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Friday, April 19, 2013


TRIMMING the BILL of RIGHTS -Bye bye 4th
June 11  While this has been public knowledge for a while, this latest scandal of systemic warrantless snooping has critics of the right + left furious. The leaker, a 27 yo high-school dropout contractor making $200K who threw his life away over principle, Edward Snowden (good name for a spy) turns out to be extremely smart. thoughtful, deep guy.. and I really wonder if the Gov will destroy him. But such is the nature of the national security state that it must destroy, by reflex, those who try to limit or expose it. But the brutality of our overreaction to "intelligence" exposures and obscenity of the Orwellian state we've created, should finally cause a significant backlash. This is where the anti-gov nuttiness of the TP/Repubs is actually appropriate, though of course, most of them support any and every repressive policy. They make much that it is "only metadata" without the actual conversations and "identifying features removed"- nonsense, they include the phone number from which all other identifying data can be derived- and they've admitted they are vacuuming up all the conversations too- just need to go to a different database for that! Obama reacts in this short video clip, "You can't have 100% security and 100% privacy," - the first is true enough and it's the trying that's the problem and the sickness, but with the second, I'd be happy to have 20% privacy- the real number is now 0.
   -- hit parade of leakers minus Assange         On Point radio show w Greenwald

  In this video interview, the kicker is at 7:45 - he could look at ANYONE'S communication, inc the Prez and (see caps below).

They've been doing this stuff for ages- 30 years at least- everyone knew that the NSA promises to not tap domestic communication was BS. When the NSA director categorically answered NO to that black Fl congressman's 5 direct questions, "Are you listening to American's phone calls, internet, etc.". it was a bald faced lie and perjury (and wish he had included the question, "Are you now lying through your teeth?").  That's why that top NSA official Binney resigned. Although the amount of material is expanding exponentially (think 2-3 years of current traffic= all traffic before to beginning of time); they are saving everything, and can go back and scrutinize every bit of communication on any individual. There is NO WAY THIS ISN'T being used for blackmail, intimidation, persecution, selective prosecution. The case of Petraeus proved that-if HE wasn't safe from snooping and exposure, what chance do simple civilians (or press, or politicians) have? What the hell was the FBI doing prying into the personal life of the CIA director anyway? The nitwits in Congress must finally figure out that they are ALL in the crosshairs and maybe shut much of this down.   Glen Greenwald ---

Or America has become everything it always railed against East Germany, SU, North Korea for- an ultimate Big Brother state where nothing is private, nothing secret, and no one safe from official enemies of any stripe. As Frank Church said back in '75, the ability to snoop on everyone all the time is a totalitarian abyss that once crossed, will never be rescinded. It is so sad.

Once upon a time before this unholy terrorism obsession, the NSA, without an operational arm, were the good guys. I questioned 80's Director William Odom at length in 2006, who despite being a right wing AEI guy, was a virulent critic of the Iraq invasion, and displayed an extraordinary density of strategic wisdom and expertise. Such was the pathology of the Bushmen, that when he died 2 years later at 71, his wife had him autopsied.

--- updated June 6 In another crazy rulings straight out of a dystopian sci fi horror story, the Supreme Court ruled cops can now take a DNA swab from anyone arrested for any reason, without a warrant or probably cause. In a 5:4 decision, stupid Breyer and the hardening wingnut Kennedy sided with the fools in trashing the 4th Amendment, and Scalia incredibly was the voice of sanity and reason- “Make no mistake about it: as an entirely predictable consequence of today's decision, your DNA can be taken and entered into a national DNA database if you are ever arrested, rightly or wrongly, and for whatever reason."

