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Wednesday, January 20, 2021


Thank God. The Desecrations of the Trump Admin are OVER. JoeB is President! Videos. No nuclear strike (Papa Puta had to be a little worried too- “Take a breath, Dow-nald”), no violence, no protests; as DC was turned into a giant occupied military camp. The tragedy of this is enormous- as they once said- it is letting the terrorists win, but that's what we do... lock the barn door after the horse has bolted. 2/3 could be sent home- the Capitol Police only initially needed 250 more officers to supplement their skeleton staff, not 25,000!  I did a radio talk show comment on what we have lost- they should have had vastly increased security, but KEPT THE MALL OPEN!!! 5x more soldiers than in Iraq AND Afghanistan- NO WAY the Q-wazies would try anything

Lady Gaga's anthem (who's never looked better) brought tears to my eyes; J-Lo was excellent too. Trump's iron grip has been broken with his SM (S+M they way he used it) banishment... without any missives to his slavish acolytes he will slowly fade, like a bad stink that has sunk into the curtains. But if JoeB wants to accomplish anything, he MUST shut down the RW Media Machine, the Mississippi of hateful lying RW sewage flooding the country daily. Reconstitute an empowered FCC, and new Fairness Doctrine with the power to assess million dollar fines, shut down RT + OAN as Russian fronts. Trump was deeply chagrined by the multiple bans, and financial hits to his crumbling empire, he can now see it all slipping away... and by the 3rd Indictment for his life of Crime... the Donald will decamp to Russia, where he can be banned as enemy propaganda.

JoeB's Cabinet is mostly female, and contains a multitude of colors, ethnicities, races... and now PBS is just showing the cleansed WH, under new management, as night falls on this Day of Liberation. 

Finally, I can be proud to be an American again- I have physically hurt every day a Repub ruled the WH and Congress, and the Party of the rich has now mutated into the Party of Russia + Treason. For 4 1/2 years, I've been slammed for being too radical, but Trump has been angling to commit Twiticide in his psychotic attacks on imagined enemies... just his Stalinesque "Enemies of the 

People" attacks on the Press was grounds for immediate Removal. Uncle Joe used that lunacy to justify the murders of 11-12 million (Tim Snyder). I think multiple world Intelligence agencies have proof (AUDIO TAPES) of Trumps Russia treason; they should release it to break his malignant hold over his Trumpanzees. The KGB invited him to Moscow in 1987- a dream candidate for recruitment, he loves anyone who gives him money; which Russia proceeded to do, through cutouts, oligarchs, bank "loans". His legacy will be the greatest mass murder in US history- more Americans killed in one year of Covid than in all WW2... through Denialism, criminal negligence, inaction, irresponsibility.

I could kick myself for never linking up with JoeB on his 14 odd trips to Ukraine, I liked the guy since he was too young to be Senator- brash, confident, witty, funny, warm, accessible, with that 10,000W smile, he showed anything was possible in these United States and I predicted he would be the best pick for VP in 2000 rather than the turncoat Lieberman. But they never really pre-announced his visits, I would find about them after they happened; he only would appear at an Embassy Press Conference, or the magnificent Ukr State Dept Bldg (most impressive building in Ukraine), not the Ukraine Hotel Press Center, where I held Court.

Trump issued a flurry of 143 Pardons and Commutations, including a dozen odd corrupt + criminal cronies and politicians, but NO FAMILY or himself. That is shocking, his Aides were fighting all Tuesday with him on it- his whelp are all guilty of Pump and Dump fraud, vastly inflating his crummy hotel project numbers until they collapsed, which didn't matter cause Trump Inc got paid off the top. His narrowly issued pardons, though, still allow the Justice Dept to prosecute the true villains, like Stone or Manafort.

The Insurgent Rioters almost got their grubby paws on the EC Ballots, which could have delayed the Certification of JoeB as Prez for several days. The 147 treasonous Repubs who spuriously protested to AZ and PA votes, endorsing the Insurgent attackers in their Big Lie, had already delayed the Certification to 3:40am, when by Law, it HAD to be done on Jan 6. 

But although JoeB won a resounding victory by 7.2 million votes, it was just by a hair in the Electoral College… only 106,000 votes in PA, AZ, GA would have made the greatest Liar in human history President again. 
America came that close to Fascism- Trump’s 30,000 lies were entirely preparation for this point- to have the raw power to define his loss as a win, and tragically he persuaded 60-odd million he was cheated out of his victory… how do his Cult members know this… the Donald TOLD THEM SO!! They should be shut down, shunned, fired, banished every time this sickness erupts from their Trump boils, eventually they might heal. But if the RWMM keeps feeding them fresh daily poison, there’s no chance of that, or hope for any national comity. 

Donald Trump MUST BE PROSECUTED (Exc long Chait piece) or Rule of Law will always be a shabby joke... his crimes range in the thousands, in billions of dollars, in hundreds of thousands of deaths. So should the most egregious criminals in his regime- Guiliani, Miller, Barr, DeVoss; all grotesquely violated Federal Law to politicize EVERTHING. And a special place in Hell should be reserved for the 147 Repubs who rejected Electoral College results AFTER the Rioters trashed the Capitol. 

 WOW!! TREMENDOUS Inauguration
2 Hour TV Musical Variety Inspirational Spectacular
, Celebrating America- incredibly well produced... ending with an awesome firework display over the Mall at 10:14 pm, too bad there weren't 1 mil there to enjoy it. At first I thought it was canned stuff from last night, but no, all Parties were ensconced in the WH. I bet TV critic performer Donald, jealous toddler that he was, is eating his heart out that he couldn't have had such a spectacular send-off, which got 1.5 mil more viewers than his Inauguration.


There are now 3 new variants of CV19, one (South African B,1,351) of which seems resistant to the Vaccines or previous infection antibodies, as does a different Brazilian variant, because the target spike proteins it breaks into cells with.... are changed- a terrifying prospect. The English version (Kent B.1.1.7) is still vulnerable to the vaccines, but all are much more transmissible 40-70%, than the original, so the Kent bug is predominant in England now, and expected to become dominant in America by March!  Although the increased transmissibility isn't accompanied by greater lethality, more people get killed by increased spread. And every moment this thing spreads, there is potential for a 10-30% fatal mutation- that's what happened to the second iteration of the "Spanish Flu" in Sept 1918, the first March- June, was a standard Influenza. JoeB must take over the top 3-5 vaccine manufacturers by the Defense Production Act and make them manufacture MASSIVE quantities, before that Death Lottery comes up snake eyes. Because every one of the 44 million infected are a human petri dish for mutations.

