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Saturday, December 16, 2017


May, 2018:  411 ppm CO2 (highest in 20 mil yrs),             December 15, 2016:  404.91 ppm  Avg increase 5 yrs ago=2ppm/yr
We are literally cooking: Carnegie Institute for Science  says 93% chance of 4C temp rise by 2100- this simply and clearly means billions will die- my guess is half of human pop will perish from (in order) drought-caused Famine;  Pandemics; billions of Migrants fleeing Africa, ME, India, S China, Central America/Mexico and the1-2 billion under 10-15 ft altitude (most major cities) from sea level rise; no or poisoned Water; War for resources + land; Civilizational Collapse (about 500-1500 mil dead should do that).... Each happening repeatedly over the Century- I would put major money that this will start by 2030!! Since all realities have been WORSE, the rise will likely be 6C by 2100 (10F) and change life as we know it in every corner of the Globe. Kauai recently suffered over 4 ft of rain in 24 hours!

I have had this on the back burner for several years- must write it in concert with one of the 6 top World climate scientists I've interviewed over the years. They Constitutionally oppose Apocalyptic scenarios and downplay all effects.. but they know in their souls an awful reckoning is coming
    live Great Barrier Reef
Why? MONSTER FEEDBACK LOOPS: Warm Arctic- white ice to black water- 10% heat absorption to 85%, melted tundra- ancient mega Methane emissions (85x more potent greenhouse gas); Warm oceans (92% of all CO2 dissolved)- massive CO2 emissions, maybe Clathrates too (bizarre methane-ice with 160x more gas than volume), collapse of micro-aminofers- base of entire chain of Life; Acidifying Ocean- dissolving carbonate shells= more CO2; a Washington St. a year deforestation- carbon drinking stops; Too Hot- forests emit MORE CO2 than they drink!! Et cetera etc.....

Heartbreaking tale of the bleaching death of 25% of  THE GREAT BARRIER REEF, the biggest living thing on the Planet- divers, get thee to Australia cause it will be all gone in 10 years!!
         Of 27 extreme weather events last year, the research found that climate change was a "significant driver" in 21, and that 3 events—the temperatures making 2016 the hottest year on record....—"could not have happened" without climate change.
3 Extreme Weather Events in 2016 'Could Not Have Happened' Without Climate Change, Scientists Say

 Meanwhile the Trump Administration, alarmed by the partial End of the World, has spent 1 year searching for Chump critics to purge in the EPA!!!!   https://www.nytimes.com/2017/12/15/us/politics/epa-scott-pruitt-foia.html

Analysts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta were told of a list of forbidden words- “vulnerable,” “entitlement,” “diversity,” “transgender,” “fetus,” “evidence-based” and “science-based.”   Maybe replace it with "Trump-based"

With victories like this, the Repubs are speeding toward their Gotterdammerung. This is, of course, a spectacular boondoggle to the rich, but has some insane ancillary provisions that will cripple America- extending their war on blacks, immigrants, women, to our dwindling Intelligensia- they are trying to make starving University grad student pay taxes on the "free" education they get (in exchange for teaching and the patina of advanced education they provide some schools- $15-40k . Now, apparently, not just world students will go to China to study (4:1 now, before 9-11 4:1 to USA!), Americans may have to too!! [Supposedly that provision was cut)

In dropping the corporate rate to a supposed 20% from 35%, they are almost eliminating it- over HALF OF BUSINESSES PAY NO CORP TAX, THE AVG IS NOW ONLY 15%, so extrapolating from that- 20% would really mean about a 9% tax on the spectacular profits of our mega-corps. No wonder the swine on Wall St. are pushing all indexes through the roof- as my BFF (Best Financial Friend) Allan Sloan once said, "The more blood, the more Wall St. loves it." What a payday- only on the backs of the middle class, whose families see their child exemptions disappear, and state + local tax write-offs vaporize. Anyone making under $100K will probably suffer- Chump gets a tens of millions, maybe hundreds... windfall- yes they wrote in a real estate provision that does just this!