 This is the second time he has been reasonable in the face of idiotic totalitarian voting- last time he defeated an arcane but crazy challenge to federal power, BUT in voting to overturn Obamacare (ACA), he was leader of a treasonous group that wanted to scuttle Obama's reelection by destroying his signature legislation. Roberts at the last minute realized the extremity and evil of their radical act in deciding another Prez race (no Supreme Court has ever overturned such a huge sweeping popular passed legislation), reneged and voted on specious grounds to support the ACA. So who is the worst Supreme- the lazy, incompetent Clarence Thomas (NEVER asked one question!!); charter neocon radical Thomas, or arrogant contemptuous (which translates in the press as “brilliant”) bad boy Scalia?        Dookhin ---

This is an execrable ruling that destroys hundreds of years of laws that protect citizens from unjustified searches without reasonable suspicion. Sure, many crimes will be solved as DNA gets linked to them, and DNA is almost foolproof (like the Oregon man arrested for terrorism with a supposed exact fingerprint match of some Algerian- it wasn't), but people aren't!!! They make mistakes, are lazy, cut corners, or like the Mass crime lab woman, Annie Dookhin, who falsified a decade of reports- 34,000 cases, wanted to “help” the cops (she added cocaine to samples) and faked a Master's in chemistry. Another lab worker was stealing the drugs for herself and replacing them with dummy samples. This is why the OJ case was never any slam dunk- Van Atta wandered around the crime scene with a vial of OJ's blood!! Cops lie regularly in court. Crime labs are often under the thumb of police depts, and have strong pressure to produce beneficial results- the sterling integrity of the CSI nerds is TV nonsense. Moreover this will overwhelm criminal databases with that of the innocent: "A Department of Justice study estimated that around 900,000 requests for biological screening, mostly DNA testing, were (already) backlogged nationally at the end of 2009".

I dearly hope the first person tied to some cold case rape or assault is some Supreme relative. And as this massive database of “criminals” (arrested does not mean guilty) expands to 20-40% of the US, there will be pressure to void statue of limitations laws: then distinguished leaders can be destroyed by DNA linking them to firecrackering someones car when they were 11 - can't have a bomber as Senator. DNA is forever.

Day by day, America is losing it's soul.

NOTE: Many links are to Boston Globe, which JUST returned to restricted viewing;  made exception for a week.
updated July 19 Cops are now investigating their links to a Waltham triple murder where 3 guys inc a "best friend" of Tam had their throats slit, and were left covered in marijuana! (both brothers smoked). When? On Sept 11, 2011. Chechens don't take being cheated well, or maybe the dudes had been disrespectful to Islam. YES: one Chechen boxer friend, Ibrahim Todashev, admitted in his Florida home to killing them with Tamarlan, before attacking the FBI agent with a knife and being killed May 22. It was a drug ripoff, he said. pic-

 Incredible, it was Muslim terrorism after all, contrary to many expectations of neo-Nazi involvement. One, 26yo Tamerlan Tsarnaev (lf), an accomplished boxer and classical pianist who might have made US Olympics, had competed in Golden Gloves, is already dead, shot by gigantic police response in enormous gunfight in Watertown (working-class city just to west of Cambridge), after assassinating an MIT cop in his cruiser after supposedly robbing a 7-11 (proved wrong) and carjacking a Mercedes (bragging "I did that", owner escaped but cops tracked his cell phone in the car). 4 cities were on lockdown with cops doing door to door search for the other shooter: Dzhokhar
A. Tsarnaev, 19 who had gone to Boston's incredibly diverse public Cambridge Rindge + Latin School (83 countries, 45 languages spoken). After a car chase of the stolen SUV, they stopped (one was driving a Honda Civic) and made a stand in a Hollywood shootout in Watertown at 12:50am, where they threw grenades and another pressure cooker bomb at cops; cops sent an empty car idling into them to draw fire. Tamerlan had advanced on cops until he ran out of bullets (200-300 shots total), been tackled by cops, but his panicked brother sped away, running him over, dragging and killing him... or maybe deliberately 2nd-person suicided him. Nobody does this to cops since Bonny + Clyde, why the Tsars were relatively effective, but that's what Marines are taught- "bellow and charge enemy" (what to do when attacked by a mob- most run away). An MBTA transit cop, Richard Donohue was critically wounded by friendly fire after Tamarlan, with the only gun empty, was down. However, a woman resident witness claims (audio) he was run over by a police SUV and then shot multiple times. A gory autopsy photo appeared with a massive gash in his side (appar. resuscitation attempt).