Sunday, January 03, 2021




Trump again moved into pure Treason with his hour long lunatic demand to GA SoS Raffsenburger to "find 11,781 votes" to help him win Georgia, or commit gross ELECTION FRAUD. He is becoming more and more of a criminal and a joke, but now 11 Repub Senators and 115 Repub Reps are going to challenge the Electoral College Report, without ANY grounds but to grovel in front of their Orange demi-God- The Pig Donald. A National Review editorial published Sunday argued that if “the Cruz-led objectors somehow actually got their way, they’d trample federal law and state sovereignty and blow a hole in the hull of American democracy.” (VF) Nancy should expel Gopper Gohmert and a few other of the ringleaders. They (probably) won't succeed this time, but the next time they want to commit Treason, Insurrection, and Subversion; they just might- there is no line the R-vermin won't cross to preserve power. Massive punishment is in order, but the voters passed up their chance to right the capsizing ship of State in both Houses. Finally the DC Mayor has called in the National Guard to handle the planned Trumpore extremists protests Jan 6, and said NO GUNS, let's see how tough these fascists pukes are confronting actual soldiers, although they won't be armed.

Trump MUST BE PROSECUTED, no matter the cost, not doing so establishes a baseline of criminality that the next Il Douche will follow!! WORSE THAN TREASON says Atlantic. The irony of CHUMP trashing his blindly loyal acolytes is supreme- Raffy (+ Kemp) is actually one of the great Vote Suppressing criminals in the US, and it's absolutely rich seeing the craven GA R-Senators do a 180 and wholeheartedly support the BS Trump $2000 Relief payment.

I could have written this piece  https://nymag.com/intellige... , in fact I kind of did in Dec 2016: https://medium.com/@mkham11... It is absolutely 100% not exaggeration, TRUMP IS A TRAITOR, the worst this country has ever seen. The most damning proof related to this hack, which may, as I contended, have been the reason why Dems "lost" the Senate (after all HSA was massively hacked, + has been totally silent about the massive Russian hacking since about April and 100's of polls showed a Dem blowout) is that Chump crippled counter-Intelligence against Russia... and diverted much of the money for the CyberCommand designed to STOP ENEMY HACKERS to his garbage stupid Wall!!! https://www.independent.co.... Quite brilliant really, he can claim he it was just his Moby Dick obsession, not actual Treason to help Papa Putin. Maybe when the truth all comes out with the real tapes of Agent Orange betraying his Country something will be done about him.                       



America's Hell keeps getting hotter: 3756 dead, 1/4 mil new cases a day; a 9-11 EVERY DAY, or one dead American every 23 seconds, 1 mil more cases every 4 daysIt is time to call out the Trumpore protection denier murderers like Noem, DeSantis, or Abbot; who have not only resisted ANY MASK measures but made it illegal for Cities or Counties to mandate them!!! Isn't there any City Rights movement in Confederate States to go with the States Rights gibberish? 

Considering we are 2-4 months from immunizing + protecting most high risk people (when we get a real President), to not have strict controls in place nationwide NOW is CRIMINAL. This is why the Turtle slug McConnell (who made a breathtakingly dishonest slam of Blue cities wanting handouts- see deadbeat moocher KY) is soooo worried about liability, that some of these Covid victims will successfully sue the bastad Repub executioners. 

This is all the result of the Thanksgiving family "parties"; wait till mid Jan when the Christmas travel shindigs will bear fruit- 5000-6000 a day could happen, but hopefully the vaccines will put a dent in those numbers. But rather than the promised 20 mil vaccinations in Dec, this incompetent Grifter Admin has only given ~3-4 mil, though they had 1 year to prepare for distribution. My God, the one thing America KNOWS is distribution!! JoeB will probably call out the National Guard with huge tent vac centers- we should be doing 2 mil a day!! Real death panels now in LA, where some hospitals are full, and new heart attack + stroke victims just must... wait... and die. In 
COVID-19 deaths through early October; Americans had collectively lost about 2.5 million years of life. Three months later, he estimates, the total is probably about 4.5 million!

+353,000 dead, or with the min 33% untested and unreported Covid dead, 470,000- more than American dead in WW2 (~420 K inc civilians-Wikip); Trump has through criminal negligence, Denial, and monstrous incompetence... killed more 'Murkins in one year than the worst War in human history! And now he is just golfing his Term away as Vaccinations are only 10% of what could be done. He hasn't even got the PDB since Sept!!! 
https://edition.cnn.com/202...  Amid rumors of Chump fleeing to Scotland on Jan 19, the Scottish 1st Minister said: "Do not come here". 

The insane lunacies believed by the Trumpanzees is pretty terrifying- it's Tragic Trump wasn't crushed by 10%, and Repubs wiped out by 8 seats in the Senate; what 74 mil morons voting for the Traitor criminal mass-murdering Trump means.. is that America is through leading the World- no one can ever trust us again- it is now the CHINESE CENTURY. The exc Juan Cole writes about that, what I wrote 2-3 weeks ago, that that huge body of deluded facist lovers might vote for a REAL Adolf the next time, not an incompetent TV clown. America has lost any moral position to preach to anyone about their transgressions after Trump/Millers refugee murders; and monstrous CV mismanagement. How incompetent Boob Trump took down America and launched the Chinese Century https://www.juancole.com/20...

America is soooooooo LOST. Trumpores, particularly those violently promoting his Fraud Fantasies are badly in need of some tire iron therapy. If JoeB doesn't find some way to shut down Faux News, OAN, RT, Breitbart- the whole garbage far Wingnut MM, we are heading for a mini Civil War. The FCC can + must simply devise new rules to stop the spread of psychotic hateful lies.


Dems idiotic ultimatum in July didn't work great the last time when the Repubs were at $2.1 trillion and Dems were at $3.1 tril, now we are grovelling for $900 mil Relief Package, with a pissant $600 Relief Check (only $166 bil more to make it $1200)... Thank Jesus.... for 3 weeks! At the previous impasse, I was thinking, is it really wise to hold out for more?? Trump's $2000 seize the limelight demand was pure show biz to embarrass Repubs for not wholeheartedly supporting his Election Coup... it had NO CHANCE of success, but Dems took the bait. Rather, they should have used that leverage to force a reprieve of the $1200 Relief payment, THAT might have worked, w Repubs unwilling to starve Americans longer (than 8 months!). This bill again divides Citizens into Winners and Losers, the Winners who manage to get 11 weeks of $300/week Unemployment Insurance ($3300, often just by being in a Blue State, because Repub scum Govs like DeSantis or Abbot have deliberately sabotaged their UI Depts to "keep their economic numbers good"!). States, who provide half the money, have always had enormous incentive to DENY claims. As well, max benefits vary massively, from $1200 in Mass. to $235 in Miss.


