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Friday, November 07, 2008



Some more thoughts on the Day. Obama lost his father as a young man; his mother a decade later as his political career started and then in a tragic irony, his grandmother that raised him the day only before his election.. and as you watched his speech, one couldn’t help being amazed by his macho strength, resolute chin, and fierce courage, and think that it was a movie… but if the movie was done right, grandmamabama would have lived another day to see Bear-ick (father’s pronunciation) reach the highest office on earth. That’s why he reached so high so fast – because he understood how tenuous life is and how little time there is to affect things. He has no real older family any more…. but now he has America.

Giant NEWSWEEK 7 part campaign odyssey story

Tears streamed down millions of faces, but the one that was most bittersweet had to be Jesse Jackson, who paved the way with his 2 runs for President, took the jabs, ran the risks, and broke the barriers. He couldn’t win, but the point was to be in the game, and play in the majors. But he ran as a black man, said a friend derisively, but what else could he be – the Obama multiglot post racial genetic modification was still forming in Harvard’s yards. Jackson, in a couple debates where Dukakis and Bush just sniped stupidly, was the voice of reason and wisdom- the only man with a plan. I met him and took some exc. pics of him in Seatown during that race, where I managed a Dem caucus, and suggested in a Seattle Times column that he would make a great Sec State,

“Imagine the entry he would have in the 2nd+3rd world: a mediator who can persuade the despots… by force of language, charm, and sincerity rather than by force of guns. Course that would have required Dukaka to win! Ahead of the curve, as usual, like Jackson was.

JACKSON DESERVES A SEAT AT THE TABLE - Seattle Times- Jackson's energy, eloquence, careful reasoned arguments, + superb performance in 1988 debates has earned him a shot at Sec. State http://hammernews.com/jackson2.gif

But his tears, like most peoples, were for himself, because with his profane slam of Obama at some rally, picked up by a microphone, his acknowledgements and imperial connections were vaporized. Many people’s joy and pain was partially that- agony at the lost dreams and opportunities they had, as this young cool confident man grasped the ultimate prize… and burden. So say a word of thanks to Jesse. And so much of it was tears of desperate exhaustion that the Bushies, hard right, and neocons will be driven from the temple, hopefully into the desert till the buzzards pick them clean.

OB historic win was most stunning in Indiana, a hard right kind of place of

scrubbed families and serious hatred. South IN was the home of the KKK for decades, and the first time I just drove through there, the hackles went up on my neck- it was a place where different was destroyed. Indianapolis was Nixon's favorite place- the real America Palin postulates proudly. But now Real America also belongs to BO. North Carolina- a richly beautiful state, home of Jesse Helms, finally tilted blue. We worried about Missouri, which has voted with the winner for 100 years, which we GOTV called election day, afraid it could be a harbinger- that the election might could be predicated on it. It did go very narrowly-6489 votes- for McCain, but NYT (full results) still shows it undecided, cause 7085 provisional ballots remain. Call it McCain already. Missori was schitzophrenic- the Dem won governor by 20 points but an English official language also did- by 86%. If it had gone blue- the area of blue vs red states (exc. AK) would have been roughly equal- for the first time since Clinton (but county maps still show a few dots of blue in an ocean of red). A swath of 4-5 southern states actually voted more Republican than in 2004: LA, AR, TN, KY, WV. Someone needs to take a hard long look at their voting machines and procedures- or racism still does live in states without large black pops to counterbalance it. WY and OK votted over 65% McCain- in Okieville, which has the 2 dumbest Senators in US history, BO didn't win a single county.

GORDON SMITH ® has conceded nto Merkley in Oregon, that’s 6 Senators and 57 dems, with Al Franken separated by only 237 votes? and facing a s..l..o .w recount that doesn’t start till Nov 15 and won’t be finished till Dec. Dean Barkley, the Ind.manager of Ventura's governor campaign, then appointed Senator for a month or 2 when Wellstone died, recieved 437,000 votes, probably most from Al. A bud went to school with Al in Edina and we had his phone number in NYC when we were trying to do Sat Night Live Update, but I wasn’t really a fan of his then. He brought us back from beaten dogs in the desert with his ballsy books, Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot + Lying Liars, and every liberal owes him a huge debt of gratitude. Later I produced and starred in a bang-up comedy/news ½ hr show, but too many years before the Daily Show became the hottest thing on TV. Only one more Dem Senator is 58, but with 2 independents, actually: 60!!

GA Sen. Saxby Chamblis ® of the Osama/Max Cleland slander ads is forced into a under 50% runoff, but at 3% down + the 3% Libertarians breaking for him, so there is little chance of this peach blueing. Felonious Sen. Ted Stevens is hanging by a thread, and we’d better hope Mark Begich wins (3300 deficit with 75,000 outstanding), because otherwise this or the coming Senate will force Ted out, and the Gov of AK will appoint the new Senator…. Herself, and national audiences will have to suffer the linguistic lacerations of Sarah Palin for the next God know how long. (although Kos says its a special election- AK gov can't appoint). A hopeful Prez needs a lot of Northern Exposure. Her improvement from the disastrous TV interviews to the Biden debate was impressive- she is a dangerous radical politician (like GB2) and not to be underestimated. She wanted to speak at the McCain concession (never before done), but advisors Schmidt and Salter squelched her. The bitter battles between McCain and Palin people highlighted here- http://www.nytimes.com/2008/11/06/us/politics/06mccain.html?hp

She bought much more than $150,000 of clothes (maybe $250K), charged all kinds of stuff after getting a budget of $25K (what do you expect from a “reformer” who takes a per-diem for living in her own house as Gov), and they say PNAC scumbag Scheunemann was fomenting revolt by leaking trash to NYT neocon William Krystal. Fox News aired a savage piece claiming she didn’t know Africa was a continent or how many countries were in North America.