To review: 1981-3 HUGE tax cuts + rampant deregulation, huge military spending = Monster deficits, Wall St. boom and bubble, 1986-9 Savings + Loan collapse/scandal- $1-2 Trillion lost, Big Recession

2001-2 Two HUGE TAX CUTS of $3 trillion + rampant deregulation; Monster deficits with funding Afghan War, Bush's Iraq Disaster; Stock Market boom; 2007-2009 Housing Loan Fraud Bubble bursts. $12-15 trillion of assets vaporized, Millions lose their homes; Recovery takes 8 years

2017 HUGE TAX CUTS + rampant heedless deregulation, Monster deficits- $1.5 tril over 10 yrs, President about to be removed for likely Treason, Stock Market goes through the roof, Bubble inflating fast.....

They are doing it all again! Making Americans poor again! This really, coupled with ALL the Trump crimes and scandals, may be the Republicans last hurrah.

Dems must really restrain their joy at Jones' win, as great as it is: First, all it took to win, as Bill Maher said, was running against a child rapist; second- 40% of the voters were black... the vast majority of whites supported the horse (also underage) riding religious creep, even 2/3 of white women (3/4 of white men)!! The disparity by Parties is the most extreme split I've ever seen- 96% of Dem for Jones, 93% Repubs for Moore. But it augers well for 2018- the absolute exhaustion at TPD and his criminal/crude/disgusting ways and habits, by Dems, women, and sane human beings.

This was my radio show post just before the election:
How can the God fearing people of Alabama seem to be endorsing a PoS like Moore. This is a test case for alot of things- does Schlaeger's conviction mean the South has turned a corner into the 21st century; how venal or stupid are Alabamans to support a known child molester, how identical are Moore voters and Trump voters who have bought into the entire fake news trash where they simply deny the dozens of testimonies, facts, and witnesses; and keep Fox News on 24/7.

These are the Trumpanzees, beyond the reach of anything but force, the ones who will riot and attack when Trump gets close to Removal, and activates them in a tweet. I have no doubt there will be deaths due to Chumps fast twitter finger. I wonder if his Aides and Cabinet have discussed this... and how much death and destruction it would take to enact the 26th Amendment.

I chose to hope that the natural decency of Southerners finally overcomes their nasty history and residual fascism, as seemed to happen in SC.


No doubt that many many men have been getting away with murder for a long time, but the lynching of mild offenders like Dem powerhouse Al Franken, beloved Garrison Kiellor, and reporter Ryan Lizza.. shows it is out of control. ZERO TOLERANCE IS ZERO BRAINS !! NPR is getting decimated- ex-host John  Hockenberry seems to have been an abusive predator, Tom Ashbrook has been accused of being abusive (not sexually), Dustin Hoffman has just joined the 3 dozen or so ranks.

And re. Frankens unseemly fast denouement,
I think the immolation of Franken was unjustified, and completely insane tactically, since the damage Repubs are doing with CONG control WILL hurt women, and Franken was an incredibly effective Dem voice for all liberal values. I haven't heard anything serious about Kiellor. In most of these multiple allegations, the guys were serious creeps, but I fear now a single complainant can cause a big overreaction. Hopefully it makes more women or NBC come forward with tapes and proof that buries TPD, who I believe is a fellow child rapist- several have reiterated their complaints

Dems are cutting their own throat forcing out Franken, thinking their probity will get them credit with the public... while Repubs circle the wagons around child-molesters like Moore + TPD. If kissing and grabbing butts is all he did, probably half of Congress could be expunged.

I'm in Europe where you commonly kiss women hello or goodbye. Also he's a somewhat adolescent prof clown, who is a decent guy and effective foil of Repub crimes targeted by a Hannity-loving RW talk show host who lied about his "groping". HE created Muellers investigation! MN is a swing state and 1 less Dem Senator could result in unimaginable more horrors.

I've really got to wonder what Gillebrand + the female Senators that banded up against him were thinking. Can't they see the larger truth and strategic picture, when you see the spectacular damage Republicans are doing with full Cong control, the damage to women in a dozen fields? If they're going to can him over relatively minor transgressions we are entering witch-hunt territory- I still haven't heard just what Garrison Keillor did to negate a lifetime of decency.

If Dems think they can manufacture responsibility-equivalence in sex offenses, they are crazy. Repubs don't care until people come after them w pitchforks, which is long overdue w the AL child rapist or TPD (he didn't just rape a 14yo, but a kid ripped apart by custody battle, like the pimps in the bus station look for runaways). Most white women voted for the P grabber, insane!

Masha Gesson, has some pertinent observations on the current lust to police sex; as a Russian, she's de facto an expert on sexual harrassment.

