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Monday, December 16, 2019



Public support for Donald Trump‘s removal from office is the highest it has ever been- 55%!

The Dems Impeachment "Strategy" is the worst I have ever seen, if they are being forced to do this, they have TO WIN!! Having a 4-6 month investigation until they have 60% public support for Removal could do that, establish the power of Congress to remove a criminal Traitor backed by a criminal Party, and ensure the Election of any Dem in 2020, and a Dem SWEEP OF CONGRESS. There was not a majority of public sentiment for Nixon's Conviction UNTIL 2 DAYS BEFORE HE STEPPED DOWN. We have that now with Trump, and the Independents, and Trumpanzees who see the light or are sick of the Clownshow will slowly grow. IT WILL REACH 60%, as more and more crimes come out by this major criminal fraudster, huckster, as more whistleblowers come forward with tales of betrayal, corruption, child rape- listen to the video (I posted) of the bound 13 yo victim of TPD's rape, saying how she looked like Ivanka!!!!
Instead by rushing forward with this proforma Impeachment of a monster, a Russian agent... they are DESTROYING IMPEACHMENT AS A REMEDY FOR A CRIMINAL MONSTER PRESIDENT when the (Senate-controlling) Party has become the same thing. They must FULLY DOCUMENT ALL THE CRIMES OF THIS MONSTER FOR POSTERITY and then smear EVERY REPUB WITH THEIR ENDORSEMENT OF HIS CRAP!!! In brazen monket poo-throwing style he posed with Russian propaganda prince Lavrov as his Right-hand man in the Oval Office!!
Prolonged the investigation until the Democratic Candidate is chosen would cripple Trump's ability to do evil and to campaign, and force him into to wild admissions, mistakes, and further crimes. Like Nixon, tens of millions would simply tire of him and want him gone, including many Nonvoters who could decimate Repubs in 2020. Even if Removal fails, Repubs would be fatally damaged. Even with the public 70% against it, Clinton's Impeachment led to Gore's defeat.
The Articles are breathtakingly lame- Defying Congress should be the Last of about 10, Acting as an agent of Putin in destroying American Alliances, Enemy of the People death threats, cozying up to dictators, 1000s of instances of Obstruction, $100s of millions of emoluments bribery, $400 mil tax fraud, THESE MUST BE DOCUMENTED TO EXPOSE THE CRIME OF SENATE REPUB COLLUSION W THE WHITE TRASH HOUSE!
Nancy has been a master of political jujitsu but here she is is tragically, dead wrong! 


Incredibly Chump admitted to TWISTING ZELLY's ARM to say that "There was no pressure"!! Dimwitted Judy Woodruff, Brooks & Shields didn't even notice! https://www.pbs.org/newshour/show/shields-and-brooks-on-articles-of-impeachment-fbis-russia-mistakes  @4:50

CHUMP: "The president of Ukraine repeatedly declared that there was no pressure, but he didn't want to say that.
We said, say it. Say it, you crooked bastard. Say it."
  But he doesn't want to say it. We said, say it.
I'd like to force him to say it.
President Donald Trump: He will walk up to the mic. "Ladies and gentlemen."
   President Donald Trump: The guy's a total corrupt guy.

After this 20th humiliation, ZELENSKY HAS TO REFUTE OR CONFIRM IT- That Trump DID SUBJECT HIM TO BRUTAL PRESSURE TO SAY "There was no Pressure"! Trump has become an implacable Enemy of Ukraine and Zelensky is now a player in the whole Impeachment Odyssey, like it or not. It may seem like a no-win proposition, but people respect courage.


Sad, and hauntingly true piece from Rick Wilson:
If the Democrats were serious, they’d bring the only kind of pressure Mitch McConnell gives a single fk about: political. They’d be on the air with TV and digital ad campaigns in key Senate seats, spending the kind of money Mike Bloomberg and Tom Steyer are incinerating in their bonfire of the vanities ad campaigns.
-- Democrats would have their billionaires pushing a super PAC ad campaign with real tonnage behind it. They’d be hitting states like Maine, North Carolina, Arizona, Georgia, and especially Colorado. They’d be hanging Trump’s obvious corruption out there for all to see. They would be extracting a political price for senators who defend Trump. Spoiler: It’s not too late, but the clock is running.

-Why do Democrats keep blowing the block-and-tackle political stuff? Because they’re still locked in the old model. Presuming good faith from a Trump side that operates in a world free of responsibility and consequence, the Democrats are unable to call a bluff even when their opponent is holding a pair of twos. They still fight spectacle with process, a fight spectacle always wins.