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Tuesday, November 06, 2018


NOV 5: Trump's maniacal escalation of the INVASION garbage, and threats to shoot the 5000 Cen. Amer. migrants "marching" 1500 miles in flip-flops show how likely he will be to incite riots when Mueller results come out OR he fires them all (maybe Nov 7), and multi-million demonstrations erupt. He is a monster, and will soon prove it even to Vichy Repubs. Actually I have had a political revelation and am convinced Trump has cut his own throat in his hysterical racism of the last few days- for every additional MAGA moron he turns out, he is turning out 3 decent Americans disgusted at this hateful madness. The WAVE will be a TSUNAMI !!!! The Dem generic lead is back up to 13 points, 18 Repub House seats are leaning or strong Dem, 29 other Repub seats are toss-ups, 27 more vulnerable... whereas only 3 Dem seats are in doubt!! Dems need 23 to FLIP THE HOUSE! Tornadoes forecast for S Central US. In the Senate, Beto is down 3 pts, Nelson is ahead 2, psycho harpie bich Blackburn (an unhinged Palin) is ahead by 4 in TN, and McCaskill is near tied (+1) in MO, as is Sinema in AZ + Donnelly in IN, Heller in NV. FLORIDA is the key state with GILLUM as Gov (+4%), 350K new PRs, and maybe 1.4 mil more banned felons allowed to vote  (referendum) could turn the State Blue. NEVER AGAIN should another LOSER PRES BE ELECTED BY FLORIDA! Govs Cordray OH, Evers WI, + Whitmer MI are kicking Asss +5, OH is another key swing state that needs the stalls cleaned out! +7 Dem? GOVERNORs Races.
 (exc HI-RES DemTsunami pic for circulation, case-sens) http://hammernews.com/BlueWave-Hammernews.jpg

After Trump makes some lunatic outrageous statement to seize the media spotlight, others explain why this is impossible and dishonest. The right thing to do is IGNORE it, or report it like I said:
"A child born in America is automatically an American citizen, by the 14th Amendment. Today Pres. Trump claimed he could cancel that by Executive Order. He can't. He also lied in saying America is the only Country that allows that- MOST of Western Democracies actually do, over 30 countries."
Not "misspoke, was mistaken, made an error"- LIED. Use that in place of "said"- it would make most reporting more accurate

WHAT IS glaringly obvious
is that it is the Fake President TRUMP WHO IS THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE, the Enemy of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, the Enemy of Hispanics, women, Blacks, Journos, gays, Dems, all good Americans. He wanted to and was going to kill, I said, and he has, tasted blood in the killings of his designated enemies- journos, Caravan Invasion plotters, Jewish Bankers (can't slam Soros without that being the reading).  Is he chagrined, ashamed about this.... no he is PROUD- a fat proud Pig DEMAGOGUE, reveling in his power to kill as he proved, by ramping up the psycho hate against the poor migrants- now he is directing the military to shoot them!! If there is any God, Dems will run the table, fortified by the millions of decent Americans who have just had enough!. REPUBS PANICKING (says Politico)  Nigerian Army Uses Trump’s Words to Justify Fatal Shooting of Rock-Throwing Protesters

He must be removed- if Pelosi won't Impeach him, replace her; even if it can't succeed initially, the many Investigations of his Crime Family and Admin should weaken and tar him so much, Repubs may tire of his criminality and drag. And after the next time journos immigrants or minorities are killed by MAGA whackos inflamed by his hate-storms, Trump better worry about some of those MAGA bedecked supporters "who love me", lest they shiv him like the prisonyard convict he will become.

Dems have been such wimps though- FINALLY after 70 years of weak-on-defense fellow-traveler slanders, Dems toss away the most powerful weapon they've even had- DON'T EVEN MENTION RUSSIA TREASON and how whole Repub party is in bed with them now (why else did they send a Senatorial Delegation to Moscow even after the Skrypal poisonings); that would sure play in the South! "TRUMP is President ONLY because PUTIN PUT HIM THERE!!"

Likewise with the psycho unAmerican IMMIGRANT hysteria,
"Are YOU going to wait till a MAGA cop shoots your son because he MIGHT be an Illegal???? GET OUT & VOTE!" America is a Nation of Immigrants!! But Dems are gutless wimps- they just can't go in for the kill. They could have made this Election a historic wipeout of Repubs, and won the Senate too.