The incomparable Bryan Cranston is back in the story (YOUR HONOR) of a New Orleans judge whose son, in an acute asthma attack, chased by gang-bangers, mows down and kills the motorcyclist son of a vicious Mob boss. This show has the unrelenting bummer pressure of a slow-mo A SIMPLE PLAN, as the Boss activates all his resources and the Plot thickens. It's created by the powerhouse team of Michelle + Robert King, who also do the superb Law drama

THE GOOD FIGHT (best show on TV- 4 seasons, waiting for 5), about the adventures of a cop abuse Black Chicago legal firm w significant TDS plot-lines, and the previous related THE GOOD WIFE (7 seasons), which I just started- Julianna Margulies is much more sympathetic than in ER, but that show is nowhere as slick. The Kings are white, I thought otherwise from the diverse cast of The Good Fight and their name.

QUEENS GAMBIT- This show grabs you from the first appearance of the demanding feral Kentucky orphan Beth Harmon, and gets better. I am normally quite disciplined in watching episodic TV episodically, 2 is my max binge, but I really wanted to see the second episode immediately (hadn't got it yet). The period 50's + 60's sets are lovingly perfectly recreated in Berlin, which the creator saw in Babylon Berlin (the wild stew of 1929 Berlin)- Berlin contains multitudes; and the Chess scenes manage to be dramatic and tense, though I wish they actually showed an inset board w the moves. We once sat in dorm halls playing and forcing everyone to walk over us- I could attack 4-5 moves ahead but was blithely incompetent on defense and promptly lost my Queen. I can't understand how anyone plays speed-chess; my moves would sometimes take 10 min.

This show has exploded to become Netflix's most popular ever (62 mil downloads); the disturbing limpid-eyed addicted souless Beth's journey to becoming a full human being is utterly transfixing 

FARGO - 4 seasons; Incredibly fun stylish series w verve and class from the Cohen Bros, this may be the only TV show better than the classic Movie. Each season is a new story.

- 5 seasons. THE Best Sci-Fi show in the last 10 years; this series has likable empathetic fully-fleshed characters, exc acting + writing, a beautifully detailed spacefaring Solar System on the verge of War, grandiose themes- First Contact and a Space Gate, romance, I even love the unscientific jive effects, like glacial electromagnetic rail guns or the sound of rockets. 


MIKE'S BEST HOLIDAY PODCASTS - With time on your hands and repeats

all over Stock Up on some audio brain food! You can smile and nod when your Trumpore uncle babbles some trash, as you listen to the mysteries of the Universe 

THIS AMERICAN LIFE- https://www.thisamericanlife.org THE show that started the whole NPR podcast storytelling tradition some 24 years ago, still the best.

RADIOLAB  https://www.wnycstudios.org/podcasts/radiolab The most captivating, amazing, and mind-blowing show there is- ostensibly about science this show contains multitudes, and might change your life.

ON THE MEDIA https://www.wnycstudios.org/podcasts/otm The most moral, decent, and wry take on all media issues by sarcastic funny Bob Garfield + Brook Gladstone, which includes the most intractable problems of mankind. Must listen

ANTROPOCENE REVIEWED  https://www.wnycstudios.org/podcasts/anthropocene-reviewed/episodes/anthropocene-reviewed-john-green-plague

Think this Epidemic is bad or unprecedented? It's a cakewalk compared to what people suffered for 6 centuries in the periodic Bubonic Plagues- the Black Death (and the Pneumonic Plague), that may have killed most of Europe... over and over and over. The dry neurotic totally original John Greene brings it all to life... and death with verve and impact. 

FRESH AIR  https://www.npr.org/podcasts/381444908/fresh-air - Terry is the Best woman interviewer ever. I love when she giggles and brightly says,"So, that's when you killed your whole family?" and you realize she is bugsht insane.

CONSIDER THIS- https://www.npr.org/podcasts/510355/considerthis formerly the Covid Report, this highly liberal show explores the criminal failures of the Chump Admins with the sympathetic host Kelly McEvers

NPR POLITICS- https://www.npr.org/podcasts/510310/npr-politics-podcast Cowardly when it comes to harsh criticism of Repub crimes, but w valuable info on the latest mudfight

TRUMP INC https://www.wnycstudios.org/podcasts/trumpinc Investigators from ProPublica unearth the details of the Trump Crime family

UNITED STATES OF ANXIETY https://www.wnycstudios.org/podcasts/anxiety  How Chump is driving Americans insane, this show took long hiatuses, but is soothing in knowing YOU ARE NOT ALONE

VOX PODCASTS  https://www.vox.com/pages/podcasts  Today Explained has the top story clearly + cogently explained in 25 min; WORLDLY has excellent analyses from the sharp FP staff; Alot of Internet biz, SM, and fashion pods

NEW YORKER RADIO HOUR  https://www.wnycstudios.org/podcasts/tnyradiohour Elite, effete, and elluminating.

THROUGHLINE https://www.npr.org/podcasts/510333/throughline Fascinating backstory of the history behind stories- hosted by coolest named hosts Randa Fatapatapa and Ramtine Arab Louie

DIANE REHM https://www.npr.org/podcasts/381443514/diane-rehm-on-my-mind Still goin + goin, she still has excellent shows with best guests twice a week 

ARE WE THERE YET https://www.npr.org/podcasts/470937634/are-we-there-yet Interesting Space program from Orlando WMFE and acquaintance Brendon

PLANETARY RADIO https://www.planetary.org/planetary-radio  Bill Nyes Space Org project that has launched the Lightsail spacecraft, and talks to the latest Interplanetary explorers from JPL-Pasedena and wider world.

THE WORLD  https://www.npr.org/podcasts/381444246/pri-s-the-world  Real varied news of the World for arrogant 'Murkins. Touring the Cascades for months, I would drive to top of mtns just to listen to this ONLY media I could get, but the fools didn't pop for my reports from Ukraine.