    He abandoned the car quickly, fled on foot, and they found Dzhokhar in a boat by a middle class home when the owner saw the cut cables and blood on the cover, riddled boat with bullets, and finally hauled him out unarmed, seriously wounded in the jaw, neck, legs, and hand- almost dead from blood loss (in pic at rt. he is head down, but still managed to be walked through gauntlet of neighbors- Chechens are tough). Police had shut down Boston- Metro, bus, trains, taxi, telling everyone to stay in their homes! They love the unlimited power that comes with these things- this was only one kid, though as one commenter said, "What if he had seized a school bus of kids" (Chechen tactic that helped start 1st war there). In fact, in the almost hysterical police response (300 shots fired, riddling homes in the area, vs. 1 handgun and various pipe and pressure cooker bombs), a State cop opened fire on an unmarked police SUV, blowing out the windows, no word on the perp inside, and a second officer was grazed (besides the almost fatally wounded Donahue). Course in the 4 days of this all-enveloping event, maybe 130 Americans have been killed in gun murders.

Robin Young, the onetime gorgeous EVENING TV star  and host of NPR's Here+Now says remaining suspect- Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19 (it is pronounced"Jokhar" with a roll of the K, not "Johar"), was friend of her nephew and was at a Prom party at her house, where they rented a trolley (tram). He was captain of wrestling team and on the volleyball team at Rindge + Latin School- nephew + Young say charismatic, friendly, nicest guy imaginable. A Boston Globe reporter was also his friend. He was a winner, an immigrant success story, not a disaffected loner! Well, extreme religion can be a sickness that can infect anyone- whatever good it does, it is also the basis for maybe most wars and bloodshed throughout history. I feel sorry for American Muslims- they will forever be under suspicion, and the turning of seemingly well-acclimatized immigrants into monsters is deeply disquieting to all Americans. 
     grievously injured Jeff Bauman right next to bomb --
Tamerlan, however, says on his webpage: "I don't have a single American friend. I don't understand them" - he was Islamized first by a neighbor (like that Captain Hassan shooter at Ft Hood by al Allahki)"in 2008 or 2009, Tamerlan met Misha, a slightly older, heavyset bald man with a long reddish beard. Khozhugov  believed they attended a Boston-area mosque together. Misha was an Armenian native and a convert to Islam and quickly began influencing his new friend, family members said." He was further radicalized in his 6 month trip to violent Dagestan in Jan 2012, where 2-3 of his militant friends were killed, he then dragged his popular brother into it- yes apparently. According to a boxing coach, Tamerlan had recently changed, becoming disrespectful and belligerent at a gym, and had twice disrupted conciliatory sermons at a Boston mosque: “You are a Kafir” – a nonbeliever, he yelled, before he was ejected. He had, in the US, turned his mother devout and she him (she started wearing a veil) and given up boxing, infuriating his more worldly boxer father and contributing to their separation 2 years ago and separate return to Dagestan. "Muslims don't punch men in the face," he told his father. He had a wife and child from (now in) N. Kingston, RI (she also adopted hajib), who hasn't talked, except to make an apology. Dzhokhar was an oceanography student at U-Mass Dartmouth, but was flunking; Tamerlan had quit Bunker Hill Community College (where I went to a dental clinic). 

These guys were ethnic Chechens, but grew up in Kyrgystan, the dirt poor ex-Soviet republic bordering China, moved to Russian Dagestan, bordering Chechnya in 2001 (which has been subject to much war, attacks, and brutality, but not wholesale slaughter of Chechnya), then perhaps to Kazakhstan (where Stalin exiled them all in 1943, killing many)- Dzhokhar came to Boston in 2002; his brother slightly later.  Dzhokar became an American citizen on (get this) Sept 11, 2012, while his brother probably was denied because he had had a domestic abuse charge against him.