And Go after the black Heart of the evil Repubs: the Party of the Rich:
"Your enemy isn't Hispanics, or Blacks, or Immigrants, or Democrats; YOUR ENEMIES ARE..... THE RICH!!! THEY WANT EVERYTHING, they aren't happy with half the pie or 60 or 70%, they want EVERY PENNY!!! And if your child dies without healthcare, that's tough, if you lose your home cause you lost your job, that's tough; if your boss blackmails you for sex, that's tough. In fact THEY MAY PUT HIM ON THE SUPREME COURT!!!" Every Republican voted against ObamaCare- if you can't afford it THEY WANT YOU TO DIE!

Bill Mahr said: "Yeah, it's really not fair to compare Trump and Htler: Htler enlisted in the Army."
My parents knew hundreds of people in Germany with a "moderate" message. They didn't last long, but their calming message lulled millions into the camps & ghettos.
Can't say it enough, but it took only 5 months before the Nzis achieved ABSOLUTE POWER in 1933, 7 months in Ukraine in 2010-11 (where Yanukovich DID "Lock Her Up"). Where do you think we are on that timeline? Every time TPD uses Stalin's phrase, he is calling for the killing of Journos, in Annapolis he succeeded.

An activist describes the terror of living in the neo-Nzi area of E. Germany (they just got 88 seats in Parliament, for very first time w 13.5%!) as Merkel's CDU lost 10% and the center Left SPD lost 8% and stopped supporting Merkel. Angle-a is going to retire in 2021, maybe leaving leadership of Europe to Ma-KRONNNNN. One more neo-liberal icon disappearing.
    – I would ask (accuse) my mother why They (you) didn't STOP IT (she was in Germany for duration), and she said, "You can't imagine how fast it was, impossible, nobody believed it was happening. Then it was too late." I tried to grill her about her whole life in the Mommy Tapes as her brain started to go, but only got a couple of hours. Getting Germans to talk about the War is like pulling teeth, or describe a 3 week root canal.
KRUGMAN: The lies have come nonstop since Trump’s inauguration address, which conveyed a false vision of “American carnage.” But they have gotten ever more extreme, culminating in the portrayal of a small caravan of refugees still 1,000 miles from the border as an imminent, menacing invasion — somehow full of diseased Middle Eastern terrorists.
--- And now there’s the added insinuation that sinister Jewish financiers are the real culprits behind this invasion. Because that’s where people doing this kind of thing always end up.
--- The crucial thing to realize is that these aren’t just ugly, destructive lies. Beyond that, they shape the G.O.P.’s nature. It is now impossible to have intellectual integrity and a conscience while remaining a Republican in good standing.       Sayoc's Letter Bombs

NPR POSTER: Is the Press Corps afraid of confronting him at press conferences about his whoppers--because he won't give the `guilty' reporters future access?
Or is the Press afraid of being seen as weak if they allow Trump to shout them down in public?
Where are the guts? Where?

MH: I don't know- it is so shameful, like those Axios axons, not pushing back on his theory of reversing Amendments. The least they could do is loudly Buzz each of his lies w the Truth in subtitles.
                                                   Sayoc Van- No Warning there!!
When Chump starts to scream down the WH Press Corp, they should all chant FAKE PRESIDENT, FAKE PRESIDENT. His head would explode!! Some may get on his shtlist, but I think it's the opposite, note he ALWAYS picks CNN for questions!

POSTER: Couldn't agree more. For Trump, there's kyrptonite everywhere--and yet no one knows how to HARNESS it.

MH: Like Chump himself, they acknowledge his sickness and malignancy as Power.. and don't push back.


With America inexorably browning, this has been the WAY to cheat since banana bitch FL SoS Katheryn Harris jimmied the FL 2000 Election to hand it (and Presidency) to her candidate (she was GB2's CAMPAIGN MANAGER- Felon Purge- 12,000 removed; Jacksonville fraudulent different sample ballot- 20K Dems removed http://hammernews.com/duval.jpg , Repubs "correcting" illegal Repub absentee ballot requests in 4 Counties- 5-20K added, bad voting card Daytona- 19K negative Gore votes- fixed later but basis for erroneous TV Bush "Victory").

She was never punished in any way, so the dirtbag OH SoS did it again in 2004 against Kerry, again GB2's OH CAMPAIGN MANAGER. Kris Kobach is public enemy #1 in this as SoS, designing the ALEC voter suppression schemes the Koch Bros have pushed throughout the 30 Repub States, now the corruption is blatant + egregious when the SoS's  Kobach + Kemp ARE RUNNING for Gov while still being SoS!!!! Absolutely criminal- VOTING IS THE MOST BASIC RIGHT OF A DEMOCRACY!