TED RADIO HOUR https://www.npr.org/podcasts/510298/ted-radio-hour  Inspirational Tales of making the impossible happen

BBC SCIENCE HOUR  https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p016tmt2/episodes/player Mix of wonder from Momma Beeb

Saturday, January 04, 2020



What I find stunning was whenever the Pres lawyers said: There was no crime, the Managers never said:  He committed 1000s OF CRIMES!!! Obstruction of Justice, intimidating witnesses,bank fraud, pump & dump fraud, income tax evasion, 20x sexual assault inc of children. Taking foreign assistance was a crime, blackmail was a crime, bribery was a crime, denying authorized aid was a crime, even today making death threats against a Manager IS A CRIME.. and on and on listing ALL of Trump's crimes!! But with this stupid narrow thin Impeachment they somehow worried it would confuse the issue. Screamed with a proper Kavanaugh level of outrage, that would have got played 500 times, but Dems just can't seem to master media optics and savage take-downs.

Trump is a MONSTER and every Repub that lets him skate here will pay in their lives and eyes of History when the Pig creates Civil Revolt and the deaths of thousands of Americans. Essentially they + Douchewitz have given Trump license to burn down America, which I believe he will when he loses the Election. Seriously- Repubs should never have power for the next 30 years if America is to survive. This 1:35 Midnight In Washington video says it ALL!

This miserable Fake Trial of the Fake President shows the idiocy of rushing into this without 4-6 months of Investigation, and especially the FAILURE TO COMPEL WITNESSES, maybe arrest and jailing was a bridge too far but $5000/day fines would have scared many into appearing. Utter lunacy, then doing a fast thin light Impeachment instead of enumerating ALL of this Pig's HUNDREDS OF CRIMES FOR HISTORY, which would have made the Repub arguments ridiculous, and explained what a menace DJT is to
the Nation. They needed +60% for Removal to move the Vichy Repubs, and when his treason w Erdogon and Putin came out (ALL on that secret server).... they would have gotten it. And more and more would have come out if they had just delayed this until the Dem Candidate was chosen (probably March); also giving them uninterrupted chance to Campaign.

Lamar Alexander said he wouldn't vote for witnesses, the lame Trumpore chicken- he is retiring and I thought maybe he would vote to remove as a final Grand Gesture, but he has always been a hard-core partisan warrior who somehow got good Press as a moderate. Only Romney + Collins voted for witnesses, maybe only because they knew it would lose 100 to 1 against them voting Conviction.  The whole Repub Party must be burnt to the ground. Romney Voted for Conviction on Article 1- no doubt TPD will bleed Utah for that, in more Impeachable vengeance.

Meanwhile the Racist in Chief has been busy: he enacted 3 more proposals to ban all immigrants- adding 7 countries to the banned list: Belarus (favor to Putin), Kyrgyzstan (some terrorists), Nigeria (too Black), Myanmar (don't flee to us!); banned immigrants who have ever got any kind of assistance- war on the poor; and banning birth tourism (some rationale for that), though it's enaction will be rife with scandal.

But Schiff was absolutely amazing and near brought tears to my eyes. After the Trump Troubles (what his Insurrection may be called), Schiff's moving eloquent speeched will be considered up there with the Gettysburg Address and other great oratory.

And stupid destructive BREXIT is finally going through, while the leaders of the 2 greatest World Democracies were installed by Putin. One step forward, three steps back.


Suppose an American general was assassinated by a drone while visiting an airport in France or Germany or Japan. How would America respond?
 - NYT
 That's the question- what no commentators are saying, on NPR or even BBC, is that America is STRANGLING IRAN with full sanctions, SWIFT denial, oil sanctions, and the economy is crumbling with massive inflation and unrest. Juan Cole: A naval blockade is considered an act of war in international law, and Trump’s trade embargo is analogous in every way to such a blockade. Very close to actual War, but Iran isn't doing anything it hasn't always been doing, supporting Shiites wherever they are- Assad's Gov, Iraq's now dominant group, the sorely abused Houthis, Hezbollah, + Hamas. Western MSM scrupulously ignores the Sunni/ Shiite Divide that rules every action in the Muslim World, it isn't PC enough. To lying ignorant Trump, they are also "violating" the Nuclear Agreement HE CANCELLED! To Iranians, they are providing succor to besieged overwhelmed Shiites (only about 12% of all Muslims).

Killing such a high leader is crazy risky business, and it might be Trump TRYING TO START THE WAR he needs to divert attention from his Trial and multiple treasons. But the Saudi Oil Refinery attacks and assassination attempt on Maduro show how easy it is to assassinate ANY indvidual with a drone costing a few thousand bucks.  America is not immune- I expect major car bomb attacks in Iraq and drone attacks everywhere. Americans in Iraq were urged to leave Iraq immediately, including by land, to uhh, Syria or Iran?  While Pompous Pompeo insists "U.S. Safer but There May Be a ‘Little Noise’ in Interim". Maybe some Big Noise. While not notifyng Congress, bigmouth Trump was apparently bragging to his Mar-a-Lago guests that that something huge was coming.

General Soleimani was a nasty character who developed the spectacularly deadly IEDs responsible for thousands of US deaths and woundings and probably was a legitimate target during the Iraq War, he does have the blood of thousands on his hands, but also was #2 most powerful Iranian leader. The highest Iraq Militia General was also killed, Iraq will be furious about this; and it is possible the Iraq Gov will throw out ALL US MILITARY PERSONNEL, although they would hate to be left totally to Iran's tender mercies (that happened).  [This has the effect of] "mobilizing Iraqis by the simultaneous US assassination of Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, the deputy head of the Popular Mobilization Forces. Al-Muhandis is a senior military figure in the Iraqi armed forces, not just a civilian militia figure. Moreover, the Kata’ib Hizbullah that he headed is part of a strong political bloc, al-Fath, which has 48 members in parliament.  https://www.juancole.com/2020/01/trump-troll-impeachment.html  Gen McChrystal, who debated taking out Suleimani in 2007, did a serious grudgingly admiring character analysis of him.

Rueters reports a mid Oct Baghdad meeting with Soleimani's Militias where he orders attacks on US soldier housing units (like the devastating 1982 Beirut truck bombing) with new low-profile paramilitaries... though some say  Admin claims of imminent attacks on Americans are dubious:
 Rukmini Callimachi @rcallimachi
I’ve had a chance to check in with...two US officials who had intelligence briefings after the strike on Suleimani. According to them, the evidence suggesting there was to be an imminent attack on American targets is “razor-thin”.