Chechens are the fierce proud wild people from the Russian Caucasian mountains that have regularly been slaughtered by Russians for 3 centuries- they fought 2 recent wars 1994-1996, and 1999-2001 after Chechen had declared independence the day I arrived in Nov '91, successfully for 3 years. They were the MOST dangerous Mafiya group in Moscow in the early days, very quick to blow away anyone (when I saw groups on the st. I crossed to the other side), and had a full-scale gang war with the Russian Mob in 1993, with shootouts every 2 days, sometimes near me. Went to a cafe once next to a Chechen group and watched them brutally pour drinks for their beautiful moll, "Here, b-tch." 

Chechens murdered the US manager of the American Radison Slavansky Hotel at the end of their takeover, and the brother of my We/Mui editor  Peter Klebnikov- the Russian Forbes editor Paul (also near Kievskaya Metro) in 2004, several journalists, and probably a Brown U. student at Moscow State U who flew out the window (they rented rooms to thug non-students who robbed neighbors). Turns out the Chechen responsible for Klebnikov, who was found innocent in 2006, then had that innocence decision reversed- is now in prison for 10 years in UAE.    Chechen War ruins

Chechens have been a constituent of every Muslim freedom-fight/jihaddist struggle, inc. Afghanistan + Syria- they are highly prized for their fierceness, dedication, toughness, experience with bombs and heavy arms- and are utterly fearless. But they do have a tendency to be uncontrollable- even during the worst of the Russian Wars, they spent half their time killing each other. Their current leader, semi-loyal to Moscow, Ramzan Kadyrov, is a truly vicious character- he's been tied to many tortures and murders inc. maybe journalist Politkovskaya, and runs his fiefdom like a Mafia Don. They, along with Tamils, more or
less invented suicide bombings and the voluntary use of women in them- many of the explosions in Moscow (inc the horrific Roosya Theater attack+ Beslan school bombings- biggest world terrorism since 9-11) were carried out by Chechens in retaliation for the killing of maybe 20% of their country in 1994-2001 and the reduction of capital Grozny to rubble. They can be fiercely loyal + honorable too, reportedly if you are under someone's  protection, they will shoot their friend to protect you. But Chechen revenge made Sicilians' look like child's play- I have video of them beheading a live Russian soldier- never watched it; ran out of the room screaming. Since I almost went to these  war zones, don't need that in my nightmares.

Chechens were never considered a threat to US, because their terrorism was mostly directed against Russia, despite long leader links with OBL, a fact wilfully ignored by neocons- to tragic effect in 9-11. In fact, had hack FBI supervisors (Maltbie, Rolince, Frasca, who all got promotions) not obstructed the investigation of the 20th hijacker in Mpls., Moussaoui- even  AFTER the first plane hit, the 9-11 attacks could have been stopped, and the Afghanistan War, treasonous Iraq Invasion, and destruction of our liberties wouldn't have happened.

Tamerlan went to visit his parents (who had recently returned) in Dagestan in Jan 2012 for 6 months, during which time there were maybe 100 killed in Russian troop or police vs separatist rebel battles, including his friends. A year before Russia had notified the FBI that  Tsarnaev was a ‘‘follower of radical Islam’’ and was preparing to travel to this foreign country to join unspecified underground groups. The FBI interviewed him then, and found nothing to raise alarms, course they missed 5 reports about hostile arrogant Muslims learning to fly Boeings who didn't want to learn to land (the hard part + quite terrifying cause you go slow, have little + mushy control, and can stall/fall out of sky easily). His Twitter feed links an apparent Jihaddist video. They had a huge cache of weapons and similar bombs in their apartment, so evidently were planning more attacks. Well, what do you expect when you name a child after a genocidal Mongol monster (Tamerlane) who conquered half the known world (w his Khans).

