultimatum in July didn't work great the last time when the Repubs were at $2.1 trillion and Dems were at $3.1 tril, now we are grovelling for $900 mil Relief Package, with a pissant $600 Relief Check (only $166 bil more to make it $1200)... Thank Jesus.... for 3 weeks! At the previous impasse, I was thinking, is it really wise to hold out for more?? Trump's $2000 seize the limelight demand was pure show biz to embarrass Repubs for not wholeheartedly supporting his Election Coup... it had NO CHANCE of success, but Dems took the bait. Rather, they should have used that leverage to force a reprieve of the $1200 Relief payment, THAT might have worked, w Repubs unwilling to starve Americans longer (than 8 months!). This bill again divides Citizens into Winners and Losers, the Winners who manage to get 11 weeks of $300/week Unemployment Insurance ($3300, often just by being in a Blue State, because Repub scum Govs like DeSantis or Abbot have deliberately sabotaged their UI Depts to "keep their economic numbers good"!). States, who provide half the money, have always had enormous incentive to DENY claims. As well, max benefits vary massively, from $1200 in Mass. to $235 in Miss.


The incomparable Bryan Cranston is back in the story (YOUR HONOR) of a New Orleans judge whose son, in an acute asthma attack, chased by gang-bangers, mows down and kills the motorcyclist son of a vicious Mob boss. This show has the unrelenting bummer pressure of a slow-mo A SIMPLE PLAN, as the Boss activates all his resources and the Plot thickens. It's created by the powerhouse team of Michelle + Robert King, who also do the superb Law drama

THE GOOD FIGHT (best show on TV- 4 seasons, waiting for 5), about the adventures of a cop abuse Black Chicago legal firm w significant TDS plot-lines, and the previous related THE GOOD WIFE (7 seasons), which I just started- Julianna Margulies is much more sympathetic than in ER, but that show is nowhere as slick. The Kings are white, I thought otherwise from the diverse cast of The Good Fight and their name.

QUEENS GAMBIT- This show grabs you from the first appearance of the demanding feral Kentucky orphan Beth Harmon, and gets better. I am normally quite disciplined in watching episodic TV episodically, 2 is my max binge, but I really wanted to see the second episode immediately (hadn't got it yet). The period 50's + 60's sets are lovingly perfectly recreated in Berlin, which the creator saw in Babylon Berlin (the wild stew of 1929 Berlin)- Berlin contains multitudes; and the Chess scenes manage to be dramatic and tense, though I wish they actually showed an inset board w the moves. We once sat in dorm halls playing and forcing everyone to walk over us- I could attack 4-5 moves ahead but was blithely incompetent on defense and promptly lost my Queen. I can't understand how anyone plays speed-chess; my moves would sometimes take 10 min.

This show has exploded to become Netflix's most popular ever (62 mil downloads); the disturbing limpid-eyed addicted souless Beth's journey to becoming a full human being is utterly transfixing 

FARGO - 4 seasons; Incredibly fun stylish series w verve and class from the Cohen Bros, this may be the only TV show better than the classic Movie. Each season is a new story.

- 5 seasons. THE Best Sci-Fi show in the last 10 years; this series has likable empathetic fully-fleshed characters, exc acting + writing, a beautifully detailed spacefaring Solar System on the verge of War, grandiose themes- First Contact and a Space Gate, romance, I even love the unscientific jive effects, like glacial electromagnetic rail guns or the sound of rockets. 


MIKE'S BEST HOLIDAY PODCASTS - With time on your hands and repeats

all over Stock Up on some audio brain food! You can smile and nod when your Trumpore uncle babbles some trash, as you listen to the mysteries of the Universe 

THIS AMERICAN LIFE- https://www.thisamericanlife.org THE show that started the whole NPR podcast storytelling tradition some 24 years ago, still the best.

RADIOLAB  https://www.wnycstudios.org/podcasts/radiolab The most captivating, amazing, and mind-blowing show there is- ostensibly about science this show contains multitudes, and might change your life.

ON THE MEDIA https://www.wnycstudios.org/podcasts/otm The most moral, decent, and wry take on all media issues by sarcastic funny Bob Garfield + Brook Gladstone, which includes the most intractable problems of mankind. Must listen

ANTROPOCENE REVIEWED  https://www.wnycstudios.org/podcasts/anthropocene-reviewed/episodes/anthropocene-reviewed-john-green-plague

Think this Epidemic is bad or unprecedented? It's a cakewalk compared to what people suffered for 6 centuries in the periodic Bubonic Plagues- the Black Death (and the Pneumonic Plague), that may have killed most of Europe... over and over and over. The dry neurotic totally original John Greene brings it all to life... and death with verve and impact. 

FRESH AIR  https://www.npr.org/podcasts/381444908/fresh-air - Terry is the Best woman interviewer ever. I love when she giggles and brightly says,"So, that's when you killed your whole family?" and you realize she is bugsht insane.

CONSIDER THIS- https://www.npr.org/podcasts/510355/considerthis formerly the Covid Report, this highly liberal show explores the criminal failures of the Chump Admins with the sympathetic host Kelly McEvers

NPR POLITICS- https://www.npr.org/podcasts/510310/npr-politics-podcast Cowardly when it comes to harsh criticism of Repub crimes, but w valuable info on the latest mudfight

TRUMP INC https://www.wnycstudios.org/podcasts/trumpinc Investigators from ProPublica unearth the details of the Trump Crime family

UNITED STATES OF ANXIETY https://www.wnycstudios.org/podcasts/anxiety  How Chump is driving Americans insane, this show took long hiatuses, but is soothing in knowing YOU ARE NOT ALONE

VOX PODCASTS  https://www.vox.com/pages/podcasts  Today Explained has the top story clearly + cogently explained in 25 min; WORLDLY has excellent analyses from the sharp FP staff; Alot of Internet biz, SM, and fashion pods

NEW YORKER RADIO HOUR  https://www.wnycstudios.org/podcasts/tnyradiohour Elite, effete, and elluminating.

THROUGHLINE https://www.npr.org/podcasts/510333/throughline Fascinating backstory of the history behind stories- hosted by coolest named hosts Randa Fatapatapa and Ramtine Arab Louie

DIANE REHM https://www.npr.org/podcasts/381443514/diane-rehm-on-my-mind Still goin + goin, she still has excellent shows with best guests twice a week 

ARE WE THERE YET https://www.npr.org/podcasts/470937634/are-we-there-yet Interesting Space program from Orlando WMFE and acquaintance Brendon

PLANETARY RADIO https://www.planetary.org/planetary-radio  Bill Nyes Space Org project that has launched the Lightsail spacecraft, and talks to the latest Interplanetary explorers from JPL-Pasedena and wider world.

THE WORLD  https://www.npr.org/podcasts/381444246/pri-s-the-world  Real varied news of the World for arrogant 'Murkins. Touring the Cascades for months, I would drive to top of mtns just to listen to this ONLY media I could get, but the fools didn't pop for my reports from Ukraine.

TED RADIO HOUR https://www.npr.org/podcasts/510298/ted-radio-hour  Inspirational Tales of making the impossible happen

BBC SCIENCE HOUR  https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p016tmt2/episodes/player Mix of wonder from Momma Beeb