Ah, this is another act of Trump personal revenge, who feuded with Sol on SM:
In 2018, Soleimani spoke with political authority when he responded to a tweet by President Trump, that Iran would “suffer consequences the likes of which few throughout history have ever suffered before” if it repeated threats against the U.S.
--- Soleimani was quoted by the semi-official Tasnim news agency: “As a soldier, it is my duty to respond to your threats,” he said. “It is not in our president’s dignity to respond to you.”
--- “Come. We are ready,” Soleimani said, accusing Trump of using “the language of night clubs and gambling halls.”
--- “If you begin the war, we will end the war,” he said

Guess Chump has started something. Thousands of Iranians protested the killing in the Tehran streets, as did some Iraqi Sunnis celebrating the vanquishing of a deadly foe.  Alaska-sized Iran is NOT Iraq, it has twice the people and 4 times the area, it has supersonic cruise missiles that could sink every ship in the Gulf- a basketball moving at 1/2 mile a second, it has a massive military, a sophisticated Intelligence operation and hacking capabilities.... and it more or less controls Iraq, where we should expect massive retaliation. 

 Quick, how many Allies died in Afghanistan? 2400? No, over 7000, according to  On The Media. 2400 US "soldiers", +3000 contractors (when you're private you are off the books), and 1500 Allies, who heeded the ONLY CALL-UP THROUGH NATO, giving their lives to defend America! Maybe this Christmas we should say a prayer for them, these noble courageous friends, in contempt for the Shirker Pig's many slanders of NATO... The MOST SUCCESSFUL ALLIANCE in (Modern) History.

Monday, December 16, 2019



Public support for Donald Trump‘s removal from office is the highest it has ever been- 55%!

The Dems Impeachment "Strategy" is the worst I have ever seen, if they are being forced to do this, they have TO WIN!! Having a 4-6 month investigation until they have 60% public support for Removal could do that, establish the power of Congress to remove a criminal Traitor backed by a criminal Party, and ensure the Election of any Dem in 2020, and a Dem SWEEP OF CONGRESS. There was not a majority of public sentiment for Nixon's Conviction UNTIL 2 DAYS BEFORE HE STEPPED DOWN. We have that now with Trump, and the Independents, and Trumpanzees who see the light or are sick of the Clownshow will slowly grow. IT WILL REACH 60%, as more and more crimes come out by this major criminal fraudster, huckster, as more whistleblowers come forward with tales of betrayal, corruption, child rape- listen to the video (I posted) of the bound 13 yo victim of TPD's rape, saying how she looked like Ivanka!!!!
Instead by rushing forward with this proforma Impeachment of a monster, a Russian agent... they are DESTROYING IMPEACHMENT AS A REMEDY FOR A CRIMINAL MONSTER PRESIDENT when the (Senate-controlling) Party has become the same thing. They must FULLY DOCUMENT ALL THE CRIMES OF THIS MONSTER FOR POSTERITY and then smear EVERY REPUB WITH THEIR ENDORSEMENT OF HIS CRAP!!! In brazen monket poo-throwing style he posed with Russian propaganda prince Lavrov as his Right-hand man in the Oval Office!!
Prolonged the investigation until the Democratic Candidate is chosen would cripple Trump's ability to do evil and to campaign, and force him into to wild admissions, mistakes, and further crimes. Like Nixon, tens of millions would simply tire of him and want him gone, including many Nonvoters who could decimate Repubs in 2020. Even if Removal fails, Repubs would be fatally damaged. Even with the public 70% against it, Clinton's Impeachment led to Gore's defeat.
The Articles are breathtakingly lame- Defying Congress should be the Last of about 10, Acting as an agent of Putin in destroying American Alliances, Enemy of the People death threats, cozying up to dictators, 1000s of instances of Obstruction, $100s of millions of emoluments bribery, $400 mil tax fraud, THESE MUST BE DOCUMENTED TO EXPOSE THE CRIME OF SENATE REPUB COLLUSION W THE WHITE TRASH HOUSE!
Nancy has been a master of political jujitsu but here she is is tragically, dead wrong! 


Incredibly Chump admitted to TWISTING ZELLY's ARM to say that "There was no pressure"!! Dimwitted Judy Woodruff, Brooks & Shields didn't even notice! https://www.pbs.org/newshour/show/shields-and-brooks-on-articles-of-impeachment-fbis-russia-mistakes  @4:50

CHUMP: "The president of Ukraine repeatedly declared that there was no pressure, but he didn't want to say that.
We said, say it. Say it, you crooked bastard. Say it."
  But he doesn't want to say it. We said, say it.
I'd like to force him to say it.
President Donald Trump: He will walk up to the mic. "Ladies and gentlemen."
   President Donald Trump: The guy's a total corrupt guy.

After this 20th humiliation, ZELENSKY HAS TO REFUTE OR CONFIRM IT- That Trump DID SUBJECT HIM TO BRUTAL PRESSURE TO SAY "There was no Pressure"! Trump has become an implacable Enemy of Ukraine and Zelensky is now a player in the whole Impeachment Odyssey, like it or not. It may seem like a no-win proposition, but people respect courage.


Sad, and hauntingly true piece from Rick Wilson:
If the Democrats were serious, they’d bring the only kind of pressure Mitch McConnell gives a single fk about: political. They’d be on the air with TV and digital ad campaigns in key Senate seats, spending the kind of money Mike Bloomberg and Tom Steyer are incinerating in their bonfire of the vanities ad campaigns.
-- Democrats would have their billionaires pushing a super PAC ad campaign with real tonnage behind it. They’d be hitting states like Maine, North Carolina, Arizona, Georgia, and especially Colorado. They’d be hanging Trump’s obvious corruption out there for all to see. They would be extracting a political price for senators who defend Trump. Spoiler: It’s not too late, but the clock is running.

-Why do Democrats keep blowing the block-and-tackle political stuff? Because they’re still locked in the old model. Presuming good faith from a Trump side that operates in a world free of responsibility and consequence, the Democrats are unable to call a bluff even when their opponent is holding a pair of twos. They still fight spectacle with process, a fight spectacle always wins.

Friday, October 04, 2019


Some Dem should have categorical explained Repub lies:
Grand Juries ARE ALL SECRET to protect the innocent + the witnesses, and prevent witnesses from collaborating- Repubs suggestions are just wild goose chase diversions to delay, obfuscate, & confuse. Their "exculpatory witnesses" are the crazy Conspiracy theories pushed by Putin, Trump, and Barr (Chump just retweeted some nut putting out Firtash's lies!!).

Will ONE OF YOU stand against collaborating with the Russians to steal an Election, bribing Ukraine, bribery by Erdogon + Putin, torturing children in cages, forcing refugees to die in the desert or gang infested hellhole. No NO, you are all on board with ANYTHING THIS DISGRACE OF A PRESIDENT DOES- even if he commits MURDER- his argument is he is ROYALTY. Well America doesn't have royalty.

