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Tuesday, October 02, 2018


Of course, the Repub vermin confirmed him, using as Collins explained a legal standard of guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, but it WAS A JOB INTERVIEW to a lifetime appointment to the Highest branch of Gov, probably the most important job over time in USA!! The standard shouldn't have been that of legal guilt (97%), or even civil guilt (65%, a preponderance of the evidence), but maybe 33%- that bar was met in the 4 women that accused him... but his blatant lies, and contempt for Dems rendered him utterly unfit. Murkowski was swayed by an 11th hour appeal from a NEW victim of Clarence Thomas. Murkowski abstained, to provide a vote for a Montana Sen. attending his daughters convenient wedding- so REAL VOTE WAS 49-51, so 2 MORE VOTES- gutless Joe, the flake Flake, or caving Collins could have prevented this generational outrage.

Sure, it is a Nat Security secret that our next SC Judge is a rapist perv and that investigation must be kept secret, Dems should ALL blow that crap wide open- Grassmulcher has no right to classify it. What does this say to every woman who was molested or raped, now seemingly most of them! Grass-smoker released a letter smearing Swetnick as unstable + promiscuous from a former married paramour, but that is CONSISTENT with young victims of gang rape.

Disgusting, but predictable that the Repub extremists are reassured at the absurd FBI whitewash, which just so happened to not interview anyone of the 20 people who contradict the PERJUROR Kav. I can't say how disgusted I am at them, esp the "troubled" pukes with "concerns", like Collins or the flake Flake, they are ALL hores for the Far Right agenda. Was going to send Jeff a final blast, he who SAW the ultimate result of their nonstop full court lie + cheat press in that baseball shooter- maybe if he had been a better shot, they would have taken a pause to reflect. [But I've been up 40 hours- reached all 17 had fax numbers for, some had to try 3-4 times + 2nd fax number; but shows how under-utiziled faxes are nowadays] EVERY Repub must be be defeated, the Party should be driven into the dirt, where they're comfortable, with the worms and bacteria.

Kavanaugh is a bald faced brazen liar, with his choir boy trash. They are going to let him get away with his absurd blanket denials?? Really. Lifetime highest Court judge who perjured himself 20 times on things HE KNEW everybody could contradict!! And remember he was the Holy Crusader on Impeaching Billy Boy for... wait for it... PERJURY, IT WAS PERJURY!!! When he only dissembled on a consensual affair after they couldn't find ANYTHING else in 5 years and $130 mil of Investigations (I gave Janet Reno some sht about her allowing Starr to look into Monica, "I had to- it seems crimes were committed", think clip is on my AV page). Can you imagine the monstrous hypocrisy of this dirtbag GANG RAPIST? He used the exact same Clarence Thomas playbook (probably studied his performance a dozen times) and Dems reacted the same way, COWARDLY, tremulously, afraid to push back on his blatent aggression and contempt. I really think he may be a Jekyll and Hyde re Clinton Impeachment- repressed rapists resent the slick dudes who don't have to force girls.

Note this thrown FBI "Investigation" means yet another Institution Chump has contaminated, corrupted, and discredited. OF COURSE they couldn't find hard evidence Bret was a slobbering raping degenerate- they saw what happened to McCabe and Mrs Miller (Struck + GF), and tailored their questions and "findings". Kavanaughs lies were grotesque, obvious, categorical.. and render him COMPLETELY UNFIT for any Bench, but Repubs see no problem, no qualm with confirming him. Just like they've appointed Fed Judges who've never tried a case (like Bret!), who knew NOTHING about the law, who weren't even lawyers!!

Bret is dirt, NO QUESTION he was perjuring himself, he made it obvious with his pure as driven snow blanket denials. Especially about his blackout drinking, MANY people can verify that. But if you are a GANG RAPIST, what other choice do you have but deny deny deny... it worked for Clarence, even though he too was a guilty perv. The gang rape allegations dwarf ALL this other stuff, and Mark Judge's GF has said he confessed to partaking- ipso facto, as bossom buddies- that means Kav did too. Think about the courage it takes for Swetnick to admit to being a (drugged) victim of that, will anyone ever look at her the same? ALL OF KAVS LIES:
                               Accusers Swetnick, Ramirez, Ford
As a journalist who has often had to assess the honesty of sources, I'm convinced Bret is guilty as sin- his quivering outrage was so carefully ginned up, manicured, but his self-serving self-pitying self-centeredness echoed Trump's narcissism and revealed the depth of his disfunction and detachment- this IS a guy who could rape someone and believe HE was the victim!