         my articles + talk show:  
CRIME  STORY -(gif) Dec 94 - UNTOLD STORY of REASONS Behind 1st CHECHEN WAR - Exclusive; Hijackings of Buses with Children, Raids + Stripping of Trains, Hundreds of Billions of Counterfeiting, Vicious Chechen Mafia; Historical Genocides and Hatreds; STORY Western Media repeated was simplistic "Soviet Bear Rising" HTML vers 

        DOWNLOAD REALPLAYER (RealOne basic- 8 meg)                          (wait for download box) Some players can do realplayer (try open with..) 
RUSSIAN MAFIA + CHECHEN WAR (realaudio)- KUOW-FM Seattle- NPR- Weekday Talk Show on Chechen War + rise of Russian Mafiya- MH only guest - Dec 94 - 20 min ALT (if doesn't load) REALPLAYER re article CRIME STORY  NPR Comments on Moscow theater hostage storming- slider to 25:30 (realaudio)  

As usual, the media rushed to judgement- NY Post ran a front page picture of an innocent "suspect", CNN had numerous facts wrong (inc.- an arrest has been made). But the malignant power of Social Media was graphically and tragically displayed in the probable 5th bombing death- that of Indian Philly Brown student Sunil Tripatha, who was falsely identified as the bomber on Reddit and Twitter, and pulled out of the Providence River April 23rd, an apparent suicide.
Victims killed inc Tripatha  --



BOSTON GLOBE: --- the night’s outbreak of violence began when police received reports of a robbery of a convenience store in Kendall Square near MIT. A few minutes later, an MIT police officer, who has not been identified, was shot multiple times while in his cruiser at Main and Vassar streets, near Building 32, better known as the renowned Stata Center on the MIT campus.

The officer was pronounced dead at Massachusetts General Hospital. A short time later, two men carjacked a Mercedes SUV at gunpoint, and the owner of that car was able to flee at a gas station on Memorial Drive.

The SUV proceeded out Memorial Drive toward Watertown followed by a long train of police vehicles in pursuit. At one point during the pursuit, the two suspects opened fire on Watertown police and a Transit Police officer, who was shot and who remains in stable condition at a Boston-area hospital this morning.

  During the gunfight, Suspect No. 1 was wounded and was taken into custody. This morning, Dr. Richard Wolfe said the man was brought to the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center emergency room about 1:10 a.m. with multiple traumatic injuries and died.

 "Investigators have also recovered a circuit board and components of the bombs, enabling them to determine that they consisted of two six-liter pressure cookers packed with nails, metal and ball bearings...
      The one that exploded first was placed on the ground on Boylston Street, across from finish-line viewing stands where dignitaries, including Governor Deval Patrick, had been sitting earlier. The second was placed on the ground about 75 to 100 yards down the street, outside the Forum restaurant at 755 Boylston, according to the official.The bombs, detonated about 12 seconds apart, killed three people and injured 176 others, including 17 who are still in critical condition."

I really thought it was some neo-Nazi nut who'd seen Blown Away (Jeff Bridges Boston bombing) movie 50 times. Why? Boston- Gov Deval Patrick is black and Obama, gay marriage, et al. have made these people crazy. The date is extremely significant- TAX DAY and PATRIOTS DAY- but this is the witching period for all RW extremist whackos- the anniversary of 10 events.  I covered it all in my sidebar article on a long copycat shooters story- see WACO below. It's possible there is some cross-pollination now between Muslim + domestic terrorists in info + planning- the pressure cooker was on some Al Qaida manual, but the time period is Christmas for right-wing crazies.

