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Saturday, January 05, 2013

Comet brighter than the moon coming!, Gore sells CURRENT to Al Jazeera!, Defending home+hearth, Bears return to USA, Copycat Subway Killing

* Could be brightest comet in decades
By Irene Klotz
Dec 28 (Reuters) - A comet blazing toward Earth could outshine the full moon when it passes by at the end of next year - if it survives its close encounter with the sun.
The recently discovered object, known as comet ISON, is due to fly within 1.2 million miles (1.9 million km) from the center of the sun on Nov. 28, 2013 said astronomer Donald Yeomans, head of NASA's Near Earth Institute.

Safety in guns. Defending hearth and home

 Best gun training may be to not pick it up.

Gore sells CURRENT TV to Al Jazeera! 

Wow. This is a shock. I can get CNN, BBC, Al Jaz, France24 where I live now in Europe- Al Jaz is consistently the best by far, with actual live reports from far flung places, detailed analyses, 1/2 hour docs from crises in Middles East. But the man elected Prez (Mr. PEP), who would have had to deal with 9-11... selling his network to our putative "enemy" whom we've attacked and killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. It blows the mind.

Course the campaign against Al Jaz was one of the toxic ignorant legacies of the Bush neocon thugs. I would bet the patriots at Time-Warner have never even watched AJ, or they would never act thusly- it is totally professional news network. I would have no problem working for them- since it seems half the problems of the world arise in the Arab/Muslim world... who knows better what's going on there. Current always had miniscule following but it's demise is sad- libs simply are outgunned by the facist RW propaganda machine, and AJ is cancelling all their programs- they just want the license. But to many, Mr. PEP (popularly elected Prez) Gore is sullying his legacy.

Bears return.- nuke bombers buzz Cal ; Putin's FU New Years message to Obama
Second U.S. air defense zone intrusion in two weeks
Two Russian strategic nuclear bombers entered the U.S. air defense zone near the Pacific coast on Wednesday and were met by U.S. interceptor jets, defense officials reported.
It was the second time in the past two weeks that Moscow dispatched nuclear-capable bombers into the 200-mile zone surrounding U.S. territory.
An earlier intrusion by two Tu-95 Bear H bombers took place near Alaska as part of arctic war games that a Russian military spokesman said included simulated attacks on “enemy” air defenses and strategic facilities.

I toured these beasts at the Kiev Aircraft museum- they are the fastest propeller planes in the world: +500 mph, about the speed of a B52, the loudest planes in the world, with 8 counter-rotating dual propellers (rotate in opposite directions), the  biggest prop planes and maybe longest plane of any type in world. If it's any consolation to NORAD, the crew of these incredible antiques (c 1960) are probably deaf and bruised from the tortuous 24 hour comfort-less flights, which tend to crash with some regularity. Like they we used to say- their jets have propellers. When one crashes into the ocean with its nukes, VVP will probably suspend these awesome projections of power.

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A crazy Hispanic woman pushed a 46 yo Indian immigrant graphic designer to his death on elevated subway in the Bronx because she thought he was Muslim. Frankly the crazy should be executed faster, because they always might do it again.