Speaking of whom (he visited Georgia before invasion), the Nashi (Putin Youth thugs) surrounded the US Embassy in Moscow Nov 3 to protest supposed US encouragement of Georgia to attack S. Ossetia, which makes me feel more creepy, since I was maybe the only person to directly suggest that: http://hammernews.com/georgia.htm Kasperov posted my IHT article on Nashi (http://hammernews.com/putinschildren2.htm ) and I often criticized Vlad the Impaler, so someone there may have noticed. Medvedev (insanely) celebrated Obama's win by threatening to put missiles on the Polish border and is changing the term of office to 6 years, and speculation is he will quit for Putin- exactly my forecast a year ago:

THE INFINITE PUTIN - Capital Times ORIGINAL Moscow: Putin is supposed to leave office in March, but that was impossible to believe. Appointing unknown crony Viktor Zubkov PM ends the doubt. Zubkov will be anointed President (+ win), Putin will become Prime Minister, and Zubkov will resign in 6-12 months to let Vladimir Vladimirovich return as Prez. http://hammernews.com/infintiteputin-captimes.htm

If you missed grabbing a historical paper with BO on Nov 5, the incredible BO org has put together a mosaic of clickable med-res 1000 front pages from US and the entire world- by alphabetical order of states, then country.

The crowd of hundreds that surrounded the White House must have rattled the Bushes, where they were singing: “Na, na, na, na. Hey, hey, hey. Goodbye.” This is an idea, surround the White House by thousand of protesters chanting OUT NOW, OUT NOW, and like Tiananmen or Nezhaleznisty, don’t go home for weeks. We couldn’t impeach him- didn’t have the numbers, but something should be done to convince this impostor disgrace of his proper place in history (the ad flyer in a book that you throw away).

And in another demonstration of my extraordinary reach, we did an invited NPR Talk of the World (Nation) Nov 6th on whether Obama can force a peace between the Palestinians + Israelis (minute 33) w Hanan Ashrawi (whom I met at Bruno) and Natan Sharansky.

PRESIDENT Obama’s first press conference had the head-snapped dislocation of new history (with this jarring Prez-Elect sign), with putsy Volcker messing up the shot, and so many things are going to be new and head-shaking. But I suspect we are going to find him boringly steady after a while. But calling himself a mutt was a huge mistake- that word will be repeated 1000 times by his enemies. Obama had obviously pre-chose the questions, calling on people without looking at them. Rahm Emmanuel is a great choice for COS, someone able to move legislation through a recalcitrant Congress, and a political warrior who maybe won’t chicken out on the prosecutions of the Repub criminals that have abused America and the Constitution. We shall see. Dems are lined up with their 8 years of pent up demands- here 2 of the biggest.

Lastly, a nat security writer mentions the unmentionable- an attempt on BO- and the atmosphere of hate and nutcake encouragement created by McCain/Palin’s demagogic smears. Socialist, pal around with terrorists, not one of us, Hussein, untrustworthy - these words have dangerous power to unhinge the freaks and monsters among us, and should never have been ever used against the first real black candidate. There is a serious racist/neo-Nazi/Christian subclass in America, and they are dangerous (see The Order or CSA). McCain graced himself with Salter’s generous concession speech, but tone-deaf imbeciles started chanting "USA, USA"- what team did they think Obama played for. Hey, Sparky, the game’s over and you lost- head for the showers! http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/HL0810/S00373.htm Obama Target.

I always liked McCain until this election- his humor, his self-deprecating jokes, his straight-forward blame taking, even his psychotic explosions at colleagues- these pompous fatuous lawyers who check the wind before they go to the toilet, need to be slapped down periodically. His big mistake was taking Rove slug Steve Schmidt as a top advisor, who brought the entire malignant standard Repub smear+slander crap into the campaign, including the vermin that called McCain's India adopter daughter a product of a black prostitute in 2000 SC. They neutralized every strength JM had, and made him a cartoon of a cranky old man. Mark Salter, his eloquent speechwriter, resisted + resented much of it, but they convinced JM that the press, his old pals and "base", were the enemy. As he went negative, they became that, and McCain, cut off from the stimulating smart human interaction, became embittered and grouchy. He was so divorced from the effects of his actions that when old friend John Lewis excoriated him for inciting hatred, McCain acted like the aggrieved party.

In the end, Obama benefitted from a 76 year political hurricane, and any Democrat would have won easily, which must still torture Hillary. He beat her by wrapping up the caucuses, where 30-40 partisans can take over a precinct, early- she had lost without even realizing it, and too many superdelegates had bitter feelings. I watched this election from 20 countries as I toured around Europe and Africa, voted for Obama in Morroco, America's oldest friend (first country to recognize US in 1777), and again from Kiev. It was incredible. The incompetent criminal Repubs have left an almost unbelievable mess for the next President, and his hands will be half-tied by the economic devastation they created.