NYT story said it was a similar size to 96 Atlanta Olympics bombing, a pipe bomb that killed only 1 (2nd guy had a heart attack). No- this one killed 3, 17 critical, and hurt 176- 14 lost legs. I think gunpowder wasn't powerful enough for these effects- but the pressure cooker is fiendish, masking scent from dogs, resisting explosion to create higher velocity, and providing big slashing shrapnel. Turns out Tam bought $200 of mortar fireworks kits in NH, not enough gunpowder for the 5 or more bombs they had (used 2, threw 1 at cops, and police said they found more "bombs" in aptmt).

His well-spoken lawyer aunt (Toronto) and 1 uncle Ruslan (Md) here have strongly denounced (videos) the brahs (who can resist their 15 minutes- 2nd Md uncle was dubiously stunned), but their separated mother and father ("This was a setup- my sons were innocent"- Zubeidat; "He was an angel"-Ansor), in the convoluted Slavic way, are convinced it was some big conspiracy, and were first returning here from Dagestan. Tam supposedly called his mother, "The police, they have started shooting at us, they are chasing us," Mrs. Tsarnaeva says, though her stories have changed and and beliefs are disjointed. FBI and FSB just interviewed the couple in Russia- there you are ordered to come to headquarters. An estranged sister, Alina, in NJ, was apologetic through a cracked door: "I don't know what got into them."

There is something deeply contemptible about dedicated sportsmen targeting this most universal, conjoining, inspirational, and democratic sports event. I followed the Boston Marathon once halfway, took pics and let leaders pass at the midpoint- I thought I could catch up to them on my bike and take pics of winners, but peddling as hard as I could, almost killing myself, could only just keep pace with them for 13 miles or so! These people are supermen+women. And I've been to the burial mound of the real Marathon in Greece in an Olympic year, where 300 Spartans held off 10,000 Persians, or some such unbelievable numbers. [Who know though, considering what the handful of Conquistadors did to the Incans - 156 slaughtered over 5000 in some hideous battle- they had armor, horses, steel swords- all unseen before]. The runner raced back to Athens with the news- 26 miles, told them, "WE WON" and dropped dead- like I almost did on my bike. I despise them not just for mindlessly attacking innocents, but for enabling the ever-encroaching police state created to "prevent" it. I believe I ran into two 9-11 hijackers at a Ft Lauderdale library in April 2001, and am still haunted by the fact that I might have stopped them (911 Predictions + Dreams). 

They charged Joker at his bedside with federal "weapon of mass destruction" offenses w the death penalty. Of course, the Bobsy twins (McCain + Graham-cracker) and other Repub patriot yahoos were demanding the US CITIZEN be tried as an "enemy combatant", somehow forgetting that our citizenship is not revoked at will. Unlike say Nazi Germany, where being a Jew, gypsy, Catholic, Socialist, Communist, retarded, etc. was sufficient grounds to become a lampshade. Maybe we should waterboard him, hang him by arms and beat his legs till dead (like innocent taxicab drivers at Abu Graib). Actually I wouldn't care too much in his case, but he will sing for candy bars: American terrorists are big talkers. And he will be very popular in prison- lowest on every social rung- a fate worse than death. These chumps were planning to go to the Big Apple and bomb Times Sq.- all they did was earn the lasting enmity of the most powerful country on earth; they already had that of the 2nd most powerful... and the Chechens' cause will be henceforth ignored by the US, which had pressured Russia against their worst depredations.

Rolling Stone did a long story in July about Joker's conversion from popular student to mad bomber- with an insipid controversy about his soft face on the cover.

If you had bet me America would be almost untouched by Islamic terror for 12 years after 9-11, I would have taken 100-1 odds against it (though Ft. Hood attack was terrorism). But perhaps it's better to not think of this as Muslim fanaticism or imported terror... but more as just 2 more disaffected American mass shooters who just reached further afield for their "motivation". After all, the daily news provides endless inspiration (Dexter?- now serial killers are the hero?), and hatred has no nationality. Why didn't they attack Russia, who had, has, and is killing Chechens every week? Simple, they were now Americans; it was easier, the media megaphone is 1000x louder here, and if you are making a statement, you want to make it to your countrymen. Or against them.