RE: ASHBROOK:  Like I said- this has entered dangerous territory- it looks like people are guilty until proved innocent. I've been there (some big party) and met Tom- and I find it very hard to believe- WBUR, at least 15 years ago, was run by women- the top reporters and I think management were all women, very powerful women, and Tom seemed to be an absolute gentleman to everyone. They wouldn't have countenanced much monkey business. I wonder if this involved some hyper-sensitive Ivy intern.

Jeez, this is the 3rd famous guy I met who's getting taken down- I questioned Conyers, interviewed Chas Rose for a big CJR article that may have helped make his career, had Franken's number in NYC in SNL days (but never called him).

CONG. CHARLIE RANGEL (audio)- 35 yr. Harlem Congressman, founder Cong. Black Caucus; Question on Republican tone deafness re. Katrina, Libby, tax cuts, and cuts for the poor- Brown U., Salomon Hall- Oct 24, 2005 http://hammernews.com/range...

THE NEWS, ALL THE NEWS, AND NOTHING BUT THE NEWS- (Columbia Journalism Review) Analysis + examination of plethora of late late night news programs; Distilled from 22 page art.; CBS Nightwatch, NBC Overnight, ABC Last Word, America Tonight, + others; (more complete version from Isthmus, Madison WI.- 1st page CJR vers. with "FOLLY.." below) http://hammernews.com/folly...

Guess Rangel + Rose were creeps. But, if the Franken standard is applied to all of Congress, most of the men will be disappeared- it is famous as a sexual hothouse. There's little doubt that Repubs aren't desperately trying to weaponize this against any amorous Dem as we speak. Leanne's (friend of Hannity) initial exaggerated complaint may have been a political hit. He was a adolescent clown- I actually thought anyone from SNL would have way too many skeletons- they were all dope fiends. Ironically Franken wrote a book WHY NOT ME? where he becomes Prez and then is forced out in a scandal.

Zero tolerance in anything is extreme- that's where they call the police on some 8 year old cause he "threatens" some kids who repeatedly are bullying him; or lock up crack-smokers for 20 years. All things exist on a continuum. A proposition by highly unsymetrical Keillor might be considered creepy, same thing from Brad Pitt pretty wonderful. Another thing to think of, if too many icons fall, or some are proved innocent after being trashed... the whole movement will collapse.

Hmmm, I've always hated abusive bosses, why many of my jobs were appallingly short. Power does corrupt, and a show host/boss has absolute power. But I'd give Tom alot of latitude considering his wife's torturous death (cancer). Doing a 2 hour daily show is a tremendous strain (10% of waking life inc weekends) - and every hour of show requires 5-10 hours of preparation, groundwork, etc; so things must run like a fine clock, And some assistants/interns/producers are pretty insipid, who got their job only through family or donations (though most were pretty smart). I would go to Foreign Policy lectures regularly at Brown, and the questions from 20-something grad students were often so lame and insipid, it was shocking. As Tom gets older and staff becomes younger, and with less + less perspective, there must be rising frustration and annoyance at their cluelessness. I listen to the NPR Politics podcast religiously, and a new spin-off once, and the level of self-absorbed "clever" banter was amazing (though Tamara Keith is brilliant). Bullies sometimes are acting out of their own pain, but that's no excuse; they should be slapped down.

I've done some broadcasting- TV News, documentaries, radio reports, etc. but usually on my schedule. Having to do that much time DAILY, every day, is an enormous strain, and Tom couldn't just riff on the evilness of liberals, like RW scum Rush or Hannity or any of the extremist radio jocks, he had to have facts figures, and good gets (guests), who knew the situation. Moreover to preserve the illusion of "balance" and avoid savage attacks from the Right; he had to countenance RW imbecile and cracker callers from everywhere, treating them with a deference and respect they don't deserve (as "adding to the conversation")... because that is an essential factor of call-in. I doubt I could do that, I would tend to engage and argue with their BS, but it has to have created vast internal pressures in Tom.

I hope Tom can be rehabilitated, maybe punished, and return. If Tom is toast, get Ray Suarez, best call-taking host ever.