YOU people have all heard and seen this President's crimes- he fires Comey and parties with his Russians Pals in the Oval Office; he commits thousand of acts of Obstruction by Twitter threats, attack, bullying, he makes hundreds of millions from paying his OWN PROPERTIES; his family, lawyer, & Admin meet Russians with dirt on Hillary in Trump Tower; he blackmails Zelensky like a Mob Boss to do the SAME THING, he criminally defies legitimate subpoenas and legal rulings.

10/13 Gentlemen Start your Engines! An INQUIRY Anyway: 228 Reps (inc 2 R), 191 undecided, 14 unresponsive!! WE HAVE THE VOTES!!!  Not on NYT, Chicago Trib front page; small on WaPo's!!!  NY AG Letitia James, drop the Don Jr, Jared, Ivanka INDICTMENTS NOW!!!! Note I predicted- 205 by Wed morn, 215 by Thurs morning- DEAD ON.

Nancy can wave this over Chump's head till he grovels like a kicked dog.... and should EXACT EVERY CONCESSION!! 1. full reversion to old Immigration protocol, 2. Reinstatement of every purged AGW scientist and release of their reports, 3. release of moneys to Planned Parenthood and any other health org & cancelling the muzzle rule, 4 FILL IN THE BLANK

But we need more Repubs to give it more credibility; and probably 65-70% public support for Removal. Although obviously cowardly treasonous scum, judging by their negligible horror at the grotesque destruction of American values, standards, decency, and honor under Trump. Of course R-Reps IMPEACHMENT voters would be swiftly punished; but note CONVICTION VOTING R SENATORS won't, because the Traitor will be gone (after he causes a Time of "Troubles").

A new FOX NEWS POLL on whether Congress should impeach Trump and REMOVE HIM from the presidency:
51% yes
40% no
A FOX NEWS POLL. Let THAT sink in. Trump's latest Kurd betrayal could be his Gotterdammerung (sp), losing half his Repub support. In a rage, Trump forced the firing of Shep Smith.

AP: "a Washington Post-Schar School survey conducted in early October shows 58% of Americans are supportive of the decision by Congress to initiate an inquiry, including 49% who say Congress was right to begin an investigation and should also take the next step to remove Trump from office."  Trumps only friends

43 MORE Inappropriate Trump sexual contacts;  26 MORE sexual molestations. The .....  Pig ..... Donald

2 MORE WHISTLEBLOWERS- A WH IRS employee who claims Trump's mandatory Pres. Audit was interfered in; AND another CIA Agent (heard) with 1st hand knowledge about the Ukraine extortion  (which we still haven't seen unredacted). The major Scandals are coming so fast, you need a blackboard, or with Trump, a whiteboard. Case in point:

UKRAINE BLACKMAIL                 Ukraine Timeline
Feds Are Scrutinizing Rudy Giuliani’s Finances Following Arrest of Associates 


FINALLY SOMEBODY IS ARRESTED (at Dulles Arprt) by the Southern District of New York's Jeff Berman, maybe the last USAt Office still investigating political crimes. Berman was recently forced to grovel for Trump (look it up); this might be him snapping back, straight out of an episode of BILLIONS. I wish NY State would get over their cowardice, they have enough evidence for 150 years of jail time for ALL the Trump Family.

These arrested US/Sov guys tried to bribe TX ex-Rep Pete Sessions (son of FBI Dir William), Repub candidates for Gov, Adam Laxalt, + NV AG, Wesley Duncan (both lost) to get Ukr Amb Marie Yovanovich fired; and buy influence to set up a huge pot growing biz- who knew THAT was illegal in today's America?  Their lawyer is John Dowd, also Trump's, who sent a contemptuous letter to Judiciary refusing to testify- think they may be more amenable now??  Total money is ~$4 million, on a blizzard of fed charges, campaign finance, the NAFTOGAS scam, and recreational marijuana. BEST ARTICLE: https://www.vox.com/2019/10/10/20907972/lev-parnas-igor-fruman-rudy-giuliani-arrested Nice pc of Lev+ Trump at the WH. Only the Best!

Even corrupt Oligarch (+Zelly backer) "Ihor Kolomoisky, claims they urged him (in Israel) to help arrange a meeting between Giuliani and Zelensky — and that he didn’t agree. He described Parnas and Fruman to Ukrainian media as “two clowns” who were “milking the bull,” working with Giuliani in “a clear conspiracy against Biden.” Giuliani soon sent an angry tweet about this."

 @RudyGiuliani:   An American analyst describes Kolomoisky as “super dangerous.” The notorious oligarch returned from a long exile and immediately threatened and defamed two Americans, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman. They are my clients and I have advised them to press charges.

DISBAR GUILIANI + BARR in DC and NY. BARS. Too confuse things more, The WH has hired Bob Barr, the RW nutcake Georgian who was a prime motivator in the Clinton Impeachment and the despicable Bengazi torturer yokel Trey Gowdy. Rudy's a criminal running around the world trying to blackmail up "evidence" against political opponents. Bar Barr in the Bar, too.

NAFTOGAS EXTORTION: Apparently the whole Ukraine thing was connected to and pushed by a Perry/Guliani/Sondland scam to force Ukrs nat gas giant NAFTOGAS to buy US LNG (much more expensive than piped nat gas) and pack their Board with Repub ringers! Perry made clear that the Trump administration wanted to see the entire Naftogaz supervisory board replaced (there was 1 American linked to Obama). The Trump trash wanted to cash in by bullying what they saw as a weak + vulnerable country, and that blackmail morphed into blackmail on  the Biden "Investigation" when Chump made their requested calls. He actually wasn't lying when he tried to dump it on Perry, why Ricky is running off from Energy Dept in Nov. The released transcript is only ~10 min of a 30 min conversation, may be what Trump thought was the non-criminal part, and Dems must get the whole transcript! Here is the WhistleBlowers complaint. Apparently Big Bill Barr + Pompeo are guilty as hel too. COMPLETE BACKSTORY - Economist Oct 12

 My neo-acquaintance  MHammerschlag©2014-
Ukr ex-AG Yuri Lutsenko NOW says Hunter did nothing wrong, but the whole Hunter thing ORIGINATED from Yuri. I got maybe my best quote ever from him (although Dep Defense Min admitted that Ukraine's military was totally penetrated by Russian agents and NYT Europe doyen put it on the front page, after I played him my tape), clapped in jail for 2 1/2 years by the criminal Yanukovich with Tymoshenko for losing the Election, a 4-5 minute response as I chased him out to the elevator (I'd been late), about wanting to get revenge on his persecutors. "I had nothing to do but read, so read 300 books, including the Buddhist Bible which says, 'He who seeks revenge only ends up destroying themselves.'" As we entered the public elevator foyer, 20 photogs blasted away for a solid minute, and my loyal vassel Vasyl videotaped the whole thing- I was going to be on the cover of every mag in the country !!! (None). Vasyl accidentally deleted the file; and my cassette recorder was on voice activation so turned on and off 15 times, and I lost half of it!!! 