UPDATE: There have been 2 separate copycat ricin attacks from New Boston, Texas and Spokane, Washington, sent to Obama, NYC Mayor Bloomberg, and his gun control group. Suspects have been detained in Wash case. Crazies come out of the woodwork with this kind of stuff, and unfortunately this stuff is easy to extract from castor beans (not "make", it's already there).     Paul Kevin Curtis --

 Curtis, first arrested and charged, was CLEARED and released, but that doesn't mean he isn't nuts (talks with Piers Morgan). An enemy who ran a tae-kwondo school and ran for Miss. legislature, J. Everett Dutschke, may have framed him- Curtis was bipolar and sent lunatic letters about body part conspiracies, but police found no evidence of ricin or even computer searches. Now Dutschke is under arrest- they say they found traces of ricin on various items at his home.

Ricin is nasty stuff (pinhead is fatal), amazingly comes from castor beans (6 lethal), and was used in the famous London Bulgarian KGB umbrella pellet assassination of dissident broadcaster Georgi Markov. Had the hideous castor oil laxative when I was a kid- wonder how many mothers realize just a little mistake in manufacture and they are sending kid to real never-never land! 
-- Dutschke
Incredibly, Paul Kevin Curtis was a Christian rock + roller who had performed for Sen. Wicker as a pretty good Elvis impersonator. Apparently he was bipolar, with an obsession about government plots- including the body parts business.
   click for video

Big question is - is the ammonia gas/nitrate explosion (1-2 kiloton TNT?) by Waco just incredible coincidence day before 20th anniversary of Waco shootout/OKC explosion?????? Also was the anniversary of monster Texas City ship fertilizer (all ammonium nitrate) explosion that was worst industrial accident in US history- it went off like small nuke + killed almost 600. Thing is, stuff explodes with some frequency in Texas with their lax inspections and oversight, usually connected with fertilizer or oil. Video 15 have died so far, a miracle, considering the shredded 50-unit aptmt complex below.

Apparently ammonia gas isn't that explosive:

"The perfect mixture of ammonia vapors and heat in narrow ranges would have been required to cause yesterday’s deadly explosion at a Texas fertilizer plant. 

"Anhydrous ammonia, a nitrogen-hydrogen combination used as a crop nutrient, has a tight explosive window that needs a precise ratio of liquid to vapor, said John Goodpaster, an assistant professor at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis who researches explosives. The “sweet spot” is 16 percent to 25 percent vapor by volume, he said." - Forbes 
 But  it turns out there were huge stores of ammonium nitrate- the cheap solid fertilizer that is converted entirely to gas on explosion- mixed with fuel oil it was used in the OKC bombing and is a favorite of terrorists cause fertilizers are common, cheap, and used in huge quantities.

Why this week is Christmas for US RW extremists:
http://hammernews.com/cleardangers.htm  2005

=== There are  a couple of urgent risks
looming in the next month, if you spend enough time studying Loren Coleman’s important new book  THE COPYCAT EFFECT  and talking to him. First is the risk of students copying shootings that happened in Red Lake MN. The one month anniversary of that shooting is near the nightmare time for all schools and domestic terrorism personnel.  First is Patriots Day (the start of the American Revolution in the battles of Lexington and Concord- April 19 actually, but now celebrated on the third Monday of April- the 15th in 2013, celebrated only in Mass.), The 19th is the day the Waco Koresh compound burned in 1993 (photo) ---, AND the tenth anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing and CSA right-wing racist Richard Snell’s execution in 1995, AND the day of Federal raid on an earlier extremist murderous Christian Identity group (inc. Snell) The Covenant, Sword, and Arm (CSA) in northern Arkansas in 1985- ten years before OK City.
-- Branch Davidian Fire, Waco 1993
Kerry Noble was the second in command of the CSA in the 4 day standoff, which came a hair from ending in a bloodbath like Waco. He negotiated the surrender of 80 odd people, who had 30 gallon vats of cyanide and plans for putting it in a towns’ water supply, and plans in 1984 for attacking the Murrah Federal Bldg. that Timothy McVeigh destroyed a decade later.*    “It’s not like the (right-wing) movement picked April 19th,” said Noble in an interview w me: “Our siege started on the 19th, the Waco fire started then, then you had Snell’s execution set for April 19th- the (extremist) movement considered that a slap in the face.”   Since imprisoned and reformed, Noble wrote Tabernacle of Hate about his experiences.