RE HOLLYWIERD:  To some extent, everyone in Hollywood (including the ingenues), knows young pretty ingenues are going to fed into the maw of the Machine- the volume of hacks, scum, frauds, and vermin are so high that it's a miracle any great movies/TV are created there. And girls will often have sex like people shake hands in other places, with the same care of-forethought. For every acting/industry job, there are 500-1000 hopefuls- people will do anything for a shot. As I've said many times since I lived there: "LA is a nightmare city of dreams, where everyone lies all the time, so you can trust them."

Re CLARENCE:  And this dirtbag has been a SC Judge for 26 years! I was never more outraged at the treatment of anyone than what Repubs did to poor Anita Hill (esp Bond villain Specter). Those hearings went on to like 3am- I was packing for my first SU, Russia, Europe expedition. With recorders on all semi-smart phone, these kind of things will get exposed Big Time, which is good. Jeez, I don't want to talk about porn even with girlfriends!

I watched Cosby bully someone as a guest Tonight Show host for 20 min straight till they were about to cry. He was a cruel bully, and when I saw that amazing comedy bit where he wonderously speculated on drugging women, I thought, "He has done (or will do) that!". And never watched the Cosby Show- his best one was I Spy.

Nobody ever says women write the rules- if sweet, considerate, gentle behavior would work.. men would do that. But from Jn. High School, men are trained that what women want in them is POWER; from popularity, wealth, position, social standing, authority. So it's not surprising these abusers who accumulate enough power just think they can demand sex- what's surprising is how much they get away with it!!


There is no way that Trump's pointless relocation of the Embassy to Jerusalem WON'T cause deaths in the explosion of hatred and violence (15?), but if you look at everything Trump has done- sectarian hatred, division, and controversy is the purpose and result. I think he actually wants the fighting, the deaths, because it feeds his malignant lust for power: killing people is equivalent to saving people in his anchorless amorality. It also feeds into the anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim feelings he has promoted. Another consideration is that as he gets closer and closer to Removal- he really needs a War to distract people and retain power... in NK, Iran, Yemen.. where ever. A monster doesn't leave quietly- he tries to drag his people into the pit with him. Ascerbic ME watcher Robert Fisk dissects his nonsense- http://www.independent.co.u...

The cable companies actually have some expenses in maintaining their wired network, from trees and storms; BUT the cell phone nets are unbelievable money-making machines who are raking in 70% profit!! Once they build their towers to use the PUBLIC bandwidth they are granted free, they have almost no expenses.. and the fees they charge from monthly fees to excess SMS/usage charges are obscene. Parasites, the free bandwidth they are provided are licenses to print money, which they then bribe Congress with.
      I was trying to talk my Frenator into mandating a 50% reduction in monthly fees. It's tragic that we've let these handful of companies develop the power and dominance that old AT+T did.
     In Europe I paid <10 100="" avg="" b="" fee="" for="" mb="" of="" us="">.


In Sanders, Chump finally found someone as disgusting, dishonest, disloyal (to America), & detached from reality as Trump himself. How the press pool takes the daily Orwellian torrent of lies, justifications, obfuscations, is beyond me. The first time lying Sarah excoriated them for lying, they should have told her off and walked off in protest. There is no point in listening to 100% distorted propaganda- the Soviet's Tass was more honest. The WH Press Corp. was always a strange beast- a chained dog being thrown scraps of raw propaganda, self serving nonsense, gee-whiz video of our great military accomplishments. I knew Mike McCurry, one of the better ones- but Col. Sanders doesn't have a single qualification for the job, just a willingness to prostitute herself ad infinitum for TPD. Exactly, another Bible-beater with absolutely no sense of morality, who daily explains how red is really... grey, and attacks the media for saying it is still red.


In the most momentous news, it seems obvious Repubs are circling the wagons against Impeachment in  their lunatic persecution of Mueller, the FBI, + Rosenstein. So in addition to being the Party of Racists, misogynists, xenophobes, and plutocrats... they are also the Party of pro-Russian traitors who believe Putin over all US Intelligence Agencies. Actually they DON'T, since the almost unanimous vote to restrict Trump's power to remove Sanctions on Russia mean they know he is guilty as sin!!

 Ironically we need a new McCarthy Commission to root out all the traitors in the Repub Party- Chump + all his accomplices, Ryan, who also used Ruskie hacks, McConnell who simply refused (in Frontlines: Putins Revenge) to join Obama in blowing the whistle, and every Rep who believes Putin over ALL of our Intelligence Agencies. In fact, I have in my hand, a list of 79, ahh, 122, ahh 148 .....