Like I said EVERYONE IN UKR IS CORRUPT. Zelensky himself and many subordinates are seemingly allied with the biggest crook oligarch in the country- Kolomoisky! AFAIKnew Yuri was a straight shooter- he spent 2 1/2 years in a cell without meds for courageously taking on world-class thief Yanukovich (you think you know emoluments, $40 theft bil alleged!), and the Maidan Rev was partially fueled by the outrageous jailing of Tymoshenko + him; but he doesn't have the greatest rep. What I believe happened was in Zelinsky's blunderbuss election allegations and attacks, there were some minor $1/4-5 mil Poroshenko scandals, and Zelly promised to try to jail Yuri, so Yuri was desperately angling for the protection of Trump with the Hunter Biden story he peddled to Trumpore journo The Hill's John Solomon (which he got- TPD warned Zelly to not fire Yuri), and wild claims about Ukraine hacking Hillary's emails, and respected Amb Yovanovitch giving him a do-not-prosecute list of individuals (she was purged on the assistant of Trump's face actor Guliani).. but under the firestorm kliege lights of the 5-alarm world scandal, he just recanted. In Ukraine, you don't even pay attention till the scandals reach $20 million. Even relatively clean Poroshenko tripled his wealth as Prez after promising to divest it. 

I think Trump's emolument rip-offs, payola, hotel stays, etc etc are easily north of $1/2 bil now, probably $1 bil with Jareds scams, just his golf bill is $140 mil!!!! Lutsenko had contacts with Trumps people from Jan- May 2019, Guliani and the 2 Ambassadors assigned to "manage" the situation (promote the extortion), Herr Volker (a State professional) just secretly testified for 10 hours to the Judiciary Com, but Sondland was just a slimy Trump fund-raiser. Trump's guilt is without question, he used the laws passed to stop HIS treason with Russia to try to investigate a wild specious claim that Ukraine/Hillary hacked the DNC and implicated Russia (told to him by VVP?), and Hunter's supposed

Immediately Impeachable + Removable.... but haven't we seen this all before? But DEMS have the votes, and now 47% to 39% of Americans support REMOVAL!! Course all these numbers must be taken with a shaker of salt. One Repub Senator said they would get (OnPoint) 30 R votes for Removal in the Senate... if it were secret. WHY NOT?? I bet there is absolutely nothing in the Constitution about how the House or Senate does the vote!!!           Kurt Volker -
Unhappy with the speed he was going down the tubes, Trump doubled down, publicly inviting CHINA to investigate the Bidens, and so claiming this was all normal and justified, because he was... well.. Louis 14th.. and of course the entire RW Echo Chamber fell in line. Insane!!! TPD is trying to muddy the waters w China, after it was revealed he pressured them to interfere against Biden. Jeez, Russia with Hillary and destroying America's alliances, now blackmail w Ukraine, illegal pressure on China (who are hurting from Trade Sanctions),  Australia, and Saudi Arabia to hurt his opponent. IS THERE A COUNTRY TPD HASN'T COMMITTED BRIBERY OR TREASON WITH?? 
                                                                                        "He did it too!!!"
   After also being exposed as complicit (in trying to blackmail Zelensky in Warsaw), Pence also has joined the Trump Treason Train: "No AID until you deal with the corruption" (our corruption, that is).  I saw NOTHING, did NOTHING !! But it was perfectly OK.... in the multilevel clouds of chaff the Trumpies eject to fog the public's radar. Trump, in the tradition of the Mafia Don, intentionally dirtied his Veep, then threw him under the bus- "Talk to Mike Pence, he talked to Zelensky too!"
      I think Pence’s implication in the Ukr extortion is NOT good news because at some point in this saga of eroding synapses, psycho rages, unhinged lies, and terrifying possibilities…. Repubs will realize TRUMP’S GOTTA GO, and vote for the safe sane white-haired Christian android. But if Miko is guilty of the same treasonous conduct, Conviction/Removal of only Trump has little coherence, and Repubs would prefer nuclear war (until, you know, it happens) to allowing a President Nancy!!  
      But I’ve long thought the traitorous rot ran deep through the R- Russian, racist Party: Ryan, 3-4 Reps, McConnell, maybe 2 Senators- they all have a YUGE vested interest in avoiding any breach of the Justice Dam, a 400 vert ft Lake of pent up decency, honor, legality, and sanity to wash away their perfidy and crimes down to the bedrock. So these swine will NEVER vote to Convict!

The incomparable Rick Wilson dissects Trump's implosion, where the monkey has devolved into full-time fuminating feces flinging:
      Donald Trump’s Oval Office performance-art masterpiece Wednesday was one for the ages, a pity-party, stompy-foot screech session by President Snowflake von Pissypants, the most put-upon man ever to hold the highest office in the land. If you watched his nationally televised press conference, Trump’s shrill, eye-popping hissy fit scanned like the end of a long, coke-fueled bender where the itchy, frenzied paranoia is dry-humping the last ragged gasps of the earlier party-powder fun.
     Between calling Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) a panoply of Trumpish insults (and for the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee to be held for treason), engaging in his usual hatred of the press, talking about Mike Pompeo’s intimate undergarments, and quite obviously scaring the shit out of Finnish President Sauli Niinisto—who looked like he was the very unwilling star of an ISIS hostage video—Trump spent the day rapidly decompensating, and it was a hideous spectacle. All the Maximum Leader pronunciamentos won’t change the reality that Donald John Trump, 45th president of the United States, has lost his shit.