The next day, April 20 is worse: it’s the date of the horrific school shootings at Columbine High School in Littleton CO in 1999 (which now closes then) and the date of Hitler’s birthday. Jeff Weise, the hulking 6’ 250 lb. teased Goth shooter in Red Lake, was a Nazi dabbler. The day after that, April 21st, is the one month anniversary of Red Lake.  “Between April 18th and 26th is the window where we could see some school shootings,” warns Coleman.   The extreme importance of dates among troubled individuals and religio-extremists can’t be overemphasized. Noble explains,    “Why is something happening on this day? What is the historical, spiritual, and symbolic significance behind that day. If it’s something you’re initiating, then you want God’s blessing. The number 30 (day interval) has the significance of maturity or responsibility or redemption.”   Often copycat events often happen a week, or a month later; or on the same day of the month, or on the anniversary in a later year. ===

It is long time for a huge prophylactic housecleaning of Neo-Nazi groups, who've been threatening BO left and right (remember  those clowns in FL with heavy weapons who wanted to kill Obama- one flash, then news disappeared). The Secret Service has been inundated with 5 times the previous threats.


Here's why Ashley Judd pulled out of KY Senate race, perhaps. It is fascinating to listen to the mechanics of an Repub oppo meeting, I've done them for Dems in commercials, and still amazed no one had the fortitude to dig up details of Romney's secret bank accounts. It's not too vicious, but anyone getting into politics has to accept the spectacular levels of Repub smears nowadays, and listening to these clowns chuckle and guffaw at every embarrassing statement she's ever made must be sobering. Most Hollywood people have too many skeletons, most people do, unless, like GB2 they've spent big money and threats to dissolve them.

Full Transcript and Audio of Mitch McConnell Campaign's Meeting on Ashley Judd
In a private meeting, the Senate GOP leader and campaign aides discussed using the actor/activist's mental health and religious views as political ammo.

Of course the guy who made the recording through a ventilation grate is being hounded- maybe prosecuted, although he committed no crime. While the Gov is monitoring and saving ALL of our phone and internet conversations- some states have crazy laws that would make almost every cell phone video a crime. It should be expected that any politician is being recorded when speaking to a journo- we actually need that to prevent them denying what they say later, or to avoid mistakes- I've thought quotes were totally different than reality. But they often have a fit when you ask them later if you can put something online.

If you don't already hate FB, here's another good reason- the swine now don't let you send a message to someone unless you're "connected" (Mafia pals, friends, previous messages?) that will actually reach them- unless you pay $1/message it will go to "other" folder (Spam). By this "greed is good" philosophy, you can't send an introduction or greeting in a friends request because that would defeat the purpose of bleeding the billion or so suckers that form their empire.. so also forget reaching many famous or notable people who aren't easily findable by other means. They probably bitched about their Spam level so much that the FB emperors realized "ohhh, big money possible". So when these unknown people make a friends request of me (I wouldn't confirm w/o an intro), I can't even ask them who they are, or if we met... without paying a dollar. FB is so universal that of the 5-6 Michael Hammerschlags I found in the last 4 years, 2-3 of them I've ONLY seen on FB- no trace anywhere else on the Internets (as GB2 said- wonder if the chump uses it now that he's an official non-person), even on the fascist pay info investigative sites.