One Senator should have listed his dozen obvious glaring Lies and screamed at him, AND YOU ARE LYING ABOUT THESE ASSAULTS TOO, AREN'T YOU!!! Cause he is. He is guilty. To balance off Graham Cracker's carefully planned histrionics. 5 WITNESSES HE WAS A STUMBLING DRUNK + Perjurer (exc video)

BRET'S BIZARRE PERFORMANCE: Not Judicial. No trial experience. Brain damage from years of young drinking. Assault. Likely rape, gang rape. 10 instances Perjury. All Partisan employment. Religious corporate extremist. = Ideal Repub Judge. Wicked SNL Matt Damon Parody

Mark Judge will be the Judge, and will cooperate with the FBI- is he ready to lie, committing felonies? Like many good Catholics, I bet he longs for confession!
KAVANAUGH LIVED LIKE ANIMAL @YALE BASEMENT DUNGEON- BLIND DRUNK, NEVER SPOKE TO ROOMATES, PUKE COVERED BATHROOM   PERJURER PERVERT CREEP- loads of proof Like a bad penny turning up, war criminal GB2 was lobbying Senators for his boy Kav.
                                               Trump shows us the tick in his head
But this is more than losing the right to abortion or making all corporations untouchable or destroying unions..  this is about whether Donald Trump becomes a full dictator and the Constitution is trashed. Bret indicated his fealty to Chump in the preposterous lie how his selection was "the most extensive search in history". If he lets Chump seize full power, he can also crush his accusers and critics.
This RW bully rapist is an existential threat to the United States and our system of government.

The appointment of Kavanaugh would mean the Supreme Court has four justices (John Roberts, Samuel Alito, Neil Gorsuch, and Kavanaugh) appointed by presidents who lost the popular vote; two justices (Clarence Thomas and Kavanaugh) accused of sexual misconduct and misleading the Senate; and one justice (Gorsuch) who effectively stole his seat from President Barack Obama’s nominee, Merrick Garland. How’s that for a crisis of legitimacy? INTERCEPT says Dems should PACK THE COURT when  they control the Senate, only takes a majority to add Judges.
                   Flake's Torture- how do I square morality + mindless RW horing
The FBI only have (practically) 5 days, and as I predicted, the WH is desperately trying to sabotage it, limiting questioning to 4 witnesses. Intimidated FBI people may roll over for TPD, after what he did to McCabe, Struck, et al.  If you block questioning of accusers or contradictors, the whole thing is a sham. Especially Swetnick, whose gang rape allegations dwarf the others in seriousness and criminality, ignored by Repubs and downplayed by the Media, inc NPR. Kavanaugh is screamingly obviously guilty, but Repubs don't care; and a rapist President is forcing appointment of a rapist SC Judge. Pay attention, ladies.
KAVS LIES:  https://theintercept.com/2018/09/29/the-unbearable-dishonesty-of-brett-kavanaugh/
                                                                           Young Julie Swetnick
WE DIDN'T CALL IT RAPE   A Sobering story by a girl about the tradition of gang rape at elite Catholic Prep schools in DC, which single sex schools made more likely. In HS + college, sex separation breeds brutality and abuse, and if ALL sex is bad, rape is easier and drinking to blackout a coping tool. Swetnick never finished college & was permanently damaged.

The Supreme Court hasn't just been politicized, but poisoned! The Constitution should have stipulated 60% Senate confirmation. Dems pick respected middle of road judges with long experience: Repubs pick extremist partisan idealogues, unqualified, inexperienced, unknown... like Thomas or Kav; culture warriors from the start. Even if you ignore his sexual assaults, Kavanaugh showed himself utterly unfit by his Perjury- 10 repetitive lies, his injudicious anger & insolence, and his utter wierdness- fake crying, bizarre facial expressions, alcoholism (brain damage?), stupidity ("I like beer"). EVEN IF A RAPIST, Repubs still support him 54%, showing how corrupt and evil they've become. They need to go the way of the Whigs, and Women may show them the way.

DONNELLY A NO VOTE! THE FLAKE FLAKE A MAYBE! Sens. Joe Manchin (D-WV), Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND), and Sens. Susan Collins (R-ME) & Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) have yet to announce their decisions.
                 Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley
 Jesuit magazine America has rescinded its endorsement of its once-favorite Catholic son  REPUBS STYMIED RAMIREZ TESTIMONY

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I think many will be disturbed by Kavanaugh's transparent lying, and final vote may be a real surprise. And any Repub won't telegraph it ahead of time, to avoid the violent psychos' "lobbying". Best argument, besides Repubs will lose women's vote for 30 years, is Kavanaugh could let Trump become Il Douche.  For endangered Dems, Trump proves people respect courage, what you lose in RWers, you will gain in womenWIKI SEN LIST     My LETTER to REPUBS (had different ones for Dems and Repubs quitting)

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JUDICIARY COMMITTEE Republican members   Guess plan is for JudCo  to vote Thur eve (not even a week inves) and Full Senate Vote Friday morn;