Re Hunter's supposed corruption, everyone is missing the point: the whole system of Board of Director seats is insanely overpaid and totally corrupt, but connections, fame, family are a VALID reasons to be appointed, to smooth over Gov problems (since this Co has no connection w America not such a case); the thinking was ANY AMERICAN would be more honest and clean than the Ukrs they had. I remember it at the time (2014) and thought GREAT!!  Joe didn't pressure Burisma to choose Hunter (and friend), THEY did it to try to curry favor, and say, "See, now you can keep an eye on us!" Also NOT having expertise in the field is considered an asset, new eyes to see new Aves and approaches.... and escape the entrenched corruption of the industry. Liz Warren is on the Boards of several big companies- it is a spectacular perk of having the right connections, fame, or name. Meet like 4 times a year for a day and pull down $1/2 to 1 mil!!! I'm available!!!

EXCELLENT:  It was AFTER the revolution that several foreign officials were invited to join the Burma board as a public sign that it was prepared to run things honestly. Those people were Aleksander Kwaśniewski, former President of Poland, Cofer Black, former Director of the CIA Counterterrorist Center & counter-terrorism Ambassador, and Hunter Biden. Hunter was selected for a simply reason: He was a lawyer with Boies Schiller Flexner, the American law firm founded by prominent lawyer David Boies. Bodies Schiller had been hired as Burisma's lawyers & Boies Schiller selected him to handle the client and be on the board so there was somebody there who understood corporate compliance. 
i. Summing up the Hunter part, he was never investigated, the company was never investigated, he was there as part of the law firm which in turn was being paid a $50,000 monthly retainer. Firms like Boies Schiller charge $500-1000 an hour for corporate representation. That means the retainer covered about 50 hours of week per month - hardly unusual for a major corporate client...

Incredible Buzzfeed expose how the Repub RW has adopted Russian disinformation tactics, impersonating millions (up to 10) of "commentators" just in the battle about net neutrality (remember the tens of millions of comments), connected with Mary Cheney. Media Bridge’s website, the company has described itself as having expertise in “overwhelming government agencies” with avalanches of public submissions in 20-30 campaigns!!!!

Somewhat terrifying article about Trump's massive support among the Military, where Fox News is on every TV in CENTCOM Intelligence HQ, and minds have been progressively (not by progressives) poisoned for 25 years.

Also the resurgence of hundreds of thousands in extremist militia groups sworn to defend the Donald; there is NO Constitutional protection for these groups, indeed, there are laws against them in all 50 states! The Oath Keepers 24K tweeted .. “All he has to do is call us up. We WILL answer the call.”
"...25 states prohibit assembling together to teach, demonstrate, train or practice with firearms, explosives or “techniques” capable of causing injury or death, knowing and intending to further a civil disorder. And another state criminal statute, found in some variation in 12 states (and in the U.S. Code), prohibits the false assumption of the duties of a law enforcement or peace officer or the unauthorized wearing of military uniforms or close imitations thereof"

A few days before the Election, I mused how wild it would be if Trump won, everyone would turn on their TV or radio every day to see what crazy sht the moke did. I’M SORRY!!!   ENOUGH!!!   I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE! Just GO HOME, Donald. No more crazy news of the lying WH criminal, bellowing away in that brutal barroom drunk rasp! NBC will give you any show you want, 5 year contract. Congress will sign a No-Prosecution pledge for all your crimes; you won’t have to room with Snowden in Moscow. Putin will fly you in a shiny new wife every 3 years. Just make it all STOP! Please!   George Conway- TRUMP UNFIT for office

Zelensky gave an excellent bang-up speech to the UN, speaking of the cost of a Russian bullet that killed a great Ukr opera singer in the endless Donbas War (15k deaths), which took the life of 3 of my friends +10 acquaintances (2 were my reg correspondents). His English is actually OK, esp for someone from the East of Ukr, but he doesn't come off too well kissing Trumps behind in his whistleblower conversation. Inevitable with a supplicant country to a superpower run by an authoritarian narcissist- one mustn't take his latest promise to investigate Burisma too seriously, what else would you say to an erratic psychotically vindictive neo-dictator of a superpower you need to survive (Ukraine gets $1-2 billion a year in loans and grants). Chances are he is just shining Chump on.

JUMPIN JOE HAS LEFT + GONE AWAY:          MHammerschlag©2005 
RIP: Joe Wilson, 69, American hero + 4x Ambassador who got sent to investigate the fake GB2 conspiracy about Iraq buying Niger uranium (with a doc that had Ministers a decade out of power!!) he used to start the Iraq Invasion. Wilson exposed this in a NYT op-ed, but only 4 mo after the March Invasion, and had the full weight of Bush/Cheney's vengeance directed at him: "They sent FBI to talk to my business contacts who said "Don't do business with him- he's going down... They tried to destroy my consulting business and they succeeded, the year before I had made $850K, that year I made $150K". I questioned him in/after an interminable Bruno lecture in 2005 for 5 minutes or so, but the audio (on ProJo for a decade) is lost.  JUMPIN JOE.

And his still beautiful wife Valerie Plame (movie FAIR GAME, after traitor Cheney exposed the CIA anti-proliferation agent) talks to Chris Mathews Oct 2 just after. The only person ever punished for the Iraq War Crimes, Scooter Libby, was convicted for leaking Plame's status; pardoned by Chump, after being commuted by GB2.   They divorced 1-2 years ago, which probably helped- men drop like flies after late divorces. Plame wants to buy Twitter just to kick Chump off!!! Boo yah! She is apparently running for 2020 Congress in New Mexico

 The Trumpsters are engaging in another criminal Conspiracy to persecute Dems so outlandish I almost didn't believe it. SoS Investigators are hounding + harrassing ex-Ambassadors + State employees over retroactively classified HILLARY EMAILS, now 5-10 years ago! Downgrading, damaging, & slandering them + security clearances. A Pompeo Project via Corn-pone creep Grassley.

Trump also had calls with PUTIN + MSB on that classified server- if THOSE are ever released, even Repubs will convict him!! Hence Putin's way too casual warning. Trump has betrayed America WITH 7 COUNTRIES:  Kurt Volker resigned after Rudy tweeted his pvt messages, if Volker sounds familiar, that's Paul Volcker, FED Chairman, Amb Kurt had been detailed to Ukraine to assist in Trump/Guliani's dirty work in ginning up a Biden investigation. Also the reason DNI Dan Coats resigned was BECAUSE of this whistleblower complaint- he didn't want the heat so took the Cameron escape. And the bloody Wayne LaPierre met Chump in the WH Friday, maybe to provide guns for hire to combat the tide of protesters. And an Army Communication Officer stationed at Mar-a-Lago was sentenced for child porn (no word if he found and made it there). Marathon in Hel- 90F even when held at midnight in Quatar. It was so hot 40% of runners dropped out (also probably were not awake!). And Tesla has developed and released a million mile battery!!